Release Notes

A list of all the changes, bug fixes and improvements that have been made in previous versions of Scrivener.

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Scrivener 1.9.9 8th October 2018


Refinements and Changes

These changes focus on making Scrivener more resilient and robust:

  • We have introduced the safer Windows Scrivener 3.0 save mechanism as an option for saving Scrivener project files in version 1.9.9 (not enabled by default). You can switch this on/off via the menu Tools -> Options... then check the checkbox titled: Use safe document saving mechanism. Checking this option protects against losing data during a system crash such as a power failure, unexpected Windows shutdown etc. You can switch back and forth between this new save mechanism and the old. For more detailed information about the differences between these two save options go ahead and change the setting and read the dialog that displays
  • Implemented an automatic recovery mechanism for corrupted project (.scrivx) files. Previously, if a project file became corrupted due to a power loss, Windows or Scrivener crash, etc., then Scrivener would not start
  • Implemented protection against saving of projects within the Scrivener installation folder. This is to prevent any potential loss of data during future upgrades or uninstallations of Scrivener

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug in Scratch Pad when creating a new note using the '+' icon which caused an error message to display

Scrivener 1.9.8 15th June 2018


Hotfix (Updated 1.9.8 Release)

  • Fixed the method of detecting corrupt fonts, which caused the initial 12 June 1.9.8 release to lag significantly or freeze on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug whereby items could not be promoted (moved left) in the binder via the Move menu command or shortcut.

Refinements and Changes

  • Updated several libraries in third-party import and export converters.
  • Worked around an issue that could prevent Scrivener from opening if an installed font crashed the font parser. If this happens, Scrivener will now skip the font on subsequent launches, with an initial message to the user.
  • Added a check to prevent saving or opening projects within Scrivener's installation folder.
  • Minor edits to the tutorial project.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused the query mark character to be lost from documents created or edited on the iOS or macOS versions of Scrivener using Cyrillic.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the \Mobile folder structure within a project might not be properly deleted after syncing iOS changes to Windows if Dropbox had created hidden files within the folder, resulting in changes being lost when syncing back to iOS.
  • Fixed a bug whereby projects with many identically-named images (such as images pasted from the clipboard) failed to compile to ebook formats because the auto-generated unique names grew too long.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a project with certain UI configurations using the outliner group view mode.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the text of imported documents might not be saved within the search index until the document was edited.
  • Fixed a bug whereby significant delays could occur the first time a project was searched or saved after opening. Projects experiencing this issue will have a slow initial save/search when first opened in 1.9.8 but should then run more speedily even after being closed and reopened.
  • Fixed a bug whereby auto-completions were not properly capitalised when used in all-caps script elements.
  • Fixed a bug whereby document groups with a synopsis but no main text did not show as a group icon.
  • Corrected a typo in the Dutch translation.

Scrivener 1.9.7 6th October 2016

Update Recommendation: you are strongly advised to install this update, to avoid a bug in the previous version that could lead to the loss of text annotations during sync with iOS.

Refinements and Changes

  • Improved the font parser to ignore faulty values within font fields, which previously could prevent Scrivener from opening while fonts with incorrect values were installed. (Any fonts removed in order to run Scrivener 1.9.6 can be reinstalled.)
  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2016 in the import and export converter options.
  • When selecting formatting levels in the Compile “Formatting” pane, affected documents are now highlighted in the binder.
  • Improved conflict resolution when syncing mobile changes to reduce unnecessary conflicted copies being created when a document is edited only on iOS.
  • Scrivener now detects and prompts to sync mobile changes even when a project is the active (frontmost) window. Be sure Dropbox has completed downloading before choosing to sync.
  • When syncing from mobile devices, black text colour (used on iOS for “no colour”) is converted to a true “no colour” on Windows, allowing the text to display in the default text colour for the editor (set in Tools > Options > Appearance).
  • Added a prompt message to simplify showing changed documents after syncing from iOS.
  • The selection highlight in the binder has been extended to the full binder width, making it easier to distinguish from label colours and compile format highlighting.
  • “Split with Selection as Title” and “Set Selected Text as Title” now convert carriage returns and line breaks within the selection to spaces in the title.
  • Selecting “Open File Location” from the references context menu now selects the item within the containing folder in the file browser.
  • Added a more informative message when choosing File > Sync > with Mobile Devices… when there are no changes in the project.
  • Updated the collection tab appearance and added a right-click option to the colour icon to show the collection colour context menu.
  • Improved the internal handling of document icons in the binder.
  • Updated the version of 7-zip included in the Doc2Any conversion tools Scrivener uses.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug whereby external plain-text files did not import correctly using the Sync with External Folder option with extensions other than .txt.
  • Fixed a bug whereby advanced compile replacements using the $@ tag did not work.
  • Fixed a bug whereby compile replacements did not affect titles in the auto-generated table of contents for ebooks or in the page title of webpage formats.
  • Fixed a bug whereby pasting rich-text into the Project Replace “replace” field pasted the RTF syntax.
  • Fixed a bug whereby conflicted copies of documents following a mobile sync displayed initially with a blank document icon and a 0 word and character count in the editor footer.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the text selection and cursor position were not always saved if no other changes were made in a document.
  • Fixed a bug whereby some unicode characters might be duplicated when pasting or importing 2-byte character text into Scrivener from Microsoft Word.
  • Removed code attempting to clean up styles from HTML on the clipboard when pasting into Scrivener, as doing so could lose parts of the original text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby it was possible to use “Move to Selection” on an inspector comment or footnote when only carriage returns were selected, causing the note to disappear. The New Comment/Footnote commands are now also disabled when only carriage returns are selected (comments would not previously be created, but the commands appeared available).
  • Restored missing error when attempting to save one project into another project’s .scriv folder.
  • Fixed a typo in the Spanish translation files.

Scrivener 1.9.6 4th August 2016

Notes on This Update: We are currently investigating reports of Scrivener 1.9.5 failing to run on some systems. If you are experiencing this problem and are willing to provide system information to help us resolve the issue, please contact

Scrivener allows Windows to scale its display on high resolution monitors. If it appears blurry, you can disable the display scaling by right-clicking the Scrivener.exe or its desktop shortcut, choosing Properties > Compatibility, and selecting “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

Refinements and Changes

  • Added basic bold and italic MultiMarkdown conversion options in the editor (Format > Convert > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax) and in compile Transformation settings.
  • Improved the project replacements to allow using carriage returns (Ctrl+Enter), tabs (Ctrl+Tab), and line breaks (Shift+Enter).
  • Added a “Move to Selection” context menu option to inspector comments and footnotes to reassign linked notes to selected document text.
  • Refined the list behaviour so that ending a list resets the following paragraph to the default editor formatting rather than retaining the list indentation.
  • Updated the Spanish and Catalan translations.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug whereby older projects updated to the new file format might be converted such that they worked in Scrivener for Windows but remained incompatible with the iOS version.
  • Fixed a bug whereby label and status were not included in project search.
  • Fixed a bug whereby certain fonts (those without available PostScript names) were removed from documents, causing the text to switch to unusual fallback fonts. This fix ensures the fonts are no longer removed; text that has already been converted will need to be reset to its proper font.
    Note to Helvetica Users: If you experienced this bug when using “Helvetica”, it means the font is not installed, and Windows was previously substituting Arial. “Helvetica” text will now be named correctly as “Arial”. We recommend checking that Helvetica is not set as a default font in the Editor or Appearance sections of Tools > Options.
  • Fixed a bug whereby e-book font sizes did not compile correctly if the main body size was not 12pt.
  • Fixed a bug, introduced by the Qt framework update, causing multi-column menus to display incorrectly with missing text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing text replacements in compile.
  • Fixed a bug in word and character count calculations that slowed the first save after opening a project.
  • Fixed a bug whereby paragraph indentation was included when pasting text into inspector comments and footnotes.

Scrivener 1.9.5 19th July 2016

Important Update for iOS Support: Added support for reading and working with Scrivener for iOS. (You must download this version of Scrivener for Windows if you plan to use our iOS version, sold separately.)

Refinements and Changes

  • Added support for syncing text documents with an external folder, for editing outside Scrivener.
  • Added automatic support for Windows scaling on high-resolution displays running Windows 8.1 and 10. (Scaling can be disabled by right-clicking the Scrivener.exe and choosing Properties > Compatibility > Disable Display Scaling.)
  • Updated Scrivener’s script formats to use Courier Prime by default. (The font is included for use in Scrivener and also installed to Windows’s system fonts folder if possible.)
  • Improved font recognition for imported documents and projects shared cross-platform with macOS.
  • Improved default formatting for new lists when working cross-platform with macOS and iOS.
  • Improved handling invalid filename characters in document export.
  • Added a recovery failsafe if Scrivener detects an open project has been deleted from the disk (e.g. if a project saved in Dropbox is deleted on a synced machine while running).
  • Added a link to our YouTube channel of video tutorials to the Getting Started category of the New Project window.
  • Available translations are now listed in their native language.
  • Improved cleaning up the registry when uninstalling Scrivener.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when quitting Scrivener by clicking “Cancel” in the New Project window.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a new project from a template could have an incorrect internal structure when created in a synced or mirrored location like Dropbox or Google Drive, which could cause the new project to open with blank documents or other files missing.
  • Fixed a bug in the project update process to the 1.9 format that prevented the update if files within the original project were corrupted. This also addresses the problem of corrupted files within the project hanging the program when using Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.
  • Fixed an issue whereby an updated Tutorial project could be merged with an older version when installing over an existing Scrivener installation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating a project in an empty folder and deleted the folder (and its ancestors, if also otherwise empty) if that folder was selected in Windows Explorer when creating the project.
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting “Remove Links” to clear hyperlinks would also remove links to inspector comments and footnotes in the selected text, causing the notes to disappear when the project next reopened.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed external and Scrivener links to be applied to text already linked to inspector comments or footnotes, which caused the comment or footnote to be deleted, though it stayed in memory until the project was next loaded.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Edit > Link treated inspector comment and footnote links and Scrivener links as though they were external weblinks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused repeated replacements in many compile formats when carriage returns were used in both the “Replace” and “With” fields of compile Replacements.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented linked graphics and PDFs from being exported when compiling to MMD formats.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented compile transformations, such as smart quotes conversion, from applying to inspector comments and footnotes.
  • Corrected the media-type value of embedded .jpg images in compiled epub files from “image/jpg” to the standard “image/jpeg”.
  • Fixed a bug in ebook compile that set font size percentages relative to 12pt as 100%. Scrivener now uses the most common body font size as the 100% default and calculates other sizes from that.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of Save dialogs to prevent them from defaulting to saving inside a project’s .scriv folder (which would provoke an error message) after that project had just been opened through Scrivener’s menu.
  • Fixed a bug whereby clicking in the editor scrollbar in a Scrivenings session caused the inspector focus to switch to the top document of the session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the editor would not scroll to display the misspelled word when using Check Spelling on a document in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby View > Inspect > Synopsis moved focus without expanding the synopsis if it was collapsed.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Center” alignment to be lost from script settings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving tab stops within list items.
  • Fixed a bug preventing drag and drop import of Scapple notes into a Scrivener project’s Draft folder.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the user.lock file was not removed from uncompressed backups created via Scrivener’s automatic backup procedure or manually via File > Back Up > Back Up To….
  • Fixed a bug whereby Save As would trigger an automatic backup of the newly saved project when “Back up with each manual save” was enabled in Options.
  • Fixed a bug with encoding Scrivener links to ensure compatibility with macOS and iOS.
  • Added missing translation files for the Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Ensured the Help > Check for Updates menu entry uses the chosen display language.
  • Removed the “Preview” status from the completed Russian interface translation.
  • Updated the thesaurus link under Writing Tools in the Spanish translation, as the previously linked site is no longer active.
  • Fixed several typos in translation files and error messages.

Scrivener 1.9.0 6th October 2015


Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener’s file format has been updated for compatibility with future mobile versions. Upon opening projects, you will be asked to update them. (Please note that you will not be able to open 1.9 projects in earlier versions of Scrivener, and must update to version 2.7 on Mac OS X when working cross-platform.)
  • Scrivener’s “project.scrivx” file (the file with the yellow Scrivener icon, used to open the project) now uses the project folder name rather than the generic “project”.
  • The UI has been updated slightly, including moving the inspector buttons to the top of the inspector.
  • A View > Inspect submenu has been added for menu (and keyboard) access to the different inspector tabs. The menu will switch the inspector to the selected tab, opening the inspector if necessary, and will move focus to the selected area if it is already visible. (Keyboard shortcuts can be added for the menu items in Tools > Options.)
  • Multiple inspector comments and footnotes can be expanded and collapsed using the View > Outline commands or the Left/Right Arrow keys. The appearance of comments and footnotes within the text has also been slightly refined.
  • Compile replacements now allow tabs and carriage returns. Type Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Enter to enter the character into the replacement field.
  • When set to automatically check for updates, Scrivener will do so immediately when the program is opened, without needing a project open.
  • Tooltips on Scrivener links now show the document’s full binder path.
  • The Script Settings dialog has been enlarged and made resizable to better accommodate Windows 10.
  • The tutorial project has been updated and now includes a new “Quick Start” collection.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that allowed tables to be inserted into inspector comments and footnotes, which could cause Scrivener to crash.
  • Fixed a bug causing the document templates folder assignment to switch to other items in the binder.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly re-encoded Mac-created document and project reference links when the project was opened on Windows, breaking links that contained a space.
  • Fixed a bug whereby newly added comments and footnotes were not included in project search until after reopening the project or running Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener silently failed to open a project containing multiple .scrivx project files (as from a synchronisation glitch). Scrivener will open the project using the file that matches the project folder’s name, or the most recent project file if none match.
  • Fixed a bug whereby closing a collection could cause the editor to reload the binder selection rather than to continue displaying the item loaded from the collection. This also corrects a bug that caused multiple items loaded via a collection to revert to binder order in the editor when switching back to the binder.
  • Fixed a bug that added an additional suffix each time an item was duplicated with a unique title; the appended integer is now incremented in each duplication (title–1, title–2, title–3, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that caused header and footer text to switch to Courier New following multi-byte characters for some compile formats.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links to documents not included in the compile group were not removed when compiling to formats that convert the links to RTF bookmarks, resulting in broken links.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links were not removed when using File > Export, leaving broken links in the exported document.
  • Fixed a bug whereby tables did not compile if they immediately followed a forced page break or were preceded only by blank lines.
  • Fixed a bug that stripped character formatting when applying a paragraph-only formatting preset.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially allow the auto-update to run while a project was saving and might result in project corruption.
  • Fixed a bug whereby newly created Scratch Pad notes sent to a project imported with their original title (e.g. “Untitled note”) if the focus was not changed to another note and back before sending.
  • Fixed a bug that placed documents in their creation order rather than binder order when using the Documents > Move > To menu command.
  • Fixed a bug whereby items moved via the Move To command were placed at the top of the selected folder’s contents rather than at the bottom, as is done when dragging and dropping onto the folder.
  • Fixed a bug causing compile replacements with an empty “With” field to be ignored and deleted from the settings.
  • Corrected the File > Export behaviour to keep document notes in RTF format when exporting the main text as FDX.
  • Fixed plain-text compile to add fifteen empty lines between sections separated with a “page break” separator or with “page break before”.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Mac-only auto-complete script settings to be lost if the settings were viewed on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when using “Save As Template” from a project created from the “blank” template.
  • Fixed a bug whereby auto-titling did not apply to documents with fewer than fifty characters or to documents titled “Untitled” (as might occur in a Mac-created template).
  • Fixed a bug causing inspector comments and footnotes to always open expanded when switching documents or reopening the project.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Mac compiled footnote numbers were lost after working in the project on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links could be pasted into the Scratch Pad, resulting in broken links (since Scrivener links apply only within the project).
  • Fixed a bug whereby clicking a broken Scrivener link (as to a deleted document) brought up a prompt to search the Microsoft Store for an application to open the linked file.
  • Fixed a bug causing the View Collections shortcut not to work when the main toolbar was hidden if the View > Collections menu had not previously been opened during the session.
  • Fixed a re-introduced bug whereby selecting certain fonts such as Bookman Old Style from the format bar applied an unexpected variant of the font (e.g. Demi Bold vs. Light when there is no “Normal” variant).
  • Fixed a bug whereby the alignment format controls did not properly update for centred text or immediately after applying a paragraph formatting preset that did not also apply font or font size.
  • Fixed a bug whereby text linked to an inspector comment or footnote did not appear formatted as a link if the comments and footnotes could not load.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inspector comments and footnotes were returned in when using Find by Formatting to search for for “All Links”.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the magnifying glass icon remained in the collection header after converting a search collection to a standard collection.
  • Fixed a bug that misaligned collection titles in the binder header.
  • Corrected several typos in translations.

Scrivener 1.8.6 11th March 2015


  • Fixed bug whereby the cover image was omitted when compiling to ePub and Mobi formats. This bug also prevented binder images from displaying as the Full Screen backdrop.

Refinements and Changes

  • Synopsis images are now cached as 640x480 px thumbnails to reduce memory usage, addressing an issue whereby Scrivener would stop displaying imported images and image synopses in projects with numerous large image files.
  • Scrivener’s project window now shows the project name first in the title bar, making it easier to identify projects in the Windows taskbar.
  • Project and document references and all project notes are now included when importing a Scrivener project. Scrivener links within the imported project now remain functional, pointing to the imported copy of the original item.
  • The “Exclude from Automatic Backups” setting is now preserved when moving between Mac and Windows.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting web content if Scrivener could not download the selected images.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener to set all items to use the freeform corkboard when opened in the Mac version of Scrivener. The fix will prevent this happening for new documents but will not affect existing documents, which can be toggled back to the regular corkboard view in the Mac version.
  • Fixed a bug whereby JPG files dragged from the binder to the editor were converted to PNG files within the text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the project search criteria preview did not update until after running the search.
  • Fixed a bug causing the project search criteria to reset each time the project closed.
  • Fixed a bug that exported document notes in place of meta-data and vice versa when using File > Export > Files….
  • Fixed a bug in File > Export that created a 0KB file for containers with no text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby exporting document notes created an empty notes file for items that did not have document notes.
  • Fixed a bug causing referenced PDF files not to load correctly in the editor when the file extension was uppercase.
  • Fixed a bug whereby document notes always exported as RTF files regardless of the export settings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause script elements with custom settings to be misidentified as “General Text” after closing and reopening the project. (This will only affect new text; elements that have previously been switched to “General Text” will need to be manually restored to the proper element.)
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener links within the project notes window to always open in the second editor, regardless of the navigation settings.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inspector comments and footnotes deleted en masse were restored one by one via Undo. The notes are now all restored together.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the resize rectangle around an image to appear in the wrong location when clicking into the empty space above an inserted image.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Spelling command was disabled when accessed via the Alt accelerator keys.
  • Fixed a bug whereby hyperlinks attached to inserted images were lost on project close. The image links now persist and can be compiled to RTF, DOC, HTML/XHTML, and ebook formats, and to DOCX and PDF when using the Microsoft Office converters.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Tab key did not move focus from the editor header to the editor when in Scrivenings mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text formatted with an unavailable font (such as text in a Mac project opened on Windows) to default to MS Shell Dlg 2 when pasted in Scrivener’s editor despite initially appearing in the editor as a different fallback font.
  • Tweaked saving and reading the templateinfo.xml file (used to auto-populate the fields in the Save As Template dialog), which should reduce cases of the file causing an innocuous error message when loading the project.
  • Fixed several typos and translations.
  • Adjusted accelerator keys in the Format menu to ensure Font, Formatting, and Footnote have unique keys. Also changed the Scratch Pad to use the ‘p’ accelerator key to avoid duplicate keys in the Tools menu.

Scrivener 1.8.5 27th January 2015

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener no longer includes HTML data on the clipboard when copying text, forcing Word and other programs that read both to paste the RTF contents. Pasting into Word thus now preserves paragraph formatting and inline images as well as comments and footnotes. Programs that do not read RTF data will paste as plain-text.
  • Added an option to the File > Export > Files… dialog to exclude a container’s subdocuments.
  • Adjusted the menu entry for Duplicate > with Subdocuments to the more explicit Duplicate > with Subdocuments and Unique Title.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a crash when switching focus from an inspector footnote to another document in a composite Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug whereby invalid RTF characters within a project could cause significant lag on the initial project search of a session. After upgrading to 1.8.5, Scrivener will rebuild a project’s search file as part of the first search, correcting the problem for subsequent loads. Alternatively, you can use Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes on any project to update its search file and correct the problem before running a search.
  • Fixed a bug with the trial timer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong text to be changed when converting inline annotations to inspector comments within a table.
  • Fixed a bug causing File > Export > Files… to omit inspector comments and not bracket inline annotations when exporting to plain-text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing MathType equations created on a Mac from compiling on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the paragraph formatting of text marked with Preserve Formatting to extend to the end of the document when an inspector footnote immediately followed the preserved text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the initial character formatting of inspector footnotes could also affect the footnote reference in some compile formats such as PDF and ODT. References now all use the font of the initial footnote, taken from the main text wherein the footnote falls.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause character formatting in the anchor text to extend to the remainder of the paragraph when compiling comments as footnotes or endnotes or compiling inspector footnotes as endnotes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause inspector comments and footnotes in copied text to be offset when pasting over existing text.
  • Fixed a bug that created an extra blank document when using the Document Split command within a composite Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the editor focus was lost when using the Document Split command in a Scrivenings session. Focus now moves to the start of the newly-split document.
  • Fixed a bug causing character formatting such as highlighting and bold not to toggle correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in scriptwriting mode whereby Enter did not correctly change elements from a parenthetical.
  • Fixed a bug in scriptwriting mode that prevented the font from updating when switching the script element of selected text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing script elements in imported FDX files from being recognised.
  • Fixed a bug that returned both double and single quote marks when searching for double.
  • Fixed a bug with Import and Split that added an empty line to each document when stripping out a separator character that sat on its own line.
  • Fixed a bug preventing DOC, DOCX, and ODT files from correctly importing when the file path contained certain special characters.
  • Fixed a bug whereby zipped backups with special characters in the filename could be inaccessible via WinRAR.
  • Fixed a bug causing compiled footnote references to revert to Courier New when followed by an empty line.
  • Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect contents list in Compile if the saved compile group was no longer in the Draft.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using the Tab key to move focus from an index card’s title to its synopsis on the corkboard.
  • Fixed a bug causing the editor not to scroll to Find by Formatting results within a document in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the progress bar in the editor footer to not update immediately when switching documents.
  • Fixed a bug preventing project auto-completions working when immediately preceded by a quote or punctuation mark.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause formatting problems when importing or pasting text that had “Keep lines together” set in an external program.
  • Fixed a bug causing the disclosure triangle not to appear after using Import & Split with a single document or empty folder selected.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener’s default DOC importer to fail when importing an RTF-Based DOC file.
  • Fixed a bug preventing drag-and-drop webpage import from Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug whereby clicking a Scrivener link within a document also selected it when the navigation options were set to open links in the current editor.
  • Fixed a bug causing Find by Formatting to search only the container document of a composite Scrivenings session when set to search in selected documents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the editor to scroll too quickly when selecting text with the mouse in a Scrivenings session with Typewriter scrolling enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with some Ctrl key shortcuts in the binder, such as Ctrl+Shift+N, that could cause the following action (Import, rename) to apply to the previously selected folder.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the title column of the outliner to expand to the full width of the editor after viewing a single document in group view mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing Export > Outliner Contents as CSV not to work when the focus was outside the editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Alt-clicking a checkbox in the outliner did not apply the setting to all the items when a multiple selection was loaded.
  • Fixed a bug whereby text highlighting obscured the project search results highlight.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow negative line spacing in pasted text, causing the text to appear scrambled.
  • Fixed a bug causing images in the Trash folder to appear in the list of available cover images for ebook compile.
  • Fixed a bug whereby “Save As Collection” was not properly disabled when the project search was limited to the binder selection, causing inconsistent results.
  • Fixed several bugs with the “Capitalize ‘i’” auto-correction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused words connected with an en dash, em dash, or ellipsis to be treated as one when using Ctrl+Left/Right to navigate through the text.
  • Fixed a bug causing any template with “NaNoWriMo Novel” in the name not to appear in the New Project window.
  • Fixed accelerator key conflicts in the Tools > Writing Tools submenu.
  • Fixed a display bug showing both the C and S underlined in View > Collections > Collections when using the Alt accessibility keys.
  • Tweaked the WordNet tool to display the database entry for “to be” for most tenses of the verb.

Scrivener 1.8.0 2nd December 2014

Update Recommendation: you are strongly advised to install this update as it fixes a critical bug that could cause incompatible projects to be loaded anyway, corrupting them in the process.

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener no longer defaults to using Microsoft Office for DOC, DOCX, and PDF conversions when Word is installed. These converters can be selected from the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options (supported for installations of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013).
  • The Enter key now creates new lines rather than ending editing in custom meta-data in the inspector when the meta-data field is set to wrap text.
  • Overtype mode now toggles only when the Insert key is pressed within Scrivener, rather than keeping the insert state persistent between applications.
  • The Convert to Standard Collection command now uses ’s’ rather than ‘c’ as the accelerator key to avoid conflicts.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Fixed a critical bug with version detection that could allow incompatible projects to open, potentially corrupting the project.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Scrivener to crash when moving items in the outliner or corkboard while the spilt editors were linked.
  • Fixed a bug whereby new text could be lost from the corkboard when changing the editor view while editing a synopsis.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause inline annotations and footnotes to convert to regular text when using the convert to inspector comment or to inspector footnote commands on other selected text in the document. This bug could also cause inspector footnotes to convert to inspector comments and cause anchor highlighting on linked notes not to display until the project was reloaded after converting selected inspector notes to inline.
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting only part of an inline annotation and choosing Convert > Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments lost the annotation formatting without converting the selection.
  • Fixed a bug causing comments and footnotes converted to the default formatting to revert to their previous formatting if not edited after the conversion.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inline annotations within a table did not convert correctly to inspector comments or compile properly as comments to RTF, DOC, or DOCX.
  • Fixed a bug whereby using the Undo command in the inspector synopsis could replace it with a duplicate of the previously viewed document’s synopsis.
  • Fixed a bug whereby dragging and dropping between project binders could copy subdocuments more than once if they were selected with their parent container.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Undo history was cleared whenever clicking OK or Apply in Options. Undo history is now cleared only when the editor margin has been changed, currently still necessary to avoid document layout and print problems.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Redo stack to break when using Ctrl+Shift+Z rather than the Edit > Redo menu command or assigned shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause initial formatting in an inline footnote to extend to the entire footnote when compiled to RTF, DOC, and DOCX.
  • Fixed a compile bug preventing placeholder tags preceded by the <$rst> tag from being replaced correctly in an ebook’s automatically-generated table of contents.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a duplicated container’s subdocuments had a 0 word/character count until the documents were edited.
  • Fixed a bug causing footnote references to always use Courier New when compiling to RTF, DOC, and DOCX.
  • Fixed a bug preventing script mode in Scrivenings. Script documents now remain in script mode when loaded in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby custom icons were not included when using Save As Template.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the automatic check for updates from running.


  • Fixed a bug causing expanded containers in the outliner to collapse when a document was moved out of the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen that locked the inspector to the top document in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen that disabled the comment & footnote buttons in the inspector.
  • Fixed a bug that switched the inspector in the main window to displaying comments & footnotes whenever inspector notes were added in Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug preventing keyboard shortcuts for Highlight and Text Color from working in Full Screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Define” and “Synonym” options not to appear in the contextual menu when text was selected.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Purchase Scrivener option did not appear in the Help menu when Scrivener was not registered.
  • Corrected a typo in the project replacement dialog.
  • Fixed several typos in the French interface translation.
  • Removed an outdated Camp NaNoWriMo project template.

Scrivener 1.7.3 19th August 2014

Refinements and Changes

  • Added “Define…” and “Synonyms” to the editor context menu to look up English definitions and synonyms in Scrivener using WordNet’s database. “Define…” can be added to the main toolbar using Tools > Customize Toolbars… and is also available from the Tools > Writing Tools menu and via keyboard shortcut.
  • Updated the German interface translation.
  • Added digital signatures to executables within the installer to avoid Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 causing an error when trying to launch new releases of Scrivener.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that could cause text of inspector comments and footnotes not to save properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug whereby changes since the last save were not included in backups created via File > Back Up > Back Up To… or Back Up Now.
  • Fixed a bug whereby edits made to Project Notes between the last save and running Back Up To… or Back Up Now were lost if the notes were not edited again before closing the project.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inspector synopsis or title updating when it had focus while changing documents, which could also cause the title to be overwritten.
  • Fixed a bug that could insert “Linked Footnote” anchor text unnecessarily when repeatedly converting between inline and inspector footnotes during a session.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the spell check for all projects after opening compile or Project Statistics (which runs compile in the background).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause custom meta-data not to be found in a search.
  • Fixed a bug causing Export > Comments & Annotations… to export only the selected documents regardless of the related setting.
  • Fixed a bug causing the session word count in Project Targets to jump erratically in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing lag when typing in Thai.
  • Fixed a bug with drag and drop from the binder that could cause the editor to switch documents if the document was already selected in the binder before dragging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused containers to collapse when moving items in the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug in the outliner that caused the selection to expand when moving items using a Ctrl+Arrow shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug in Scrivenings mode that prevented the inspector updating with the correct meta-data when returning focus to the container document.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links were compiled as broken links in formats that did not support them. The internal links are now removed for these formats during compile (external links remain).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Go To menu in Full Screen to display only when the mouse button was held down.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented opening the script element menu in Full Screen’s control panel and could cause it to appear blank.
  • Fixed a bug that added padding to each cell in a subdocument row when exporting the outliner to CSV.
  • Fixed a bug preventing closing Full Screen with the Escape key when the insertion point was in certain script elements.
  • Improved list handling when working cross-platform with Mac.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the asterisk in the titlebar indicating the project’s unsaved state did not appear until after the first save.
  • Improved the load time for projects and Scrivenings sessions.
  • Corrected the Interactive Tutorial’s instructions for creating new root-level folders.
  • Corrected a typo in the auto-numbering menu.

Scrivener 1.7.2 2nd July 2014

Important Notice: If the updater fails to install, please download the update from the link directly above, and run the installer to upgrade your copy to 1.7.1.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug preventing Import and Split working for some file types, including RTF and DOC.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the UpArrow and DownArrow keys scrolled PDFs in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Auto-Generate Synopsis button in the inspector did not work when the editor was in outliner or corkboard view.
  • Fixed bugs whereby the “Spell check complete” dialog was always disabled and closing it did not close the spell check window.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the word count in the editor footer included inspector footnotes and comments.
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting a child document from New from Template also created its parent container.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the label colour did not always show in outliner rows when the option was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the label colour used in outliner rows did not appear in custom meta-data columns.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the “Starts with” and “Ends with” Find options were not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug whereby splitting a document continually appended –1 to the title rather than incrementing the number.
  • Addressed a bug whereby bold formatting could be lost during compile when using a translated interface because not all font variants are available in all languages. Scrivener now checks the font weight and attempts to find the closest match.
  • Changed the default font for inspector comments and footnotes to Arial to ensure compatibility across Windows versions. Also updated the default templates to use system fonts throughout.
  • Fixed a bug whereby multiple project notes did not remain in the correct order after closing and reopening a project.
  • Fixed a bug whereby running the project search did not reveal the binder if it was hidden.
  • Fixed a bug whereby deleting the source text after dragging and dropping from the editor or document notes to the inspector synopsis could also delete the dropped text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Import & Split did not work for certain file types, including RTF and DOC. Also fixed a bug where the Import & Split could hang when importing with Scrivenings mode enabled.
  • Fixed a bug whereby repeatedly converting between inline and inspector notes could insert “Linked Comment” anchor text unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener links within and following a table did not work when compiled to supported formats.
  • Fixed a bug whereby an RTF bookmark could be applied to an incorrect range in the document if it did not include a title, prefix, or suffix.
  • Fixed a bug whereby editor text did not always initially display when creating a new document via New From Template while in Scrivenings mode.
  • Changed the default PDF exporter to “Microsoft Office” when Office 2007–2013 is installed, as this supports some additional features. Also changed the default DOC exporter to “RTF-Based” when Microsoft Office is not available, matching the previous 1.6.1 settings.
  • Invalid hyperlink characters are now percent-encoded when the link is added in Scrivener’s editor rather than during compile, ensuring the link works directly from Scrivener. Backslashes in linked file paths are also escaped (appearing as a double backslash) to ensure the links work after compile.
  • Fixed a bug whereby deleting a custom meta-data field that was visible in the outliner and had been reordered could cause all the outliner columns to display and overlap one another.
  • Fixed a freeze and occasional crash that could occur when sorting documents after they had been loaded in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby formatting options were not available when accessed via the accelerator keys rather than the mouse. This fix may also address the problem some users experienced of being unable to rename binder documents via the right-click context menu.
  • Fixed a bug whereby inspector footnote and comment formatting reverted after using “Convert to Default Formatting” in the note context menu.
  • Fixed a compile bug whereby overriding formatting in tables that originated outside of Scrivener could freeze Scrivener or introduce bizarre formatting errors and additional pages in the compiled document.
  • Optimised the code to avoid creating .links files unnecessarily and to clean up empty .links files on project close.
  • Fixed a bug whereby ebooks always used English as the content language regardless of the setting in compile’s Meta-Data.
  • Fixed a bug whereby selecting a binder item that formed part of a locked Scrivenings session switched focus to the editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the <$hn> tag was not properly replaced in linked titles in the text when used as a title prefix or suffix. Also refined the algorithm for hierarchical counting.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Project Statistics Draft “Pages (printed)” count did not calculate.
  • Fixed a bug whereby centred and right-aligned text aligned to the edge of the editor regardless of the right-indent.
  • Adjusted the code for images to better ensure that compiled images use the same dimensions in Word as in Scrivener.

Scrivener 1.7.1 27th May 2014

Refinements and Changes


  • You can now create and apply formatting presets to document text via the Format > Formatting menu or from the format bar. (If you’ve customised the format bar, you can add the Preset Selector from the Customize Toolbars dialog.)
  • Ranges of text can now be marked with Preserve Formatting to prevent their formatting being overwritten during compile when the rest of the text is standardised.
  • Added the option to toggle Small Caps from Format > Font.


  • Standard collections now have a “Remove from Collection” button in the header, which will remove the selected documents from the collection without impacting their placement in the binder. The Delete key alone will do the same.
  • Updated the “Save Search…” text from the search menu to more explicitly state “Save Search as Collection…”


  • You can select a folder or document from anywhere outside the Draft folder to include as front matter in the compile contents.
  • Scrivener links now compile as internal links for RTF and, if Microsoft Word is installed, for PDF, DOC and DOCX when “Include in RTF bookmarks” is checked for the document type and level in compile formatting.
  • New project properties in the Meta-Data Settings allow you to use placeholder tags throughout the project and compile settings to be replaced with the project title and author name during compile. <$projecttitle> and <$fullname> are used by default for title and author meta-data when compiling to ebook formats.
  • Compile formatting is now modified directly in the preview area without needing to open a separate window.
  • Import/Export options for PDF, ODT, DOC and DOCX have been revised with improved converters.
  • Compiled ebooks include only one copy of each unique image in the epub or mobi package, reducing file size.
  • Scrivener-linked document titles compile using the document’s prefix and suffix settings. For example, if a document is set to compile with just a “Chapter 1” prefix and no title, a link to that document within the compiled text will use its “Chapter” and number rather than the binder title.
  • Added new placeholder tags for use in compile: <$pagecount><$projecttitle><$abbr_title><$fullname><$forename><$surname>. (Title and name replacements are set in Project > Meta-Data Settings….)
  • Added new options to the compile Transformations pane to “Remove highlighting” and “Remove all hyperlinks” and extra RTF compatibility options to ensure link formatting and highlights appear correctly in Microsoft Word.
  • Compile’s “Print” option is now based on the PDF compile, taking advantage of the better formatting available, particularly when Microsoft Office is installed.

Scrivener Links

  • Scrivener Link > New Link… (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+D) opens a dialog to easily create Scrivener links to new or existing documents.
  • Holding the Alt key while dragging and dropping items from the binder to document text or notes inserts a Scrivener link. Dragging and dropping images or text documents without the modifier key will insert the image or text.
  • New options in Edit > Copy Special let you copy a selection of documents from the binder, outliner, or corkboard as a list of Scrivener links or as a Table of Contents.
  • You can now set the default location (current or other editor) for opening clicked Scrivener links from the editor. New context menu options also let you choose the target editor for opening a link.
  • Existing Scrivener Links can be updated by right-clicking in the linked text and choosing a new item from the Scrivener Link option in the context menu or by selecting the linked text and using Edit > Scrivener Link.


  • Inserted images can be resized by clicking and dragging the lower right corner (press Shift while clicking to resize without ratio constraint).
  • Right-clicking on an inserted image now offers “Save as Picture…” to save a copy of the image outside the project.
  • You can now drag a synopsis image to the editor to copy it into a document’s text.
  • Inserted JPG images now retain their format rather than being converted to PNG.
  • In addition to sorting documents in the binder, corkboard, and outliner, you can now sort selected paragraphs within a document in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • The context menu in the editor has been reordered slightly and now includes options to insert an image or to create and insert a screen capture.
  • Pressing the RightArrow or LeftArrow key now moves the insertion point to the beginning or end of the text selection within the editor.
  • There is now an option (in the Editor settings) for the Insert key to toggle overwrite mode in the editor and in document and project notes (off by default).


  • Scrivener can now import OpenOffice ODT files.
  • Webpage import has been overhauled to use the open standard MHT format, better preserving the complete webpage in a single file. MHT pages can be opened externally or converted on import to PDF for viewing in Scrivener. Webpages can also be imported as plain-text files.
  • You can import local external files from the project and document references by dragging and dropping from the inspector to the binder.
  • OPML and mindmap files are now included in the standard File > Import > Files… command, with preferences set in the Import/Export Options.
  • Copying and pasting from webpages has been improved to include embedded images and produces cleaner, more consistent results across popular browsers.
  • Images imported as part of a Word document are now named in Scrivener following the pattern “Image1”, “Image2”, etc.


  • The Move > Up/Down/Right/Left commands and keyboard shortcuts can be used to move cards on the corkboard.

Menus & UI

  • More menu commands have been given keyboard shortcuts and additional items have been made available for user-defined shortcuts in the Options: Keyboard pane.
  • Moved the Layout controls to a new “Window” menu, along with new window management options.
  • Cleaned up the Documents > Move menu to make it easier to navigate.
  • Added an option to customise the number of recent projects shown in the menu, up to 40.
  • Hovering over items in the format bar spacing menu displays the associated indentation settings.
  • The Tools menu now offers the option to Save and Rebuild Search Indexes to restore an out-of-date index and improve search results.
  • The Name Generator window can now remain open while you work in Scrivener and can be minimised or maximised.
  • The highlight and text colour format bar buttons now use a popover style for colour selection; right-click or click and hold the button to bring up the colour options.
  • The colour of the spell check underline can be customised under the editor Appearance options.
  • Added a Reset All Warnings button to the General options and moved a few formatting items from the General pane to the more appropriate Editor options. Also removed “Show ‘Change indentation with spacing’ message” from the Editor options and “Show warnings for import restrictions” from Import/Export options as they are now better covered under the new Reset option.
  • Added “Back Up Now” and “Project Notes” to the available options for the main toolbar icons and added “Copy” to the format bar options.
  • The colour selection dialog now shows the current colour when applicable.
  • Renamed the “Manage Layouts” menu item and dialog to “Layout Manager” for better consistency with the Windows design and moved this to the new “Window” menu.
  • Updated the instructions for importing files into the name generator.
  • Updated a few cases of the warning that displays when opening a project that may already be open to provide more specific information.
  • Cleaned up various aspects of the interface, including revising text, using status checkmarks in menus, and clarifying fuzzy icons.
  • The border and gradient of the label colour in the binder uses softer shading.
  • The tooltip for the options button in the corkboard footer now uses “Corkboard Options” rather than “Layout Options”.
  • Saved layouts are now alphabetised (ignoring case) in the Layout Manager and the All Layouts menu.
  • The installer and uninstaller now include the Scrivener version number for easy identification.
  • Various interface elements have been slightly resized to optimise space.
  • “Choose Texture” has been removed from Appearance options where unavailable.
  • The Highlight menu has been adjusted slightly to accommodate corrected submenu behaviour; use Highlight > Highlight Text to toggle highlight formatting.
  • The Corkboard Options to Show Pins and Show Stamps have been clarified as “Label Pins” and “Status Stamps”.
  • When the editor is not in text mode, the Comments & Footnotes pane in the inspector now displays “No text loaded” to clarify why notes are not shown.


  • You can now create custom meta-data, which can be viewed in the new custom meta-data tab of the inspector and as columns in the outliner.
  • Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder lets you use subdocuments of the selected binder item as templates for new documents via Project > New from Template. The top item in the folder is assigned a shortcut for quick access.
  • Documents can be added to a Favorites list via the context menu or Documents > Favorites > Add to Favorites, allowing quick access from menus such as Go To, Move, and Append Selection to Document. You can adjust the order of the items, add or remove documents, or open items directly from the Favorites Manager (Documents > Favorites > Favorites Manager…).
  • PDF import and display has been improved and offers many new options including text extraction via the context menu, finer zoom control and rendering crispness and clarity, single-page view, find, rotation, print support, link support, password protected PDF support, keyboard and outline navigation.
  • Scrivener now supports multiple project notes, which can be viewed in the inspector or opened in a separate window from Project > Project Notes…. The notes window can be set to always remain in front of the main project window via a checkbox in the General options.
  • You can now assign documents a custom icon through the Documents > Change Icon menu (also available in the binder, outliner, and corkboard context menus). Hold the Alt key while right-clicking the item to go directly to the icon submenu.
  • Project templates and compile presets have been redone and make use of new features such as document templates and revised compile settings.
  • View > Full Screen Backdrop lets you select an image from the project or hard drive to use as a project-specific backdrop in Full Screen mode.
  • Project Search options now let you limit a search to only the selected Binder items and to exclude items in the Trash folder from the search results.
  • Custom substitutions (added from the Corrections options) are now included when saving preferences and are also retained when resetting the default Options.
  • Creating new documents or splitting documents in a Scrivenings session now adds the documents to the existing session.
  • The version information in the About dialog can be selected and copied for easier inclusion with feedback.
  • New items created when the Draft or Research folder are selected are now always made children of those special folders, to help avoid cases where users accidentally create their manuscript content outside the Draft. Items can still be moved to root level via drag and drop or the Move commands, and can be created at root level by clearing the binder selection first.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Improved the Documents > Merge process to avoid possible crash scenarios related to the order of the selection.
  • Adjusted deactivation to work around an eSellerate crash when attempting to deactivate Scrivener while offline.
  • Fixed a bug when converting inline notation to inspector notes that could freeze Scrivener if anchor text could not be found (e.g when all text in a table was set as an annotation).
  • Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping lengthy texts that could cause Scrivener to crash.
  • Fixed a memory leak when a running compilation was cancelled via the progress dialog.
  • Fixed a crash when emptying the trash while any of its contents was loaded in the editor.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the colour of selected text immediately after merging table cells.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed a bug in Export > Comments & Annotations when exporting “Selected documents only” that listed comments according to their document’s internal ID rather than their binder order.
  • Fixed a bug causing different images with the same name to be replaced with the same image during compile.
  • Fixed a bug where typing in the editor lagged when Project Targets were open.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping text between the split editors when the same document was open in each could delete the dragged text if it was dropped in the same location it began.
  • Fixed a bug where cutting or copying a text selection that abutted an image would then paste a copy of the image rather than the selected text.
  • Fixed a bug that converted embedded images to gibberish text when compiling to plain-text or exporting to OPML or MindMap formats; the image is now cleanly removed.
  • Fixed a bug that prompted with a warning message when exporting an image or PDF file with the same name as an existing file in another format at the save location, even though saving would not overwrite the existing file.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the title prefix from being formatted separately from the title during compile if they were on separate lines.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Draft, Research and Trash folders from being copied between projects via drag and drop.
  • Fixed a bug where Save As Template would fail silently if the template title contained characters invalid for filenames.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause significant lag when working in a document with an image synopsis.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a parent of a keyword used in a document did not require confirmation, thus removing the child keyword without warning.
  • Fixed a bug causing typing lag when working with the Project Targets open.
  • Fixed a bug in DOCX compile that always exported footnotes as footnotes, regardless of the option selected.
  • Fixed a bug in RTF, DOC and DOCX export that numbered subitems incorrectly when compiling hierarchical lists.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a multiple selection accidentally dragged and dropped back onto itself to scramble the order of the documents rather than simply cancelling the action.
  • Updated file caching to preserve a document’s undo history until the project is closed, so that changes can be reverted after switching documents.
  • Fixed a bug allowing tables to be created or copied into inspector comments and footnotes, as compiling these could cause corrupt documents.
  • Fixed a bug in ebook compile that created invalid IDs for hyperlinks within the text.
  • Adjusted ebook compile to use image names in the compiled package rather than random numbers.
  • Fixed a bug preventing multiple documents with the same title from exporting correctly.
  • Fixed a bug giving an “Access denied” error when exporting an empty document.
  • Ensured the UserProjectData metadata is preserved when editing a Mac project on Windows (affecting integration with third-party programs like Aeon Timeline).
  • Fixed a bug causing arbitrary collections to revert to their previous order on reopening the project if they had been rearranged using the Move Up/Down menu commands or keyboard shortcuts. This bug also affected compiling collections, causing the documents to be listed in the original order.
  • Fixed a bug where non-text files could be brought into the Draft folder if their parent text item was dragged into the Draft.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping an external link from document or project references to Windows Explorer would move the original file and break the link.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging an externally referenced image from the inspector to the text editor inserted the image correctly but deleted the reference.
  • Tweaked code for saving the search indexes, hopefully fixing a bug where text could go missing from the index, causing inaccurate search results. To rebuild the complete index, choose Save and Rebuild Search Indexes from the Tools menu.
  • Fixed a bug where page padding settings for other formats were included when compiling to Final Draft.
  • Enabled auto-corrections, including smart quotes, in inspector comments and footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug where title prefixes and suffixes were ignored when generating the table of contents for ebooks.
  • Fixed a compile bug causing the word count tokens to only count per section in ebook formats.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting an image into a document containing an image with the same name altered the original image.
  • Fixed a bug where running a new search while viewing a saved search collection changed the collection rather than updating the Search Results.
  • Redesigned new item creation for consistent behaviour across the binder, corkboard, and outliner.
  • Fixed a bug where an image file could be duplicated as it own synopsis image, creating an unnecessary extra file in the project folder.
  • Changed the accelerator key for “Save As” to the standard ‘a’ and changed “File > Close All” to “Close All Projects”, using the ‘j’ accelerator.
  • Fixed a bug where the compile group was not saved after closing and reopening the project.
  • Fixed a bug where imported images and PDFs could not be printed.
  • Adjusted the CSS output for ebooks to ensure bold text appears correctly on the Kindle Fire.
  • Fixed a bug where merging documents could result in duplicate document references.
  • Fixed a bug where the main document font size changed to match the footnote size following inline annotations when compiled to RTF, DOC, and DOCX formats.
  • Fixed a bug where deselecting “Automatically check for updates” did not disable the associated pop-up menu.
  • Fixed the Scratch Pad hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+0) to toggle the Scratch Pad rather than only working to open the window.
  • Fixed a bug where navigating the corkboard with the Right and LeftArrow keys did not wrap at the end of a row.
  • Fixed a bug where it was necessary to select “Undo” twice to undo creating an empty inspector comment or footnote.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting comments and annotations as footnotes or endnotes in the DOCX format instead exported them as margin comments.
  • Fixed a compile bug where titles were not properly wrapped in hashes according to the outliner depth for MMD formats.
  • Fixed a bug where an inline annotation ending a paragraph and a later annotation beginning a paragraph would merge into a single comment on export or conversion to inspector comments, including all text between them.
  • Worked around a bug in the DOCX converters to properly export folders and files with special characters in the titles.
  • Fixed a bug where the cell background colour was not properly saved in tables.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen where Scrivener links did not open. Linked text documents now open correctly when clicked in Full Screen (regardless of the “Open clicked Scrivener links in” navigation preference, which only applies to the main project window).
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to use “Undo” in a locked editor after splitting a document, causing the split text to be duplicated in the original document.
  • Fixed a bug where synopsis images were not properly deleted from the project folder when their associated document was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug in RTF/DOC/DOCX compile where footnotes followed by inline annotations exporting as margin comments caused the final word of the footnote to be part of the main text. This also fixes the same problem when converting inline annotations to inspector comments.
  • Fixed several compatibility bugs where Mac settings were not remembered correctly after opening or editing a project in Windows, including some Mac-only Project Targets settings and Auto-Complete List scopes.
  • Fixed a bug where copying and pasting a linked image pasted a static copy.
  • Fixed a bug where the image name for linked images was corrupted after closing and reopening the project.
  • Fixed a bug where references and hyperlinks to files on a networked drive did not open.
  • Fixed a bug where footnotes incorrectly affected the compiled word and character counts for some formats.
  • Fixed a bug where comments, footnotes, and inline annotations were not correctly included as script notes when compiling or exporting to the FDX format with notes included.
  • Fixed a bug where an additional bulleted line could appear at the top of a list when compiling to PDF or Print.
  • Fixed a bug where inline footnotes within lists were formatted as lists themselves when compiled to certain formats such as Print and PDF.
  • Fixed a bug where one of two adjacent footnotes or a comment followed by an inline annotation could be lost from the compiled document.
  • Fixed a bug where lists beginning a document compiled incorrectly (e.g. missing the initial bullet or with an extra empty bulleted line).
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping or copying and pasting a MathType equation dropped the equation data, leaving it as just an inserted image.
  • Fixed a bug where editing a MathType equation without selecting it could instead insert a new equation in the document.
  • Adjusted MathType equations to use a white background as a workaround to the bug where they would instead use the editor background colour (which could result in compiling with coloured backgrounds). We will continue looking for a way to make the background transparent.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Cancel” in the compile dialog did not cancel switching compile presets.
  • Dragging and dropping documents between projects now includes the label and status.
  • Fixed a bug where images imported as part of an RTF did not always scale as expected because of missing RTF data in the original document.
  • Fixed a compile formatting bug where a placeholder tag beginning a title suffix with no space before it could not be selected and formatted separately from any preceding prefix or title text.
  • Improved the baseline alignment of inserted MathType equations.
  • Fixed memory leaks in several dynamic menus across the interface.


  • Corrected minor typos and font size problems in menus and dialogs for English and several translations.
  • Fixed a bug causing fonts with no “regular” variant (such as Bookman Old Style) to revert to another variant such as “Bold” rather than the expected “Light”.
  • Fixed a bug causing text cut and pasted following an inserted image to lose its formatting and paste as MS Shell Dlg 2. This may correct the reversion to MS Shell Dlg 2 in other scenarios as well.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug where the smart quote style would not appear properly when opened on the Mac.
  • Fixed a bug causing resized images to revert to their original size when dragged and dropped or cut and pasted in a document.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Cancel” in the Print dialog from compile closed the compile dialog as well.
  • Fixed the formatting in compiled placeholder tags to hyphenate compound numbers (e.g. “twenty-two”).
  • Fixed bugs that exported “Untitled” documents with an empty title in OPML outlines and with no title in compiled documents (when including the “Title” element).
  • Removed several extraneous items from the toolbar options which did not have unique icons. (All functions are still available via the menus and keyboard shortcuts.)
  • Disabled the screen capture option in Scratch Pad when no note is selected to receive the image.
  • Refined the numbering for new untitled Scratch Pad notes.
  • Single quotes are now escaped in OPML export.
  • Browsing for files to import to the Name Generator defaults now to the user Documents and remembers the last location selected in the session.
  • The Import and Export OPML and Mindmap options remember their last-used settings.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Scratch Pad keyboard shortcut from working after all projects were closed and only the New Project window remained open.
  • Fixed a bug where adjusting paragraph formatting for a triple-clicked paragraph also applied the formatting to the following paragraph.
  • Fixed a bug where triple-clicking a paragraph and adjusting its formatting then applied that formatting to a new paragraph inserted by pressing Enter at the beginning of the following paragraph.
  • Fixed a bug calculating the width of the script elements menu, which caused the menu to be cut off when working in a narrow editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-title feature for untitled documents could replace a user’s custom title if the auto-save ran while the title was being edited.
  • Fixed a delay in generating titles when using Document Split, causing the automatic title to sometimes overwrite a user’s custom title.
  • Fixed an update delay when editing a document title or synopsis that could cause newly entered text to be overwritten.
  • Fixed a bug in the outliner causing the Total Word Count column to display a running total for a multiple selection instead of the correct total word count for each selected item.
  • Corrected the help text for importing files to the Name Generator.
  • Clarified the error message to indicate the invalid character when attempting to export a document with a double quote in the filename.
  • Fixed a bug that could replace your custom title immediately after splitting a document with the default title.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Enter at the beginning or middle of a line of text in script mode would select all the following text on the line and move the insertion point after creating the new line. Pressing Enter repeatedly in this case now inserts multiple new lines.
  • Adjusted the line wrapping in the licence text for the update installer to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug in Export > Comments and Annotations that incorrectly separated the notations rather than ordering them according to their occurrence in the document.
  • Fixed a bug preventing dragging and dropping items above the Draft folder if it was at the top of the binder or below the Trash if it was at the bottom.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen causing some keyboard shortcuts such as Paste and Undo to affect the main text even when the focus was in the project or document notes.
  • Adjusted the behaviour when closing a project to prevent the editor display blanking.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the group view mode in one editor split affected the second split; view modes are now properly persistent per editor.
  • Fixed a bug with Copy Ruler and Paste Ruler that excluded the before and after paragraph spacing from the copied formatting.
  • Fixed a bug preventing before- and after-paragraph spacing from applying correctly when selected from the format bar drop-down menu.
  • Fixed a display bug causing plain-text files to initially appear blank when imported via File > Import.
  • Fixed a bug when typing CJK glyphs using the Microsoft IME that caused the input text to be selected using the default text colour without contrasting the text, rendering the characters illegible in some cases. The IME now underlines rather than selecting the characters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused many landscape-oriented PDFs to import as portrait, cutting off the right edge of the document.
  • Fixed several bugs with placeholder tag replacements, including proper rounding for word and character count tags when used in the header or footer and replacing the <$compilegroup> tag with the title of the selected group rather than the title of the Draft folder.
  • Fixed a bug where the Save As dialog did not show other XML files in the directory when saving script settings.
  • Fixed a bug preventing invisible characters from displaying in a custom colour.
  • Fixed a bug in PDF display where highlights were drawn incorrectly, obscuring the text.
  • Fixed a bug where items loaded in the editor from a collection would revert to binder order when closing the collection.
  • Corrected the behaviour of the Layout Manager to ensure it floats and does not get lost behind other windows.
  • Fixed a bug where project keywords could not be rearranged in the floating window after exiting Full Screen.
  • Fixed the project keyword panel behaviour to stay open when switching into and out of Full Screen. The project keywords now use the same shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+O) in the regular window and in Full Screen.
  • Fixed a bug that could create duplicate entries in the spacing drop-down menu. (Note that identical line and paragraph spacing with different indentation will create separate entries; hover over the entry to view the complete settings.)
  • Fixed a bug affecting Typewriter Scrolling in Scrivenings mode that caused the text to scroll when moving the insertion point rather than only when typing.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping multiple items within a collection could drop the items in the wrong order.
  • Fixed import behaviour for OPML and Mindmap files to follow the standard new item rules for binder placement, and added drag and drop import for these file types.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause fonts to change when working cross-platform with Windows and Mac. As much as possible, Scrivener attempts to use the same font variant or substitute a similar font for one that is unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug causing new blank projects to open maximised on certain screen resolutions.
  • Adjusted smart quote behaviour to allow for multiple styles within the same project; use Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes in the editor to update text to the current style set in Options: Corrections.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting items in a collection and choosing Move To could drop them in the binder out of order.
  • Fixed a display bug where closing the project cleared the editor, potentially appearing as though text had gone missing during the closing sequence.
  • Fixed a bug in Scrivenings mode where the View > Go To menu mimicked the special Table of Contents behaviour of the editor header Go To menu and showed only the contents of the Scrivenings session rather than the complete project hierarchy.
  • Fixed a bug in CSV export where fields with commas or double-quotes were not properly escaped.
  • Added the Move option to the context menu on the corkboard and outliner.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Rename” context menu option did not work when in a collection.
  • Fixed a bug where the Full Screen option was sometimes disabled for the Draft, Research, and Trash folders.
  • Fixed a bug where the file format and filter settings for included documents were not saved as part of a compile preset.
  • Fixed a bug where special characters were not passed correctly to the search engines in the Writing Tools menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the image synopsis of image files could be temporarily cleared (reappearing when the project next loaded).
  • Fixed a bug where annotations, footnotes, inspector comments and highlighting and strikethrough formatting were lost when converting script elements or when splitting an element into multiple paragraphs.
  • Fixed a minor bug where directional move commands were listed as available for outliner items even when they did not apply.
  • Improved error reporting to display and make selectable the KindleGen errors and warnings if any are generated during compile to the .mobi format.
  • Changed drag and drop across editor splits to always perform a copy action rather than a move, fixing several bugs.
  • Fixed a typo in the Save Compile Settings dialog and made the folder path selectable for copy/paste.
  • Fixed a bug where the full trash icon in the editor header did not immediately update when the trash was emptied.
  • Updated the keyboard behaviour to allow Alt+RightArrow/LeftArrow to fully expand or collapse an outliner node (just as holding Alt and clicking the disclosure triangle does). The Alt+RightArrow and Alt+LeftArrow shortcuts no longer toggle the Format bar and main toolbar.
  • Updated the menu text and link for the thesaurus lookup in the German translation; this now uses
  • Pared down the conversion options in the Format menu for easier navigation.
  • Fixed several bugs with the focus and selection appearance of inspector comments and footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Escape when an inspector comment or footnote was selected but not in editing mode did not return the focus to the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where adjacent inspector comments always used the default comment colour in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking into the top item in a Scrivenings session that did not include the container document would still show the container’s information in the inspector rather than the subdocument’s.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the group view mode also moved the focus to the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the group view mode would sometimes lose the editor selection.
  • Fixed a bug where Scrivener links to untitled documents used the document ID number rather than “Untitled” as the link text when no text was selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the add inspector comment and footnote options were not properly disabled when the selected text included an inline notation.
  • Refined the behaviour when selecting an inspector comment or footnote to scroll the editor to display the linked text more prominently.
  • Fixed loading webarchive files imported on the Mac to display as unsupported files with the original URL in the footer when possible.
  • Fixed a bug where the synopsis text in the inspector did not update when changing documents if any of the synopsis text was selected.
  • Refined the spell check behaviour to begin at the insertion point rather than from the top of the document, and tweaked the dialog appearance to closer resemble Word’s spell check.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a script to FDX format via File > Export include the editor page colour as a text background colour.
  • Fixed a bug where external links in inspector comments and footnotes could not be opened.
  • Fixed a bug where Ctrl+ or Shift+clicking inspector comments and footnotes did not always correctly select multiple notes. Ctrl+A and the “Select All” option from the inspector comment and footnote context menu also now select all notes rather than the current note’s text unless the note is in editing mode.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting multiple inspector comments or footnotes and copying them did not correctly copy the text of all the selected notes.
  • Fixed a bug where text pasted from Google Docs appeared with a black highlight after closing and reopening the project.
  • Fixed several formatting problems when pasting from the Chrome browser, including text using hyperlink formatting and negative font sizes and spacing, so the text appeared scrambled on top of itself.
  • Fixed a bug where some inapplicable menu commands were not properly disabled when editing inspector comments and footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug where the import warning did not display on drag and drop when the Scrivener project window did not have focus.
  • Fixed a bug where the Label and Status titles could be left blank, causing them to appear without names in the project search menu. “Label” and “Status” are now reset as the titles if the fields are left blank. (This does not affect older projects with a blank Label or Status title.)
  • Fixed a bug where the Format > Convert options for quotes did not work without a selection. The quote conversions now apply to the entire document if there is no selection or to only the selected text if there is a selection. Uppercase, Lowercase, and Title Case conversions apply to the selected text or to the single word where the insertion point is placed if there is no selection.
  • Removed inapplicable compile formatting options for plain-text formats.
  • Fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to navigate the View > Outline submenu disabled the menu commands.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen mode where using either of the Document > Split commands did not switch the view to the newly split document.
  • Fixed a bug where moving the Binder collection tab coloured all tabs beneath it black.
  • Fixed a bug where View > Move Focus To > Binder (including the Ctrl+Tab cycle between binder and editors) did not work when a collection was open in the binder. These menu items now correctly update to indicate when a standard or search
  • Fixed a bug where lengthy paths to images in the binder could widen the compile dialog by resizing the cover image menu even when not compiling to an ebook format.
  • Fixed a bug where mousing over a hyperlink changed the cursor from an I-beam to a pointer.
  • Fixed a bug where undoing a text colour change caused the editor to scroll to the top of the document.
  • Fixed a bug where it was necessary to return focus to the editor after changing an inspector comment’s background colour before using Ctrl+Z to undo the colour change.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking into items in a Scrivenings session would load them in the second split if the auto-load feature had been toggled for the editor while in corkboard or outliner mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Save As Template did not save the group view mode or inspector view.
  • Fixed a bug where using Go To > Enclosing Group in Full Screen loaded the enclosing group in the main editor rather than Full Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where space and tab characters were not visible when modifying the title prefix and suffix in compile.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of the Edit > Append Selection To Document, Edit > Scrivener Link, and View > Go To menus to allow the Enter key to select a container as the destination rather than opening the submenu, matching behaviour of the Documents > Move > To and Project > New From Template menus.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a document to a standard collection when the collection was visible in the binder could change the document loaded in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating an item on the corkboard or outliner did not update the linked editor.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking OK or Apply in the Options caused the editor to reload the selected binder document.
  • Fixed a bug in Full Screen mode where using Alt+Tab to cycle between programs did not correctly return focus to the Full Screen editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the Binder Affects setting did not persist through closing and reopening the project and was not included in saved layouts.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated items’ meta-data was not found in a project search until the data had been edited or the project had been reopened.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping text from the synopsis in the corkboard or outliner extended the selection to the entire synopsis and cleared any newly entered text.
  • Fixed a bug where the inspector remained showing a single document’s meta-data rather than switching to Project Notes or Project References when there was a multiple selection.
  • Redesigned the spellcheck dialog and hopefully fixed a bug where the dialog occasionally went blank and unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Add Selection” button in the Name Generator would be available even when there was no selection.
  • Fixed a bug where the Document > Move directional commands were disabled when using the Alt accelerator keys.
  • Disabled the format bar in compile for document and note text when “Override formatting” is not selected, and removed the warning that previously appeared when the formatting may have been altered (but would not apply).
  • Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging in the binder when there was no existing selection created an extended selection rather than dragging and dropping the clicked item.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the script element menu hotkeys from working when the editor footer bar was hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where splitting a container placed the split document at the wrong level and moved the existing child documents.
  • Fixed a bug where Alt-clicking a checkbox in the compile formatting elements did not update all checkboxes in the column.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling the annotation or inline footnote formatting within an inline note removed the note formatting.
  • Fixed a bug where applying a saved maximised window layout to a project already maximised would shrink the window.
  • Fixed a bug where new projects opened with the inspector view of the last closed project.
  • Fixed a bug where splitting a document did not properly copy the relevant meta-data from the original document.
  • Fixed a bug where a referenced plain-text file could be opened in Scrivener’s editor (though would not load correctly).
  • Fixed a bug where selecting “Save outliner and corkboard settings” or “Preserve all meta-data appearance options” in the Manage Layouts dialog did not work when applying the layout.
  • Fixed a but where the text in the “About” dialog could be edited (though changes reverted on closing the dialog).
  • Fixed a bug where text highlighting obscured the note formatting of inline footnotes and annotations and of linked comments and footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug where highlighting did not appear when opening compiled RTF, DOC and DOCX files in Word or when importing highlighted Word documents. Also added the compile option “Microsoft Word highlighting with exact background colors” to the Transformations pane to ensure the highlight colours appearing in Word match those used in Scrivener by converting them to paragraph shading colours.
  • Fixed a bug where merging documents could increase the project’s session target word count.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect hover text appeared for items in the Import/Export Options.
  • Revised the readme text to remove references to pre-installation, since this is shown after the installation completes.

Scrivener 1.6.1 31st October 2013


  • Fixed misleading messaging during registration.
  • Fixed bug that broke keyword drag and drop from the project keyword list.

Refinements and Changes

Installation and Registration

  • Users are now warned before downloading an automatic update if the update cannot be installed from the current Windows user account.
  • The update installer now creates its backup files in the user temp directory (and removes them on successful installation).
  • Registration and activation functionality has been updated.


  • Updated the Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), and Slovenian translations.
  • Tweaked colour chips and text alignment in the Label and Status menus and made the “No Status” and “No Label” displays consistent in the outliner.
  • Removed the confusing “cannot create backup” message that appeared when users chose to abort an automatic backup.
  • Enlarged the arrow button for the outliner options.
  • Added a “minimize” button to the New Project window.


  • Pressing Enter on a container in the Documents > Move To menu now selects it as the destination rather than opening the submenu (which can be opened via the RightArrow key).
  • The dialog warning that a project may already be open now offers the option to make a copy of the project.
  • Toggling character formatting (bold, italic, underline, highlight, etc.) on a selection including formatted and unformatted text now follows consistent behaviour of always first applying the formatting.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener to crash when importing script settings from a Final Draft FDX file.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener to crash when creating a new script document if the script settings contained no elements.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Scrivener in rare circumstances when double-clicking to launch Scrivener after closing a project and Scrivener was already open.
  • Fixed a bug where Documents > Sort was incorrectly available when a container within a search collection was selected (and could then cause a crash).
  • Fixed a bug in compile that could throw a bad allocation error when a document beginning with a table or containing only blank lines immediately followed a page break.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed a bug that saved Project Notes with each auto-save, even when the notes had not been modified. (This should resolve the majority of cases where users running system backup services while using Scrivener saw warnings that files in the project could not be saved because they were in use by another process.)
  • Fixed a bug causing a syntax break in MultiMarkdown when a footnote started with bold or italic text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing audio and video files and unsupported file formats from exporting.
  • Fixed a bug that included inspector footnotes when using Export > Comments and Annotations.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting the outliner to CSV could export the wrong columns when limited to only those visible in the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the automatic update from installing correctly when run from a standard Windows user account.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Include in Compile and Page Break Before settings for documents to be lost when sharing a project between Windows and Mac.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed files to be imported directly into the Trash.
  • Fixed a bug that imported read-only RTFs without removing the read-only property.
  • Fixed a bug that copied the commentator’s name and initials into the main text when importing Word documents containing comments.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed inspector comments and footnotes inside inline notations, preventing notes from compiling correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where using Enter or the mouse to select from the auto-complete list in script mode always placed the insertion point on the next line, regardless of the “Go to Next Line” setting. (Using the Tab key to select from the suggestions now also works the same as selecting with Enter.)


  • Fixed a bug where outliner columns that had been rearranged would reset to the default order after changing view modes.
  • Fixed a bug where formatting could appear incorrectly active or inactive when applied to text selections made from right to left.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling the Outlined formatting on a selection including text already using that format could make the outlined text invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loading progress bar in the editor to sometimes remain after opening a document.
  • Fixed a bug where a project could be opened simultaneously by different installations of Scrivener on the same machine without bringing up a warning.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the automatic backup progress dialog’s “Abort” button from working.
  • Fixed a bug where the Duplicate commands were available in editor views where they did not apply.
  • Fixed a bug that removed unavailable document move commands from the menu rather than simply disabling them.
  • Fixed a typo in the Corrections tab of Options.

Scrivener 1.6.0 12th April 2013


  • Fixed a display bug in the editor causing the text of the initial paragraph to be hidden after reformatting a selection including the first character of the document (no text was lost, but it did not display until the editor view was adjusted)
  • Fixed a bug preventing interface translations from being implemented when selecting a language other than English from the Options

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug whereby the top inspector footnote or comment could not be removed via the Delete key
  • Fixed a bug that caused hyperlinks and linked notes to be deleted when using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style
  • Fixed a bug causing a list of hyperlinks not to save correctly in the editor
  • Fixed a bug that caused invalid XHTML when generating .epub or .mobi files with images using an ampersand in the name
  • Fixed several bugs causing Compile settings to incorrectly affect the selection word count in Project Statistics
  • Fixed a bug whereby Project Statistics would in some cases use the focussed document text in the editor as the selection rather than the binder selection
  • Fixed a bug that excluded inspector footnotes from the word count in Project Statistics even when footnotes were set to be included
  • Fixed a bug whereby clicking on an element in the “Modify” dialog of the compile Formatting tab did not always correctly select the element
  • Fixed a bug causing Inspector scrolling to stick with a selected comment or footnote
  • Fixed a bug preventing editing the beginning of lengthy comments or linked footnotes whose height surpassed the height of the inspector
  • Fixed a bug whereby compiling to FDX overrode custom script settings with the default screenplay format
  • Fixed a script settings bug preventing elements from saving with centred alignment
  • Fixed a bug causing certain inspector footnote placements to hang PDF compile
  • Fixed a bug where Scrivener links were not stripped during compile, causing invalid hyperlinks in documents
  • Fixed a bug that could lose character formatting from inline footnotes when compiled to RTF/DOC/DOCX
  • Fixed a bug whereby page breaks did not compile correctly when followed by a document beginning with an empty line
  • Provided a link to the Amazon webpage for downloading KindleGen from the Compile dialog
  • Updated support addresses in the About file
  • Updated selection options in Project Statistics to exclude inspector comments as well as inline annotations from the word count
  • Updated ebook compile for EPUB 3 specifications and EpubCheck validation, including removing the Adobe page template extension, revising the date format, and ensuring the contents of meta-data fields are identical in both the NCX and OPF files
  • Improved the selection page count algorithm in Project Statistics
  • Updated default print page setup of new projects to use the Letter paper size on systems set to United States or Canada locales
  • Improved error reporting and overall stability, including enhancements to the save method to avoid temp files, as this caused problems for some systems, and additional warning messages in rare cases where Scrivener is unable to save a file
  • Added the feature Edit > Insert > Image Linked to File…, which inserts an image as a reference to an external file (rather than embedding the image in the document file in the project); updates to the external file will be reflected in the project when reloaded and used during compile
  • With the above, also resolved the problem of linked images in Mac projects being deleted when edited on Windows
  • Added a preview of the Russian interface translation, available from the language menu in the General tab of Options. To provide feedback on the translation, please email
  • Added support for Scapple drag-and-drop integration

Scrivener 1.5.7 10th April 2013

Bugs Fixed

  • Spanish translations not displaying properly
  • Compile Draft sub-folder selection not saved
  • Compiled metadata formatting (missing empty lines, incorrect ordering)
  • Formatting wiped when changing paragraph settings
  • Edit > Link options to remember last selection
  • Added Português (Brasil) translation
  • Word is detected only via the registry now as previous ActiveX detection caused issues

Scrivener 1.5.6 3rd April 2013

Important Notice: Some keyboard shortcuts have changed (to correct broken functionality), which may require a reset to appear correctly. To do this, please choose "Scrivener" from the Import button menu in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options. To see a visual list of changed shortcuts please see refer to the Excel spreadsheet included in this Scrivener install—typically found here: Scrivener\resources\Scrivener Default Shortcuts.xls (See the second tab titled Highlighted Shortcut Changes—all changed shortcuts are highlighted in yellow). A visual is included at the end of these release note as well.


  • Crash with Project Statistics
  • Text linked to inspector endnotes compiles as Courier New
  • Page break inserted after title prefix
  • Page padding ignored on compile
  • Project Search Shortcut Changed to Ctrl+G, Ctrl+S
  • Further updates to Spanish (Spain) and Catalan translations

Bugs Fixed


  • Text field in binder too short for large font.

Annotations & Footnotes

  • Multi-Paragraph Inline Footnotes not saved as one.
  • Enter key toggles off inline footnote formatting.

Comments & Footnotes

  • Cannot add inspector notes in Scrivenings
  • Inspector comment and footnote shortcuts don't work in Full Screen
  • Commented text pastes without comment
  • Comment/Footnote link continues into new text


  • Special characters in titles break epub/mobi toc.ncx
  • Cannot apply text colour in compile formatting
  • Additional empty note inserted before each inspector footnote in PDF
  • Compile presets not applying
  • Page break before causes empty page or line in ebook compile
  • Footnotes compile without line breaks
  • Page breaks incorrectly placed
  • Page Break separator does not work for single-paragraph documents
  • Multi-paragraph inline notes split
  • Keywords not compiling
  • Compiling meta-data with page break separator splits into extra pages
  • Custom smart-quotes are converted to English when compiling
  • Missing empty line between text and End Text marker
  • Formatting should be stripped from custom separators
  • Character formatting in inspector notes lost on compile
  • Formatting in linked text duplicates inspector notes on compile
  • Linked notes spanning multiple paragraphs replicate on compile
  • Cannot select metadata in MMD compile dialog
  • Page Break footnote separator compiling as single return
  • Lossy conversion of inline notes to/from inspector notes
  • End of Text marker preceded by section break in epub/mobi
  • FDX compile incorrectly uses Formatting elements
  • Override inspector footnote formatting on compile


  • Copy & Paste Word 2010 complex nested table crashes Scrivener
  • XP Pro SP 3 crashes often when clicking on binder folders or text files
  • Crash on compiling list-formatted notes to RTF comments
  • Crash when adding and removing columns into complex nested tables from imported Word doc


  • Blank title in Scratch Pad deletes note
  • Save As does not save files when overwriting existing project


  • German close quote flipped
  • Zoom should be available for PDFs and images
  • Clicking anchor text does not open inspector in Full Screen
  • Edit > Link does not use correct protocol for files
  • As-Is documents ignore page break separator


  • Endnotes in e-book formats are not cross-linked
  • Footnote separator options should not be listed for epub/mobi


  • Hyperlinks converted to footnotes


  • Import and Split works once, then fails with "can't parse"
  • Footnotes tripled when importing .docx files
  • Import and Split does not split with carriage returns


  • Inspector doesn't properly display container's info
  • Changing tabs in inspector shifts active editor
  • PDF and Media menu options permanently disabled
  • Inspector Lock icon not displayed when Inspector width is insufficient
  • Help button should be removed from windows
  • Remove italics from description text in Cover sheet of Compile

Mac/Windows Compatibility

  • Script settings spacing not saved

Name Generator

  • Name Generator not working in German


  • Switch Previous/Next Doc shortcuts with Enclosing/Editor Selection
  • Fixes to shortcuts and new additions - see visual representation at end of this note


  • Snapshots appear truncated until reload


  • Project Statistics incorrect display when 0 word count


  • Translations not loaded under Linux

Highlighted Shortcut Changes in yellow

General Improvements and Additional Notes

  • Translations for French, German, Latin American Spanish, Spanish from Spain, Catalan, and Korean have been revised.
  • Scrivener's compiler has been completely re-written and is now faster than before.
  • Scrivener's memory management has been improved. It is now more efficient and redundancy of data in memory has been added to prvoide additional protection of user data that has not yet been saved to disk.
  • Updated Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX import engines
  • Qt bug that was causing foreign language diacritics to not appear when typing quickly

Scrivener 1.5.3 5th February 2013

Hot Fix

  • Fixed bug that caused page breaks to not be generated when compiling, which could also result in empty table of contents in e-books.
  • Fixed bug with inline footnotes which cause the footnote to disabled if the hotkey was used to return to normal typing with the cursor at the end of the footnote.

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener is much faster and more robust
  • Additional supported languages now include: Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Turkish and Dutch
  • OPML Import
  • OPML export
  • Mind map import (Freemind .mm format)
  • Mind map export (Freemind .mm format)
  • CSV export
  • Import and Split functionality
  • Import Scrivener Project functionality
  • Image background (texture) in full screen
  • Comprehensive Print preview functionality
  • Print index cards
  • Print outliner
  • Inspector comments and footnotes
  • Revised annotation, footnote and comments options
  • Ability to set your own user interface font
  • Added multi-language smart quotes functionality including: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German and more.
  • Implemented Cancel within Compile dialog i.e. changes are no longer saved when Cancel is clicked
  • Project and Preset Replacements added to Compile dialog
  • Deleting Scrivener project files within the directory of an open Scrivener project is now prevented
  • Added checkbox to show full project path in title bar (in General tab of Tools/Options)
  • Added “Take Snapshot” menu item in header bar i.e. right click document icon to see sub menu and added ability to sort snapshots
  • Improved debug and incorporated minidump crash reporting
  • Improved tables and font handling throughout
  • Improved eBook handling throughout including CSS support
  • Image import improvements - WMF still remains unsupported like Mac, but we will get it soon
  • Windows 8 compliant

Bugs Fixed

  • (Over 100 small bug fixes.)

Scrivener 1.2.5 14th August 2012

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener translated to Italian.
  • Scrivener translated to Sci-Fi
  • Bulgarian translation updates.
  • Added Replacements panel in compile.
  • Added FDX Export.
  • Updates to Tutorial and Manual.
  • Additional placeholder fields:
    • <$compilegroup>
    • <$projecttitle>
    • <$shortdate>
    • <$longdate>
    • <$longtime>

Bug Fixes

  • A rather nasty bug to do with Aspell and foreign dictionaries caused a configuration error that prevented some users opening and creating Scrivener projects.
  • Another very nasty bug came to light where side-by-side assemblies for the Microsoft 2008 C++ redistributable broke for certain users. Scrivener has been entirely updated and now compiled with the Microsoft 2010 C++ Redistributable to overcome this issue.
  • Prefix and suffix not included in compile when ‘Title’ was unchecked in Compile Formatting pane.
  • Compile using the <$n> auto-numbering code in a title prefix, the first instance comes out blank, then the second instance starts at 1 and increments after that. The same occurs with <$t> and <$r>.
  • TAB key does not expand table when in last cell.
  • Image Drag & Drop Replication.
  • Delete Collection Icon should be disabled for Search tab.
  • The Grab Screen dialog should automatically hide when a grab action is triggered.
  • If the same document is open in both editor splits and text is selected in one and dragged to the other, if it is dropped in the same location where it came from (at the end of the selection), the text is entirely deleted. “Undo” will correct this but needs to be hit twice, as the first undo gives a duplicate copy of the dragged text.
  • Using the export function with “Draft” folder selected results in an error i.e. Export failed, or Export with errors.
  • Merging two files with snapshots only keeps final file snapshot.
  • Keep Up to Date menu item broken.
  • Binder editing font does not match display font.
  • BBCode fixes to bullet lists and added support for quotes and code block inserts using > and {.
  • Scratch Pad screen split icons were reversed for horizontal and vertical.
  • Text missing from ODT paste.
  • Synopsis deletion & crash on dragging text.
  • Project Search always uses “Excluded”.
  • Fail to open Scrivener projects with double click via Explorer when Scrivener closed.
  • E-pub: Text justification CSS are overridden by wrapping style.
  • MathType toolbar button needed in Customize Toolbars dialog.
  • Over-aggressive substitions has been given a sedative.
  • Splitting a document does not carry over meta-data.
  • Em-dashes are converted to double-hyphens in MMD.
  • RTF export via export or drag and drop from binder resulted in corrupt annotations and footnotes in text.

Work in Progress

We're very excited to announce that we currently have volunteers translating Scrivener into: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese. We are about to dive into another major development phase for Scrivener - all very exciting with lots of good things coming.

Scrivener 1.2.3 22nd June 2012

Bug Fixes

  • XP users only—there was a critical bug in the Compile dialog in which the compile description text label overlayed other controls preventing their selection.
  • Fixed missing padlock bug in inspector
  • Fixed bug that caused early trial expiry.
  • Fixed bug in the Compile Formatting pane whereby if the “Title” was unchecked the Prefix and Suffix were not included in the output when they should have been.
  • Fixed bug where font kept changing to Courier New after inserting a MathType equation.
  • Fixed issue whereby Windows installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) is not able to detect network to download update. VM installs of will need to download the update via a web browser and install run the update manually. The update can be downloaded via the link provided in the release notes.

Scrivener 1.2.1 18th June 2012

Refinements and Changes

  • A great deal of effort has been put into making Scrivener faster all round. Performance has been completely reviewed and optimised in this release. We’ll let you be the judge as to whether we have achieved that. We will be able to optimise editor performance further once we implement core layout changes later this year.
  • MathType support added(Windows only).
  • MathML support added mainly for Linux as there is no MathType support for Linux, but Windows can benefit from this native addition too, in fact Windows users can even edit the MathML produced by MathType with Scrivener’s basic MathML editor.
  • Final Draft FDX Import added. We are now starting work on export to FDX. We were hoping to have export in this release too but time has run out and it did not seem fair to hold back all the fixes and features of this release to those users waiting for them patiently; besides we didn’t want you to think we’ve been twiddling our thumbs these past few months.
  • Mini crash dump reporting has been added and a new directory ‘minidump’ has been added to store any crash dump files. This will enable us to fix hard to replicate crash bugs much faster and easier. With that said, much time has been focused on making Scrivener even more stable than it already was.
  • A Completely revised Scratch Pad has been implement to enable multiple files and screen grabbing and printing.
  • Revised Options dialog.
  • Bulletin Board Code support added i.e. menu Edit->Copy Special->Copy as Bulletin Board Code.
  • Themed color collections added to the Collections color menu for more aesthetic theming.
  • Added menu Documents > Open > In Editor - this is useful for navigating with the keyboard through the outliner and corkboard especially.
  • Full drag and drop support to import or export any item from binder to desktop or vice versa or another Scrivener project binder altogether.
  • A new row can now be added to a table if TAB is pressed in last cell of table.
  • Scrivener for Windows and Linux is now available in Bulgarian (test case language used for translation) - we have a complete translatable interface now. Languages can now be switched via the Options menu. Anybody interested in translating Scrivener into other languages can email who can provide a simple GUI program that presents the English and new language side by side for easy translation, as well as providing the capacity to change default shortcuts for the translated language.
  • Twenty four new language dictionaries have been added in the options dialog for other languages.
  • Fully revised tutorial and manual.
  • Extensive MultiMarkdown support has been added for plain text conversion to: Web Pages, LaTeX Tex, OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language), and Open Document Format. This brings many benefits to web publishers, technical writers, academics and students who need to incorporate scientific, mathematical, musical and other many other non-standard elements, have greater control over the final formatted output to PDF, or whom simply wish to automate post processing of their documents produced in Scrivener.
  • Two new compile dialog panes have been added to support MultiMarkdown: a meta data and Latex panel.

Bugs Fixed


  • Hierarchical numbering in compile, whereby the auto-numbering counts by all page (section) breaks, rather than just instances of the counter variable. This is occurring with counters (not just hierarchical) in e-book compile.
  • Formatting for the title, prefix, and suffix.
  • Center Compile Dialog.
  • Compile preview is editable.
  • Problem with the alignment options under compile formatting
  • The text in some message box dialogs was being cut short.
  • The “Cancel” button in Compile currently does not work correctly: rather than canceling all changes and closing the compile window as it should do, it saves the changes. In the interim we have removed the cancel button and replaced it with Save & Close until we can work out a simple way to cancel this complex dialog.
  • Compile presets should save the output type (i.e. the selection in Format For)


  • Import to corkboard from project.


  • When using the Table Properties to add more rows or columns to an existing table, the current rows/columns get erased in most circumstances due to the live updating when numbers are entered into the rows/columns fields.
  • Bullets lost on Convert Formatting.
  • Split and undo looses text.
  • Bulleted list formatting not shown in compiled output to PDF/Print.
  • Line Spacing Dialog fixes.
  • Options disabled when text selected via Select All.
  • Space added to non-breaking space on import - When a file is imported that contains a non-breaking space, Scrivener adds an additional space after the nb-space once the file is edited.


  • Scrivener throws an error when trying to export an imported document to RTF.
  • Using File > Export > Files… on any non-text documents (PDF, video, image, etc.) throws an error.
  • Exporting notes and meta data was functioning incorrectly, selecting notes exported metadata and selecting metadata exported notes.


  • We have added an experimental setting in Options->Editor Settings, for turning on/off font hinting.

Full Screen

  • Editing table properties in full screen crashes Scrivener.
  • Goto Next doc and previous doc in full screen.
  • Color preference fixes.
  • Revised formatting of the full screen tool bar and height


  • Project Statistics visual progress bar glitches.
  • View > Go To > Editor Selection has wrong behavior.
  • version.txt file gets wiped.
  • “Could not parse RTF” error on launch.
  • Backgrounds and invisible default text color.
  • Opening non-scrivx files in Scrivener.
  • Emptying trash removes editor lock.
  • Insert date & time into synopsis.
  • .scrivx becomes 0 KB on opening.
  • Keep Up To Date dialogue issues.
  • AltGr shortcuts don’t work to produce certain characters.
  • Learn Spelling in Scrivenings causes jump.
  • Format bar won’t correctly apply font to mixed selection.
  • Crash on close for some users.
  • Snapshots and synopses incorrectly merged.
  • Hide Footnotes page title.
  • Embed Scrivener version number inside the scrivener executable.
  • Automatically check for updates on program launch.
  • “file already open” warning missing for PDFs.
  • Embedded browser web page import.
  • Page numbering always appears the same regardless of the checkbox being checked or not checked.
  • Convert->Formatting to Default Style
  • Image Drag & Drop Duplication - If the cursor is next to an image in a document, then dragging with the mouse will produce another copy of the image. If the cursor is elsewhere in the document (e.g. on text) then drag acts as normal.
  • Merge two files with snapshots only keeps final file snapshot - When you merge two document with snapshots, the merged document keeps only snapshots of one on the document when it should include both.
  • Delete Collection Icon should be disabled for Search tab.
  • Italicized footnotes RTF and DOC - Two bugs with italics in footnotes/endnotes when compiling to RTF/DOC:1.Spaces are lost on either side of the italicized text span (e.g. “I just love jellyfish” becomes “Ijust lovejellyfish”) 2. When the endnote begins with italicized text, the footnote number is also italicized, both within the main body text and in the footnote (this also exists in DOCX).
  • Project-> Project Statistics > Options tab bug: Select “Count all documents” and click ok Project-> Project Statistics > Options tab Select “Count only documents marked for inclusion” and click okay Project-> Project Statistics > Options tab Notice “Count all documents” is selected when “Count only documents marked for inclusion” should be.
  • ESC cancels synopsis edit in Outliner - If you do not have “Return ends editing” checked in Options, you can use the “Escape” key to submit synopsis edits and end editing on the corkboard, but in the outliner the “Escape” key acts as “Cancel” and loses all edits made. “Escape” should work in the outliner the same as it does in the corkboard and save edits.


  • Space added to non-breaking space on import.


  • Inspector doesn’t properly display container’s info.
  • Mac inspector comments are invisible in Windows.
  • Can’t drag into Link panel.


  • Keywords list should have option to be alphabetized.
  • Dragging text to keywords deletes original text.


  • Options - Spelling shortcut not listed for reassignment.


  • Outliner columns forgotten when switching between modes after setting them.
  • Outliner column headers truncated on ends.


  • Script mode: Enter for auto-suggestion scrolls document.


  • Changing editor zoom in Scrivenings messes up text redraw.
  • Partial ruler appears in Scrivenings containers.
  • Problem with long document high zoom with Scrivenings.


  • Project Search always uses “Excluded” - Without typing in the search bar, set the search options to “Search Draft Only” and “Search Included” Type a word in the search field View the search options: “Included” has been deselected and “Excluded” is now selected While viewing search results, it is also impossible to deselected the “Excluded” option–doing so applies a change to the “Included” option above it but never alters the “Excluded” state. Once back in the standard binder it is possible to de-select “Excluded”, but the option is automatically reset as soon as a word is typed in the search field.


  • Every time Scrivener uses the Back Up function (whether automatic or Back Up To), an entire copy of the project is created in the user’s Temp folder and is not cleaned up from there even when Windows is restarted.


  • Move & Previous/Next don’t work in collections.
  • Move Up/Down in collection causes crash.
  • Drag & drop in collections.
  • Drag and Drop in Collections.
  • Increased number of collection tabs visible before scroll bar is displayed.

Scrivener 1.0.3 26th November 2011

Refinements and Changes

  • Offline activation is now enabled in this release if not internet connection is present.
  • We have added Beta version signature support in Scrivener: 
    VERSION_BETA = 1 - use ‘1...n’ to specify beta or ‘0’ for release.

Bugs Fixed

  • “File Already Open” warning missing for PDFs - When trying to overwrite a PDF file that’s open in Adobe Reader there’s no warning when compiling to PDF for an overwrite operation. So although Scrivener says the compile is successful, the file is not actually overwritten.
  • Learn Spelling in Scrivenings causes Jump 
    When in a Scrivenings session, right-clicking a misspelled word and choosing “Learn Spelling” can cause the editor to jump to another section of the document. User video attached, and I’ve repeated this multiple times on my own set up. This only seems to happen in Scrivenings, not when just working in a single document.
  • Format bar won’t correctly apply font to mixed selection
    If you select text with multiple fonts and then attempt to use the font selector from the format bar to convert all the text to the font of the last part of the selection, the selected font does not get applied. This is only an issue with the format bar; using Format > Font > Show Fonts and applying the font from there works correctly.
  • Dragging text to keywords deletes original text
    If you make a selection in the editor and drag that to the keywords panel to create a new keyword, the keyword is created properly but the text is removed from the editor. This should be a “copy” rather than a “move” action, identical to dragging a selection from the editor to the notes or synopsis.
  • Changing editor zoom in Scrivenings messes up text redraw
    Changing the zoom in the editor while a Scrivenings session is loaded gets some really goofed up text, with different zooms in different paragraphs (which will may switch when scrolling or clicking in a paragraph), lines getting drawn over top of each other, odd spacing between characters, etc. Resizing the window will cause changes as well after you’ve adjusted the zoom.
  • Bulleted list formatting lost on compile to PDF/print - When compiling to PDF or Print, bullets in lists are lost if the “override text and notes formatting” option is ticked; they should still be preserved, as when compiling to RTF. (In the case of RTF, whether this displays correctly depends on the program used to open the file; e.g. compiling a simple bullet list to RTF and opening in Word 2010 the list appears correctly but opening in OpenOffice Writer 3.3 the bullets aren’t preserved.)
    It looks like the list structure is partly recognized in PDF/Print, because the list items don’t pick up the compile formatting indentation like the rest of the document; the list items come out with no indentation whereas the other paragraphs all get a first-line indent.
  • Crash closing Scrivener from of the update dialog if closed via the top right ‘X’.
  • Drag and drop in collections (in the binder) is still using the old style drag and drop with the single-pixel black line rather than the new style used in the standard binder.
  • Goto Next doc and previous doc in fullscreen by pressing Alt+Shift+Left and Alt+Shift+Right.
  • Partial ruler appears in Scrivenings containers - When containers use the Scrivenings view, a partial ruler can appear in the editor when the folder is selected or created, even though the ruler is set to be hidden.
  • Snapshots and synopses incorrectly merged. If doc B has snapshots, and is merged with doc A, only A’s snapshots will be saved. Likewise, only A’s synopsis will be saved. Merge should keep both.
    Notes for each do get saved correctly, but they get merged with no separator—there should be an empty line between them.
  • Script mode: Enter for auto-suggestion scrolls document. When in script mode, if there is enough text in the editor that the top of the document is scrolled out of sight, hitting “Enter” to accept an auto-correction suggestion immediately jumps the editor to display the top of the document, although the insertion point remains where it should be on the new line.
  • Options disabled when text selected via Select All. When text is selected via Ctrl+A (or Edit > Select All), menu options that should be valid are disabled, or appear to be. The options are enabled if all the text is selected manually with the mouse or keyboard.
  • Another example, follow steps 1 and 2 above, then check the options in Format > Convert—these should be available when text is selected via Ctrl-A/Select All but currently only “Multiple Spaces to Space” is a valid option.
  • Line Spacing Dialog - If I change the units to centimeters the ruler adjusts accordingly, but not the indentation units in the Line Spacing dialog. It still says “0.00 inch(es)”.
  • Problem with long document high zoom with Scrivenings. Due to the way zoom is handled, there is an issue with using high zoom (200% + ) with long documents in edit Scrivenings. Longer documents will show issues with smaller zooms.
  • Added question message dialog to Project Replace to ask user if they wish to proceed as the action can not be undone.
  • Attempting to open a project (often Mac-based, but not in all cases) in Windows, the project does not open and the .scrivx is wiped to 0 bytes.
  • The dialogue in Edit > Link says to “Type, paste or drag and drop a link destination”, but only links dragged from a browser’s address bar will drop here; drag and drop should be available for any files.
  • If a column in the outliner is too narrow to display the full title, the text should be truncated from the end of the word only, leaving the initial letter of the title always visible. This is handled correctly with Title, Synopsis, Label, Status, Created Date, and Modified Date; all the others can lose visibility from either side of the title so you’re left viewing letters somewhere in the middle, which is not helpful and also looks messier.
  • If you choose to compile to Preview, the preview that opens allows the user to type into it. It should not.
  • Imported text files will only export (File > Export) as .rtf, no matter what format you choose (e.g. you can’t export as .pdf)—items natively created in Scrivener export fine in the chosen format.
  • Drag and Drop in Collections- It’s necessary to select a file with one full click and then click again to drag and move it, whereas in the binder you can select and drag all in one step. Trying this in Collections just causes the drag to act as an extended selection. Since this is a big behavioral difference between Collections and the standard binder, it’d be good if this could be adjusted so they work the same (i.e. Collections should work as the binder does).
  • Collection titles in the tabs should not all be faded out to grey. Only the titles below the currently selected tab should be greyed out.
  • There should be a rollover effect when you roll the mouse over collections below the selected tab. Seeing as all tabs below the selected tab take on the colour of the selected tab, rolling over them should show what they would look like where they were to be selected - that is, as long as the mouse is over a tab below the selected one, its title should regain full opacity and the background of that tab should regain its normal colour. Moving the mouse out of the tab returns it to being faded out and taking on the colour of the selected tab.

Scrivener 1.0.2 11th November 2011

Bugs Fixed

  • AltGr shortcuts weren’t working to produce certain characters. Certain letters or symbols that require the AltGr key to produce could not be typed into Scrivener.
  • When images are dragged from the binder into a text document, they’re named with the project’s file path rather than using the name of the image in the binder, so all images inserted into the text this way have the same name, and not a descriptive one.
  • Images from different documents with the same name will now result in unique filenames during E-Book generation and name collision should not happen.
  • ‘Name Generator’ dialog was not displaying properly the import formats for first and last name.
  • The ‘Stay Up to Date’ dialog no longer displays HTML syntax on response to subscribe or unsubscribe request but rather the properly response from the web server.
  • Create replacement eWebClient.dll in Scrivener root if Scrivener detects it has been deleted.
  • Web store URL links updated.
  • Updates to the Tutorial.
  • Missing meta-data fields message box is now more helpful in expanding the compile dialog if necessary, and navigating to the missing field. Updates to the E-Book compile format have set default field values so as to prevent the user having to enter anything if they don’t wish to.
  • Addition: Added ability to add undo and redo to the formatting toolbar.

Scrivener 1.0.1 7th November 2011

Bugs Fixed

  • Multiple activation prompts—this fix ensures activation is only prompted for on Scrivener start-up.
  • Error message boxes were not being displayed for failed activations with or without an internet connection.

Scrivener 1.0.0 7th November 2011

Initial public release.