Affiliates Program

Spreading the Word

We're always incredibly grateful to users who are enthusiastic enough about our products to want to spread the word. In fact, we've had so many requests from users wanting to add a banner or graphic to their site telling the world about Scrivener, that we try to make it easy by providing a selection of badges you can use:

Spread the Word

Become an Affiliate 

If you want to go a step further, you can even earn a little money by becoming a sales affiliate. To do so, you need to sign up to FirstPromoter's affiliate program here:

FirstPromoter is a dedicated sales affiliate provider. All of our sales go through an e-commerce company called Paddle, who provide the serial number and activation system for our software. FirstPromoter hooks into Paddle's systems in order to facilitate the whole sales affiliate process and forward any due commission to the affiliate. When you become a sales affiliate, you earn a 20% commission on any licences that are sold as a result of the user coming to our store through your website.

Note that you will require a Wise account in order to get paid. You can either sign-up here or via Wise’s main webpage. The former is an invitation from our L&L business account which we'll get a small kickback on if you start transferring funds over a certain limit. We’ve used Wise and other money transfer accounts like PayPal for years, and the costs associated with using Wise are much more favourable. We hope you’ll find the account really useful moving forward.

Becoming an affiliate with FirstPromoter is a straightforward process, but if you do experience any issues when trying to become a sales affiliate for Scrivener, please contact David at David will liaise with FirstPromoter to try to find a solution.

Common Problems

Very occasionally, a customer might come to our store through your site and then use a discount coupon that they have. If you ever see a 0% commission for a sale, please check the discount that was applied to the sale. If a user has a 100% coupon (perhaps given out as a competition prize), then the discount will be equal to the price and so obviously there will be no commission. This has only ever happened a handful of times, but it is worth looking out for. If you have any questions, though, please email David.