Literature & Latte respect your privacy. The only data we collect is necessary for the features of our software or website to run properly. Wherever we can, we provide the ability to opt-out of features that ask for personal information. The information below provides an overview of the sorts of data our software and website uses.

Billing Information

When you purchase software directly from us, your order information is processed by our third-party vendor, eSellerate (which is in turn owned by DigitalRiver - We do not store any of your purchasing information on our web server, and eSellerate does not store your payment details once the transaction has completed. They are in full compliance with privacy laws in the U.S. in that regard. What will be stored is your billing address, e-mail and the user name that you selected when filling out the purchase form. This is used for verification purposes, and so that we can retrieve your serial number should you ever lose it, using the eSellerate systems.

Internet Access

Scrivener and Scapple for macOS and Windows will occasionally use your internet connection to check our site for updates. (On macOS, this only applies if purchased from our store—on the Mac App Store, updates are handled by Apple.) It does so by contacting on a secure connection to check for new versions of the software. This is what allows Scrivener and Scapple to notify you that an update is available. This option can be turned off in the app's Preferences or settings. No information is sent to or stored on our web server during this process.

To activate versions of our software purchased from our store, it is necessary to activate the product over the internet. During this process, our software contacts the eSellerate servers ( to validate the licence against the information stored there. Additional validation checks are performed periodically, which also contact the eSellerate servers. These operations use your serial number and user name. No other personal data is sent.


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your computer to improve the browsing experience by remembering your preferences. Our website uses cookies in several ways.

  • Our website uses cookies to remember preferences such as which platform you were last viewing.
  • If you use our forums, you will receive session cookies, or a permanent cookie if you choose to have the site remember your login information.
  • Our blog will use a cookie to remember your login information (if you create an account so that you can post comments).
  • Google Analytics is used to track usage of our site.
  • AdRoll helps us figure out which promotions work best.
  • Our web store may use cookies to remember which items are in your basket.

Your browser will have an option to clear all cookies from your machine, and also to block all cookies should you so wish.

Contacts Information on macOS

Scrivener for macOS asks for access to your Contacts, which you are free to deny. If granted access, it only uses your personal Contact information to fill in your name and address on title pages. You can alternatively set this information in the Preferences or type it out yourself without needing to grant Scrivener access to your Contacts.