Literature & Latte respect your privacy. The only data we collect is necessary for the features of our software or website to run properly. Wherever we can, we provide the ability to opt-out of features that ask for personal information. The information below provides an overview of the sorts of data our software and website uses.

Who We Are

We are Literature & Latte Ltd, and our address is Lowin House, Tregolls Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2NA, United Kingdom.

Billing Information

When you purchase software directly from us, your order information is processed by our third-party vendor, Paddle. We do not store any of your purchasing information on our web server or within our software, and Paddle does not store your payment details once the transaction has completed. What will be stored is your general location and email, provided when filling out the purchase form. Your email address will be used for verification purposes, so that we can retrieve your serial number should you ever lose it, using the Paddle systems. (View Paddle’s privacy policy.)

If you purchased our software from the one of Apple’s App Stores, we have no access to data about your purchase: Apple manages your data and does not share any of it with us. (View Apple’s privacy policy.)

Internet Access

Scrivener and Scapple for macOS and Windows will occasionally use your internet connection to check our site for updates. (On macOS, this only applies if purchased from our store—on the Mac App Store, updates are handled by Apple.) It does so by contacting on a secure connection to check for new versions of the software. This is what allows Scrivener and Scapple to notify you that an update is available. This option can be turned off in the app’s Preferences or settings. No information is sent to or stored on our web server during this process. To download the update itself, you will be connected to Amazon servers, via

Should you choose to purchase Scrivener or Scapple through the built-in store, our software will need to connect to the Paddle servers in order to provide product, pricing and localisation information. Upon checkout, your email address and billing information will be sent to the server. These connections will be made through the servers. Additional material may be downloaded from and

To activate versions of our software purchased from our store, it is necessary to activate the product over the internet. During this process, our software contacts the Paddle servers ( to validate the licence against the information stored there. Additional validation checks are performed periodically, which also contact the same Paddle server. These operations use your serial number and email. No other personal data is sent.

Paddle’s activation and built-in store component will gather statistics about the usage of their product. These connections will be made to,,, and Any information sent during this process will be anonymised and cannot be used to identify you.

If you make use of Scrivener’s Web research features, Scrivener may need to contact the web sites you use in order to load the information you request into the software’s web page viewers. You are responsible for maintaining your privacy and security when using these facilities.


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your computer to improve the browsing experience by remembering your preferences. Our website uses cookies in several ways.

  • Our website uses cookies to remember preferences such as which platform you were last viewing.
  • If you use our forums, you will receive session cookies, or a permanent cookie if you choose to have the site remember your login information.
  • Our blog will use a cookie to remember your login information (if you create an account so that you can post comments).
  • Google Analytics is used to track usage of our site.
  • Google ReCAPTCHA is used in an attempt to block spam. This collects information about your activity and sends it to Google, along with any information that might tie back to your identity, such as any Google cookies you have set. If you do not consent to Google’s use of your browser in this fashion, use the email links provided below the contact form itself, and set your browser filters to block Refer to Google’s EU User Consent Policy, and their Terms of Use, for further information.
  • Facebook will set a cookie when viewing our site.
  • Our web store will use cookies to track your session as you proceed through the checkout process.

Your browser will have an option to clear all cookies from your machine, and also to block all cookies should you so wish.

Contacts Information and Automation on macOS

Scrivener for macOS asks for access to your Contacts, which you are free to deny. If granted access, it only uses your personal Contact information to fill in your name and address on title pages. You can alternatively set this information in the Preferences or type it out yourself without needing to grant Scrivener access to your Contacts.

Depending on your usage of the software, you may be asked to allow Scrivener to control other software on your Mac. This will be of particular interest when integrating third-party citation managers, the MathType equation editor or to control Finder so that compiled documents can be opened automatically for you.

Support and Contacting Us

We use the Tenderapp system to manage email and support requests. When you email us, your email and email address will stay in our support system, along with anything else you send, which enables us to keep track of the problem and refer to it should you need related help in the future. You can email us at any time to ask us to delete your information from our support system.


If you receive our occasional newsletter, it’s either because you signed up for it in the Help menu in our software or on our site, or because you ticked the box saying that you were happy to hear from us when you made a purchase from our store. If so, we have the email address and name you provided stored so that we can email you updates. (We use Campaign Monitor for our newsletters.) You can unsubscribe at any time by following the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Data Protection

We hate spam as much as anyone else, and we don’t share any data we hold on our users with anyone else.

You have a right to access any data we hold about you, and we will deal with any subject access request within 30 days. Please contact or write to the Data Protection Officer, Literature & Latte Ltd, Lowin House, Tregolls Road, Truro, TR1 2NA, marking your request “subject access request” and giving us your name, address and the email address you registered your software under.

If you have any complaints about your data and how this is held, you can contact us and we’ll do our utmost to get to the bottom of things. If, after contacting our Data Protection Officer you feel your complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, the supervisory authority for data protection in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which you can contact on 0303 123 1113 or via their website at