End User Licence Agreement

Scrivener and Scapple come with a generous "household" licence. This allows you to install Scrivener or Scapple on multiple computers of the same platform provided that you are the primary user or owner, and on any machines owned by members of your immediate family residing in your household. Different licences are required for different platforms (so the Mac licence cannot be used with Windows computers.) Businesses require separate licences for each user (site licences can be arranged).

The End User Licence Agreement is included with the software, but if you would like to print off a copy for your records or review the terms prior to purchasing, you can download a copy in PDF form using one of the links below.

Notice: these licences are only applicable to copies of Scrivener or Scapple that have been purchased directly from our web store, or from resellers such as Amazon. If you purchased from Apple via the App Store, then your licence will be provided by Apple. None of the rights or limitations described within these documents will apply.

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