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We are Literature & Latte, a software company founded by writers for writers. Everything we do is born of a passion for bringing together processes familiar to writers in new and exciting ways. What if moving index cards on a corkboard changed the structure of your manuscript? What if you could move notes around on an infinite sheet of paper?

Literature & Latte was founded in 2006 to answer such questions, and our award-winning software is now used by thousands of writers the world over. It's helped turn napkins into novels, thoughts into theses and scribbles into screenplays.

While our headquarters are in Cornwall, UK, our small team spans the globe. We're united by a love of writing and literature, our pride in our products, and the respect we have for our customers and the community that has grown up around our software.

And why “Literature & Latte”? Because our apps are designed to make writers feel right at home—like your favourite bookstore or coffee shop. So grab a latté. Put your fingers on the keyboard. And get writing.

Meet the team



Software Developer

Ian began writing about himself in the third person several years ago on the back of his first novel, the technothriller Deja Vu. Since then, he’s published three more novels—two follow-ups to Deja Vu, as well as a coming-of-age comedy called Proper Job, set in Cornwall and about the surprisingly dangerous job of ice-cream van driver. He’s also had short fiction published in an anthology alongside Christopher Priest (who, in his defence, wasn’t aware of it at the time). Deja Vu has been optioned for movies several times but never made—why not make a ‘deja vu’ joke about it when you see Ian next? He loves that!

Having completed rather more than forty successful orbits of the sun, Ian decided that the challenges of his day job as an academic researcher and department head in a small, south eastern UK university were likely to be roughly similar for the next twenty years at least, so he packed it all in for his first love: bothering computers. Because his MSc in Computer Science required an internship, he made a short list of the companies whose products he admired. To his surprise, Keith, from company number one, got back to him, and the rest is employment history. Ian’s now working on macOS/iOS products, notably Scapple.

He writes every day; first drafts always on pen and paper. Sometimes crayon. For spare time reading, Hemingway is towards the top of the list. Dan Brown—sorry, everyone—towards the bottom. A new Stephen King is an automatic buy. Likewise Rose Tremaine. William Gibson is a constant delight, and Tolstoy a constant headache (how do people remember all the characters? Scapple?). 

Most interesting novels he's read, in no particular order: The Darkness of Wallace Simpson; The Hollow Man; To Kill A Mockingbird; Dr Zhivago; Slaughterhouse-Five; True Grit; The Salmon of Doubt. Ian has read the Aubrey-Maturin sequence of novels by Patrick O’Brian twice, and is halfway through them again, but still gets seasick. He once almost vomited rotten shark over the Icelandic Prime Minister. He plays piano and guitar with two friends in a band called Serendipity, and fosters cats for Cats Protection because if there’s one thing he learned during that MSc, it’s that all programmers should have a cat. And know what recursion is. And have a cat. And know what recursion is.

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