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By writers, for writers

We are Literature & Latte, a software company founded by writers for writers. Everything we do is born of a passion for bringing together processes familiar to writers in new and exciting ways. What if moving index cards on a corkboard changed the structure of your manuscript? What if you could move notes around on an infinite sheet of paper?

Literature & Latte was founded in 2006 to answer such questions, and our award-winning software is now used by thousands of writers the world over. It's helped turn napkins into novels, thoughts into theses and scribbles into screenplays.

While our headquarters are in Cornwall, UK, our small team spans the globe. We're united by a love of writing and literature, our pride in our products, and the respect we have for our customers and the community that has grown up around our software.

And why “Literature & Latte”? Because our apps are designed to make writers feel right at home—like your favourite bookstore or coffee shop. So grab a latté. Put your fingers on the keyboard. And get writing.

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