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Bookmarking Folders in Scrivener 3

KB / 29 AUG 2017

Note: This blog post pertains to upcoming features in Scrivener 3, which will be released on macOS later this year and will follow on Windows during 2020.

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3 - That's the Magic Number

KB / 26 JUL 2017

It’s time to open Scrivener’s next chapter.

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Scrivener in App Store Best of 2016

KB / 8 DEC 2016

Many thanks to the lovely Apple folk at all the stores that have included Scrivener for iPad in their "Best of 2016" app picks. It's been a great year (for Scrivener, I mean - clearly it's not been a great year for celebrities), and being picked as one of the Best of 2016 is a spiffing way to end it.

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Iconography in iOS (Or: Yes We Haz Custom Icons)

KB / 2 AUG 2016

Scrivener can contain all sorts of different documents: whether you need to gather together notes, research, character sheets, to-do lists or, you know, some actual writing, Scrivener is a big bucket of everything for your writing project. With all those documents ready to hand, you might want to make some of them stand out a little, so that you can see them at a glance as you browse.


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Scrivener for iOS: Exporting Single Files

KB / 29 JUL 2016

A writing app wouldn't be much use if you couldn't get your work out of it. In an earlier blog post, we talked about Compile, which allows you to export or print your entire Draft folder (or a subfolder of it) as a single document, piecing together the fragments of your text into a complete manuscript.


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Scrivener for iOS: Making Writing Easier on (Sm)All Devices

KB / 22 JUL 2016

One of the challenges in bringing a complex, rich text app to iOS is how to provide quick access to a tonne of features on a small screen. Things aren’t so difficult on an iPad Pro, where there is lots of screen real estate, but on an iPhone, space is at a premium.



Thank You

KB / 21 JUL 2016

Today has been amazing. Seriously. And the reason it has been amazing has been because of *you*, Scrivener users.

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It's Here! Scrivener for iOS is Now Available!

KB / 20 JUL 2016

Scrivener for iOS is now available for sale on the App Store. At the time of writing, it is not yet showing up in searches on the App Store, as it can take several hours for Apple's records to update. However, you can find it by following this link:



Important Note on the Scrivener for iOS Release

KB / 19 JUL 2016

Many thanks to everyone for all the enthusiasm about our Scrivener for iOS release tomorrow! As we've been receiving a lot of questions, I just wanted to clear up a few things:

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Scrivener for iOS: for Scriptwriters, Too

KB / 15 JUL 2016

Scrivener on the Mac and PC have a fully-featured scriptwriting mode, and there are a lot of scriptwriters using it. Episodes of Luther and Doctor Who, award-winning documentaries and feature films have all been written in Scrivener. And we love our scriptwriter users—so we couldn’t very well leave them in the cold with our iOS version.


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