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Thank You

Today has been amazing. Seriously. And the reason it has been amazing has been because of *you*, Scrivener users.

Sure, there have been teething problems, mainly concerning sync, and we are working to improve the documentation and our Knowledge Base, and will continue to look at how we can improve things.

We know there are a few features users want, and I'm looking into them - this is only 1.0 of the iOS version, after all. This is just the beginning.

But above all, we've been blown away by our fantastic users. We have had numerous users on our forums helping other users out, helping them get set up. We have had countless users on Twitter, Facebook and our forums telling us how much they love Scrivener for iOS, and telling writers who have never heard of Scrivener all about it. We have had over 150 very kind users already give us great reviews on the App Store in different territories. Just: thank you!

I've been working on Scrivener for 12 years now. One day I may even finish The Novel. In the meantime, it's been brilliant to see so many Scrivener users who have - using Scrivener. I hope to see many more novels and books written using the iOS version - who knows? Either way, one of the best things about the past 12 years has been interacting with our users, and today has been a reconfirmation of what a great user-base we have. So: thank you again. For your enthusiasm. For your support even when it seemed like the iOS version was in limbo. Great users really help us focus on keeping driving Scrivener forward.

And we will continue to drive Scrivener forward. But today is about iOS, so I'll leave news about big updates to other versions of Scrivener for another day...

In the meantime, get in touch. Talk about what you're writing on our forums. We love hearing from you.

Thanks again!



Daverius  /  21 JULY 2016

...and the #1 Productivity app in the iOS App Store is...Scrivener!


Lars Isgard  /  21 JULY 2016

The best things in life are worth waiting for ... as the owner of a software development business, who sidelines as an amateur author, I been fascinated observing the gestation and birth of Scrivener for iDevice. Chapeau to all at L&L for your tenacity and vision, and to the community that has supported it so passionately.


Jason Michael Hall  /  24 JULY 2016

Congrats on all your hard work and the release! Just in time for my upcoming 13 hour flight too! Gonna get alot of writing done. Super excited!

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