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Scrivener 3: Metadata Plus


Scrivener 3: Metadata Plus

JH / 9 NOV 2017

Scrivener 3 introduces three new types of metadata—checkboxes, lists, and dates—and offers more ways to use it.

Traditional corkboard view and new Label View


Structuring with Label View

JH / 23 AUG 2017

For our second post on the upcoming Scrivener 3, I'm excited this week to show off a new corkboard layout that takes advantage of one of my favourite features in Scrivener: coloured labels. Labels have always been helpful for organizing your project—you might use them to mark a scene's viewpoint character, to indicate a document's main topic, or to track locations for a script. In Scrivener 3, you can further use labels to visually chart your project's structure by the points important to you.

Screenshot of bookmark icon states

Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Bookmark Your Favourites in Scrivener for iOS

JH / 3 AUG 2016

Drilling through a hefty binder of hierarchical files on an iPhone can be a chore, so Scrivener on iOS lets you bookmark documents to make them easily accessible. Just tap the ribbon icon in the editor footer to add the file to a special “Bookmarks” group at the top of the binder. You can also swipe left on a row in the binder and bookmark the item from the “More” menu.

Screenshot of the binder path menu

Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Finding Your Place in Scrivener for iOS

JH / 1 AUG 2016

In Scrivener for iOS, the sidebar usually shows the binder (the list of files in the project). However, the sidebar can also be used to show the inspector and, on iPads, a Quick Reference editor for referring to research.

Screenshot of editor displaying an photo

Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Working with Research in Scrivener for iOS

JH / 25 JUL 2016

One of Scrivener’s key features has always been its ability to keep all the pieces of your project together, allowing you to refer to research alongside your writing. The iOS version is no exception. Besides supporting iOS’s multitasking feature, so you can share the screen with other apps, Scrivener lets you load PDFs, movies, sound files, images, and webarchives right in the editor. The Recents button lets you easily flip between research and writing, and on the iPad you can view your research and text side by side.

Screenshot of Scrivener's corkboard

Scrivener for iPad and iPhone

Scrivener for iPad: Travel with Your Corkboard

JH / 7 JUL 2016

Scrivener’s binder offers a great structural view of your project, but sometimes you may want to spread out a little more. Scrivener lets you take advantage of the extra space on an iPad to view your documents on a virtual corkboard.

Corkboard with image synopses


Keeping a Book List

JH / 24 APR 2015

Toward the end of last year, fed up with my failed attempts to keep track of books I'd read and books I wanted to read, I created a Scrivener project to manage my reading lists. It's proven so successful, I thought I'd show it off.

External Folder Sync settings


Collaborative Novel Prep for the NaNoWriMo Rebel

JH / 29 SEP 2014

We've just entered autumn here in the northern hemisphere. To celebrate the changing seasons, the fiery landscape, the woodsmoke scenting the crisp air, I thought I would make this month's post a simple (yet subtly complex and insightful) haiku.


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