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Beta Testing is Go




theoriginalbudman  /  07 APRIL 2016


Just in tme for my 67th birthday.

I thank you. My wife thanks you. My children thank you. And the people who absolutely LOVE my writing (both of them) thank you.

No, seriously - this is god news.


Bridge  /  07 APRIL 2016

Thank you so much! It's great to hear that Beta 1 is now live. I'm so looking forward to Beta 2. I'm looking forward to the virtual hat so I could possibly be one of the Beta 2 testers.

I'm so excited that Scrivener for iPad's arrival is now imminent.

Thank you again!


dolphindragon888  /  08 APRIL 2016

May I participate in the live Beta, please? I have Scrivener on my macbook and I'm looking forward to the release of this wonderful app for iOS. :D

Kat Skinner

Kat Skinner  /  08 APRIL 2016

I can't wait to try it out! My fingers are crossed that I get into one of the beta programs!


theoriginalbudman  /  08 APRIL 2016

dolphindragon88 - beta testing is an odd experience, somewhat like a roller coaster! There's the initial thrill of a new adventure, the delight a well executed program conveys, and the inevitable plunge into frustration when you find something broken.

I beta tested several iOS apps and found it thoroughly enjoyable. I'm sure you will also!


ngakalden  /  08 APRIL 2016

I just got an iPad Pro 9.7 inch and would love to test Scrivener on it. Let me know how to sign up.



gsades  /  08 APRIL 2016

Hey, I'd like to be part of the beta testers group! I've been waiting this app for years. It's great to know that we will be able to get the real thing soon!


Mugen  /  09 APRIL 2016

Awesome. I hope to see coming to open beta soon!


digirati99  /  09 APRIL 2016

This is great news and just in time for my dissertation. I would love to be a tester. How does one go about being selected? I've been using scrivener for several years now. Couldn't write without it!


wjedi661  /  09 APRIL 2016

I found this app (Scrivo Pro) in the ios store. Is this good to use for syncing with Scrivener?


wjedi661  /  09 APRIL 2016

Sorry, for some reason I thought that was the Beta.


Mugen  /  09 APRIL 2016

I use Scrivo Pro. It does sync and open Scrivener file on iOS devices. It is usable with basic functionalities. However, it is not a complete Scrivener package without desktop Scrivener. For example,

1) No compile option.
2) Table won't show up/editable.

Upside is the app is almost having weekely update since its introduction in January, so who knows when those features will be added perhaps very soon. So for those of you (like myself) who cannot get into closed beta of Scrivener, Scrivo is worth a try.

*Note Scrivo Pro creates/saves files fine, but current free version Scrivo will crush when you save files.


couvreur2  /  10 APRIL 2016

How could we be in the beta test happy few ?


jsmolenski  /  15 APRIL 2016

I would be very willing to be part of the beta test!


highjump  /  17 APRIL 2016

Great news! I'd love to be a beta tester.


Fleer  /  17 APRIL 2016

Same here Put my name in the hat :)


jp  /  17 APRIL 2016

Splendid! I can't wait. Really! I use Scrivener for two years and I just love it.
Thank you Keith.


carynatate  /  19 APRIL 2016

I'd like to be a tester.


bandana_bill  /  21 APRIL 2016

This is the news I've been waiting for.

I moved over to Ulysses while I was waiting. Not entirely happy. Tried Editorial. Both fine things but not Scrivener.

Of course I wait with trepidation to see how the formatting transfers as I use Scrivener for writing plays and screenplays in both UK (BBC) and US formats. Nothing lets me seamlessly work with all these like Scrivener... at least on a Mac.

I miss it. I am eager to return to the fold.


Fred  /  21 APRIL 2016

I tried Ulysses as well, but it's not even close to Scrivener. It's stable and all, but Im not sure why so many are amazed by it - Scrivener just is complete and so well thought out.


Repelstale  /  22 APRIL 2016

Hi there,

As I'm about to embark on the wonderful journey of writing my very first children's novel, I want to be well prepared. That means the best software on my favourite hardware. Since I have a busy day job and a busy family life as well, I will be writing mostly in short bursts. I'm not one to spend my evenings huddled behind my PC screen in my work room, rather than spending it outside in the lovely spring weather, at my comfortable living room table, or on the couch with my wife, quickly registering my thoughts when inspiration strikes. So, I'll be using my iPad.

Scrivener and Ulysses seem to be the best of the best in this category, and I must say I've been mightely tempted to start out with Ulysses. It's actually the lack of a Windows version that's held me back. I don't know, but I'd feel kind of vulnerable having "just" the iPad version (since I don't own a Mac, and I'm not going to get a Mac just for this). On the other hand, maybe it's sufficient to have just an iPad version, and I should just start out with Ulysses. But once you choose either Ulysses or Scrivener, you're going to be stuck with it for the rest of the project, right?

Any thoughts on my contemplations? I just hope I can get into beta testing Scrivener as soon as possible.


caitlyna  /  22 APRIL 2016

I have tried to use the "Start Testing" link in this post, but the link is only to the .png image file.

Was this post simply intended to let people know that beta testing was underway without intending the "start testing" button to be an invitation for people to start testing?



Repelstale  /  22 APRIL 2016

@caitlyna Hahaha, it's nice to read that I wasn't the only one who thought himself extremely lucky!


tv21  /  22 APRIL 2016

Please add me to your list of eager potential iOS beta testers.

Been using Scrivener for years and I just know the iPad version will be amazing. Happy to help in any way I can.


martin  /  23 APRIL 2016

Hi KB!

I would love to help beta testing! Currently writing from my iPad mini4 (iOS latest). I have been using Scrivener for years and wrote my dissertation with it (summa cum laude :) ). Science is going on and I constantly have to write research papers.

Hope to be invited by you ;)

All the best,


Repelstale  /  28 APRIL 2016

Any news about participating in the upcoming bigger beta-testing?

I know, it impatience was a virtue, I'd be a saint...


PGEddington  /  28 APRIL 2016

I was a beta tester for the Recent News app ( and would be delighted to be a beta tester for Scrivener for iPad. Conducting research for my third book so the timing couldn't be better. :)


chrismag  /  29 APRIL 2016

Yes, i'd like to be a beta tester for the iOS version of Scrivener, my favourite writing sw for Mac and Windows, i use them both


Rick  /  29 APRIL 2016

I'm sort of new to Scrivener, but I've got both Mac and Win versions and I have a 9.7" iPad Pro as well as an older iPad as well as two iPad minis.

I'm an IT Manager, so I have <em>plenty</em> of stress in my life, but still, I have several uses for a portable Scrivener, so I'll sign up for beta testing.


j-dawg  /  30 APRIL 2016

I would Love to be a beta tester. Im a long time user of the Mac version. I have an iPad Pro 9'7 and iPhone 5s. Professionally Im working as a frontend developer and UX designer.


bargainchaser  /  30 APRIL 2016

I would love to participate in beta testing the Scrivener iOS app. I've used both the windows and the Mac version over the years--but not as much as I would like because of the lack of a convenient way to integrate output from writing sessions I conduct on mobile devices into Scrivener. I'm very excited by the news you've opened up beta testing. I've beta tested two APIs through flight path and know how it works. Thanks again!


JMarkyBB  /  01 MAY 2016

Hiya, Can I get in on the Beta please.

Loving Scrivener on Mac because it helps running two Jewellery Classes, each with 10 students in, its a breeze.

I Have Test Flight, using it to give feedback on an app called First Draft, which is an awesome app on the Mac

Obviously will give feedback to its crashes etc.


chemabazan  /  01 MAY 2016

I would also love to be in the beta testers group. I can also test the Spanish translation of the app, and try it on my iPad Air and iPad Pro. Let's make it perfect!


Repelstale  /  01 MAY 2016

Seems like there's no shortage of "volunteers" for beta testing.

I would love to be a part of that group as well. I've been an active and critical member of the user community of Synology and Popcorn Hour, providing feedback on their apps and functionalities.

I'm an aspiring writer who has no history with Scrivener whatsoever. This might seem like a disadvantage, but try to look at it from a different angle.

Most of the volunteers apparently belong to the group that already knows what Scrivener is capable of. They own the software on Windows and/or Mac, and they love it. Their feedback will be essential, and of course most of the betatesters should belong to this category. However, their feedback will also be very predictable: "Just make it look and work as much as the Windows/Mac version as possible", or variations on that.

Since I have no frame of reference like that, I would be judging the iOS version on its own merits, a fresh perspective, a clean slate. And since I'm a dedicated iOS user, who wants to stick to the mobile version of Scrivener, I would be representing a potential new market for your software as well. Sometimes it's better not to have just fanboys on your team ; ).

Anyway, just my two cents. Good luck with the application!


medaa01  /  02 MAY 2016

I would love to be a beta tester. I use Scrivener for classes and writing and since I travel quite a bit it would be really helpful to be able to use my ipad. Thanks for considering. I love Scrivener!


mtemmink  /  02 MAY 2016

Hi L&amp;L,

I would really like to participate in the Beta program for Scrivener for iPad. I'm using Scrivener for Mac almost now 4 years and really loving it. And have been waiting for that it will be available for the iPad. I would like to test the application on my iPad Pro 12", and start using it, because i'm currently traveling a lot. And this is the missing link for me.

I'm Cocoa too!


Ben MacKay  /  05 MAY 2016

How do I sign up?? LONG time user of Scrivener (since the beginning) and I've tried multiple sync methods with iPads over the years. I've been anxiously awaiting an iOS app as companion to my Mac. Recently acquired a 9.7" iPad Pro and would love to beta test.

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