We Found That New iOS Developer, By The Way… (Me)

I know we’ve been quiet about the iOS version recently, and some users have been wondering if it’s still in development. After all the problems we’ve had with it, I took over development myself last year and rewrote it from the ground up. I had originally planned not to develop it myself so that I didn’t have to divide my time between the Mac and iOS versions, but in the event, coding our iOS version turned out to be a lot of fun, especially with the introduction of the iPad Pro. Adapting Scrivener for iOS felt like going back to the beginning and remembering why I built Scrivener in the first place.

I’ve now finished the rewrite and it’s in internal alpha-testing, which is going well – in fact, I was on holiday last week, and wrote exclusively using Scrivener on my iPad Pro. As soon as it’s in beta – which shouldn’t be too far away now (really, this time) – we’ll start bringing you more news. We’re incredibly proud of how it’s turned out, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it, and to get it into the hands of our users at last.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and your enthusiasm while Scrivener for iOS has been undergoing its long gestation.

— Keith (Scrivener designer, Mac and now iOS developer)

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  1. Glad to hear that the iOS version has made some serious progress. I have Scrivener on my Windows PC, but don’t have a Mac. I’d love to have the ease of finishing my projects on either my PC or my iPad.

    If you need a beta tester, I’d love to volunteer! (Hint hint nudge nudge)

  2. This is thrilling news. Like so many others, I’ve been waiting all these long years to take my Scrivener w/me on the go. I just hope it will work on an older iPad2. Fingers crossed.


    Hugs, kisses, flowers, pints of beer, another mug of coffee? I LOOOOOOVE Scrivener! More or less finished my first novel. Working on the sequel Need iOS version for when I am travelling or visiting grandchildren

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    THANK YOU! :o)

  4. That is awesome news. I’ve had a strong suspicion that is where you’d end up. But you had to come to that decision on your own. I only hope that Scrivener IOS integrates Evernote and Dropbox smoothly into its workflow. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been using Evernote for scraps and notes for years. And I use Dropbox for files that I want to be able to easily get hold of or share. Particularly Mindmanager maps. But frequently presentations as well.

  5. That’s great news — I am looking forward to putting it to use on my IPad Pro!

  6. Great news. I finally want to write a novel for my kids and I don’t want to use Word again for another book. Please let us know if we can beta

  7. That’s great news. I’m really hoping it’ll work on my iPhone and won’t just be for iPads.

  8. Hey Keith

    That is great! The feeling of suddenly just taking the time to do a project and it turns out a lot more fun and rewarding then initially thought is just awesome…:) Congratulations!

    I know my girlfriend will very very much appreciate having Scrivener on her Ipad 2. If possible…..It would be great to get a beta version just before the 29th of March (her birthday), and we can test it out and give feedback. Giving feedback on products is something I do for a lot of graphic design/web design/etc products. It would be the best birthday gift she has received for a while…..

    Have a great day! Have an awesome day!..:)

  9. I too would love to be a beta tester. I have been using Scrivener for the PC, spending most of my time writing on the train and odd places. Having a more portable option would make a huge difference!

  10. Thank heaven! I’m a new Scrivener user and discovered right away that I need Scrivener not only on the Big Mac at home but also on my iPad for portability. I was so concerned to learn you’d run into development difficulties. Really don’t want to buy a laptop! Would also love to beta-test. Love Scrivener!

  11. This is awesome! I’ve been a Scrivener Mac user for a very long time and it would an honor to be able to be a beta tester as well. I use Scrivener for a variety of works, including research, pamphlets for my clients and nursing/medicine.

  12. I’ve just bought a keyboard for my iPad mini and it would be great to use Scrivener instead of using Word!

  13. I am so excited that I might actually cry. Literal tears. I use scrivener in my job as a freelance writer, for my blog, and for my own personal writing. To be able to use it on my iPad would be a dream come true!!!

  14. I’ve been using Scrivener for pic since November 2015. I love it. I just wish I could sync it perfectly with my iPad and android phone. I eagerly await the iPad and android versions. I would also love to help with beta testing if you need more testers.

  15. So what’s the projected timeline? There are tons of articles that criticize L & L of making similar “iPad version coming soon” claims.

  16. Thanks for the update. I am really glad this project is continuing as I have been looking for an app to work with scrivener seamlessly.

    I’ve looked at Textilus pro and another app called Scrivo pro(this app appears to do the same thing as Textilus) and syncing my changes via dropbox.

    However, once scrivener is available on the ipad I will switch to that (so long as it works with the windows version of scrivener).

    I am very interested in becoming a beta tester if you are looking for to test from ipad to the windows version of scrivener.

  17. Thanks again, all, for the support and enthusiastic comments.

    Toni – no iCloud support, I’m afraid, as iCloud just doesn’t work well with Scrivener’s file format (and we’d have to remove all the research features to change the file format). It uses Dropbox syncing instead (which also has the advantage of working for our Windows users). I’ll be keeping an eye on Apple’s updates to iCloud, though, as I would like to provide iCloud sync. If they make it possible, I’ll certainly add it.

    Fred – no projected timeline, because people get upset when we’re wrong. :) It will be done when it’s done. I had hoped to go into a closed beta this week, but I’ve taken some extra time to add and refine some features I thought were really needed after spending time using it properly during this alpha period.

    We’ll let everyone know about an open beta when the time comes.

  18. Fantastic news! I had thought that plans for an iOS version had been quietly shelved, so this is great news. I’ve used Scrivener for a few years now and am a huge fan and advocate of it. While the Scrivener/Simplenote sync-up has been workable, but it’s no substitute for having Scrivener across all devices, home and mobile. As others have said, if you’d like a beta tester, you have another volunteer here! ;) Looking forward to Scrivening on the move very soon!

  19. I’m glad to read this. But, what would make the waiting a little easier would be if you would not forget that we ARE waiting and would really like updates. A little blurb once a month would go a very long way to restoring some good will to those of us who are less than thrilled by how much time this is taking.



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  24. I recently became the happy owner of an iPad mini and would love to be a beta tester.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

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  26. That’s incredible news! I’m so excited for an iOS version to be released soon. Thanks for continuing with the project, even amidst people getting fairly grumpy at the delays involved. I’m sure you wanted to be delayed just as little as we did. I’m a law student and Scrivener is by far the best program for writing up my essays available. Keep going!

    I’m also happy to beta test for you if you’d like. I have an iPad Pro (12.9″) with an Apple Pencil if you would like for me to test with that as well.

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