Bestselling author of Girl with a One Track Mind.

Scrivener has revolutionised the way I approach writing. I think in visuals — I use mind maps and diagrams to jot down ideas — and Scrivener allows me to utilise the fluidity of this, but in an organised digital environment. There’s an on-screen cork board to see all the index cards created, so I can check my chapter/page headings — and synopsis of each — at a glance; in seconds, I can easily navigate through thousands of words, and to any position in the text, by simply scrolling through the menu bar; I can drag any chapter/page and place it elsewhere in the draft; and I can insert quick thoughts and concepts into my drafts with just one click. By offering a non-linear writing platform, Scrivener gives writers the ability to approach their work in a spontaneous, flexible, innovative way — which enables a more creative result. Of the five authors I’ve recommended Scrivener to, all are now converts to it, and, like me, will never go back to using Word to write with. Scrivener is worth every penny: quite simply, it’s the best writers tool there is.