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Sticky notes, manila folders, and 3X5 cards — Rest in Peace. The geniuses at Literature & Latte have created a writing software package that is immensely powerful and extremely affordable. As soon as I downloaded Scrivener, I watched the Tutorial and found myself drooling. Once I started using Scrivener on my next novel, I found myself wondering how I ever wrote a book without Scrivener. Think of a feature you'd like to have with your writing software... seriously... anything that would make the writing process easier. How about having every chapter both separate and part of the whole so that you can move them around with total ease? Or maybe you are an outliner like me and you'd like to see the outline on screen right next to your manuscript. Perhaps you are totally a visual writer; how about being able to drop art and photos into a display window that sits open on the side of your manuscript? And for the ADD writers out there — yeah, I'm one of those — how about a mode that blocks everything else on your desktop and completely focuses you on the page you need to finish? If this sounds good, wait. I haven't even covered a 3rd of what Scrivener can do for you. The beauty of Scrivener is the interface. Everything you could possibly need is right there on the same screen. Because of Scrivener, I am flying through my next manuscript. God bless the folks at Literature & Latte! Now, go download Scrivener for yourself... now.