Norwegian author of novels Historien om Henrik Wiklunds barnebarnTårnseilere and children’s fiction Selma.

Scrivener is the ideal software solution for fiction writing! Thanks for creating this wonderful and effective way of helping me structure my writing process, it has made a real difference to me and has really put the fun back into writing! Scrivener, though it has a lot of features, is easy to use and works well with non-English manuscripts. The editing features allow you to tailor the program to your writing needs, be they short fiction, poetry collections or long 300+ page novels. Check out the instructional videos if you are a Scrivener novice, a good place to get started on your personalised Scrivener manuscript. Scrivener is constantly making my everyday writing workflow much more creative, visual and fun! Word doesn’t even compare. So for those of you who have not tried Scrivener yet; I’d say: go scrivening!