Author of Ask A Punk, Volume 1.

I recently purchased a new Mac. THE first thing I did after powering it up and logging in was download and register a new copy of Scrivener. I have used this program every day, usually many times a day, for several years. I use Scrivener to write drafts of my weekly “Ask A Punk” blog posts, and when I decided to turn the first year of those posts into an ebook, I used Scrivener to reformat and compile the separate files. I also use it as an outlining, research organizing & writing tool on projects ranging from novels and comic books to videogames and screenplays. …In fact, I tell my writing and screenwriting students that they should, before shoveling out a couple hundred dollars for Final Draft etc., make sure they have a story to tell, and the perseverance to tell it, by using Scrivener. Thank you for creating this.