Author of Think Better: an innovator's guide to productive thinking

For years, I searched for an app that supports my writing style. I tried them all. If you’re a writer, you know that standard word processors just don’t cut it. They’re either too directive, too bloated, or bog down on long documents. Finally, I found Scrivener, and I’ve been in love with it since it was a beta. It’s now a full-throttle, high-performance beauty, with features that make writing, organizing, rewriting, combining, rearranging, dividing, tracking, editing, annotating, and footnoting easy, intuitive, and yes even fun. I could not recommend Scrivener more highly. When I drive, I drive a BMW because I love its power, its safety, the way it handles the road, and its responsiveness to my every driving need. When I write, I write with Scrivener. Take it for a spin. Put it through its paces. You won’t want to write any other way.