Writer for Wildstorm's 2009 Resident Evil comic book series. 

I have bought, and been disappointed, by nearly every writing tool available for the Mac. Each one would have a unique feature that I loved, but would be lacking in some other regard, so I found myself moving projects in and out of different pieces of software as I wanted certain tools. But then I stumbled over the Literature & Latte site and my world changed. Scrivener is simultaneously the most featured and flexible writing tool I've ever used. Within fifteen minutes of launching it, I was in love.

I used to use separate applications for comic book scripts, my journal, research projects and my novel manuscript. Scrivener has replaced all of them. As much as I love the flexibility of creating and organizing the actual script or manuscript, the single greatest feature of Scrivener is the ability to keep every disparate snippet of text and random photographic reference in a single Scrivener project along with the work in progress. I am a horribly disorganized individual and all of my projects end up requiring extensive amounts of reference material. Pasting it all into the project doc has literally saved me hours of time. I would never have finished the scripts for Resident Evil or my novel manuscript without Scrivener.