Author of Comment domestiquer son maître quand on est un chat amongst other novels.

About me: I’m french, journalist and writer. Specialized in cinema, ecology and humour (well, hope so!)

A proof you can write in French using an English software: three books, and a fourth still in progress were carried by Scrivener.

Scrivener offers me exactly what I could have required if the software’s developers had consulted me. It fits into my chaos and my procrastination, my misdirections and my way to zig-zag from one topic to another.

I’m sincerely thinking to use only 20% of the features of Scrivener (I’m not a playwriter, and quite not persevering with software’s How-to) and that’s already all I could have expected and even much more. And, mainly, I’m honoured to be a member of the Scrivener’s writers community.