Author of The Book of Lost Souls, amongst many others. 

I took to Scrivener instantly. All my outlining, character worksheets, research articles, the synopsis, the pitch — everything exists in one place. No more opening three or more files to find what I need. With Scrivener, I can easily find and work on sections without having to type in chapters or scenes with Word’s Find function. I can add notes without the fear they’ll show up in the final product.

When I sent my work to agents, I knew the book looked professional. I never had to add headers or title pages — Scrivener took care of all that for me. And now that I’ve decided to self-publish, Scrivener has proven it’s more invaluable than I would have thought possible. While so many indies send their work out for formatting, I simply drag in my cover art, modify the novel title page, add in the copyright and dedication page, and choose how I want to format my book. Viola! Scrivener formats and compiles so cleanly that I was able to pass Smashword’s meatgrinder in one go. In a single upload I’m in the premium catalog, which greatly increases where people can buy my book. I’m even available on iBook!

Being an indie author means wearing many hats. With Scrivener, I can spend less time worrying about the details and more time doing what I need to do — write.