Patent attorney, having written several hundred patent applications many of them are now issued patents, but they do not offer scintillating reading unless you're particularly taken with computationally-efficient linear equalization in radio receivers, or branch prediction failure mitigation in pipelined processing architectures! 

Scrivener for Mac has revolutionized my work as a patent attorney. Over the past two months it has become my primary tool for preparing lengthy, multipart legal documents, including complex patent applications, license agreements, and software development agreements. I can think of no other productivity tool that has so profoundly and positively affected my day-to-day practice, and it’s worth noting that I could not have afforded to incorporate Scrivener so integrally into my daily practice if it was not rock-solid stable. Clients don’t pay attorneys to fuss with buggy software and Scrivener is utterly reliable. As a capping bonus, Scrivener also offers an attractive interface and is fun to use. Well done and keep up the good work.