Consultant, entrepreneur, and author of the Max Quick series of books and podcast audiobooks.

Scrivener has been nothing short of a revelation — I mean that quite seriously. It has made the process of writing novels an absolute joy: I no longer struggle and fumble with the mechanics of a word processor. The program disappears from your consciousness — it just works, sort of like how the iPhone just works — and that is the mark of brilliant design. And if you write code as well as novels, as I do, you will instantly recognize the atomic nature of 'scrivenings' and how they can easily be re-arranged, snapped together, joined or split, searched through and compiled. It makes MS Word look like a clunky, bloated Soviet-era nightmare in comparison. You won’t find yourself scrolling up to the Space Station and down to China any longer. I could not even imagine going back to anything else after using the wonder that is Scrivener. If you’re a novelist, just buy it right now, I swear you will thank me. You’ll probably kiss me, even.