Author of The Changing of the Sun, and the novella The Whispers in the Desert, amongst other books.

Because I’m blind I originally switched to Mac for two reasons; the first was the accessibility and the second — because I was a journalist and blogger — was Scrivener. That was five years ago and I’ve written millions of words using the software. In 2012, I retired from journalism with burnout and started writing creatively as a kind of therapy which kept me sane. Scrivener offered an ordered place to get the words down when they came, it allowed me to write scenes on the fly and out of sync, but still retaining the order that my autistic brain demands.

In 2013, I started self-publishing short stories, using Scrivener to create the e-books and marvelling at the ease of it. This year, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, my first novella was self-published along with a novel, the first in a trilogy set in the same universe that will follow in the autumn.

I sing Scrivener’s praises, recommending it to writers, potential authors and editors, because it’s so versatile, from blogging to a series bible, articles to fiction, all I need is Scrivener and a keyboard and I’m a author.