Lives in Hamburg, Germany and writes about business based topics on his linked website. As a drum educator and professional studio drummer he publishes free drum lessons on http://www.sticktricks.de. He published his bestselling Kindle ebook called Laufen Ebook on Amazon.

I have been using Scrivener for 3 years now. Originally I was introduced to Scrivener by Pat Flynn who mentioned Scrivener in his podcast.

Right from the beginning I was really impressed by the possibilities and functions Scrivener offers. Creating a book’s or blogpost’s structure is bliss and filling chapters with content is easy. I also use the corkboard a lot to drag and drop chapters, pictures and content around.

Today I use Scrivener for publishing ebooks and blogposts as well. Since I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration I write a lot of entrepreneural stuff and how to create internet based businesses. I also work as a professional drum educator and Scrivener helps me to create great ebooks for my drum students. Last but not least I write a lot about running and I used Scrivener to write the Amazon Kindle bestselling book Laufen Ebook