Italian author of Panta rei and other works.


Any time that I start a new novel, I’m always afraid on how to manage characters, document research, post it, last brilliant thought, poems, places... and the classical CRASH regarding file size.

Since my works are normally around 600-800 pages (where obviously I need to write at least 1400 rough pages) the problem of organisation, info materials, pictures and so on, is a tremendous headache.

When I discovered Scrivener and its superb features, all my writer life changed. 

Now, I can get and manage in real time, in just one place, all the material I need to go further and how deeply I want in my job. Sincerely, I think that Scrivener is so important to create good jobs as the sculptor tool could be. I hope Keith earns enough money to internationalise his software. Because all of us are expecting here more dictionaries, thesaurus and all the features that can help writers to feel comfortable with their job.

One more time, thanks to work with what is the most important writers need: No crash dealing with big files :)

Good job.