Author of the new book Employment Rage/What You’ve Lost and How to Get it Back.

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my new book, Employment Rage/What You’ve Lost and How to Get it Back was completely written utilizing Scrivener. After moving from Windows to a Mac, I was told there were wonderful, magical programs only available for the MAC so I searched around. I was impressed by some but Scrivener is in a class by itself. 

Those of us who write know that a book grows and develops in a way that is nonlinear. Ideas pop and text needs to be sectioned and a corkboard is an absolute requirement. It is all here — and more. Want some great advice? Buy this program, spend some time with it and see how it helps you to be a better writer. After that? Kiss Word goodbye and enjoy the freedom and the functionality and the ride that only Scrivener can give you.