Author of Rolling Rocks Downhill.

Scrivener saved my business novel, Rolling Rocks Downhill, from the scrapheap. I’ve been using MS Word since 1989, and I happily used it to write the first three (rather weak) drafts of my book. But then I got stuck. I knew I needed to restructure but, honestly, I couldn’t find the structure of what I’d written hidden amongst the 100K words. I guess I got lucky because I stumbled across Scrivener when the Windows beta came out and, since I liked playing around with new software and I had nothing to lose, I installed it, watched the tutorial videos, then imported my manuscript. I spent a weekend chopping the document into chapters, naming them, adding description, and a bit of colour coding, and the next thing I knew I’d bought a MacBook just so I could continue rewriting, without relying on beta software. I’m glad I did. Scrivener works the way my mind works and my book wouldn’t be here without.