The author of some twenty books, including the Young Sherlock Holmes series.

Scrivener has made my writing life so much easier and so much more fun. As I write these words I’m looking at a real cork board attached to my office wall, with real file cards pinned to it, all connected together by lengths of differently coloured wool, and all so that I could keep track of how the plot and the characters flowed through the book I was writing at the time. I’m keeping it there for historical purposes, because I don’t need to do it that way any more. Scrivener can do it for me, and the more features, tricks and techniques I find out about, the more I love it. Moving sections of text around to where they work best used to be a major physical and mental chore—now it’s intuitive and simple. Thanks, Literature and Latte—my productivity and creativity are so much better now that I don’t have to worry about the actual writing process.