Author of Myths of the Asanas by Mandala Press 2010, and yoga instructor.

A fellow writer recommended Scrivener to me when I began writing my book, Myths of the Asanas, and immediately it became an invaluable tool for the writing process. Its ability to organize sections and revert back to a previous version saved me many times as I was working my way through revisions and edits. Its ease of use works well for the creative brain, and it seems as if the developers have thought of everything the writer might need. Actually, they’ve thought of more, and as I explored features like the corkboard and synopsis and keywords I was blown away by how easy it made the process of writing. It’s basically always open on my computer and when I really want to focus, I love the full screen feature as it helps me turn on the blinders to the world and focus on my task at hand. Thank you so much to the Scrivener team, I couldn’t have published without you!