Release Notes

A list of all the changes, bug fixes and improvements that have been made in previous versions of Scrivener.

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Scrivener 3.2.3 25th October 2021


Tested and updated for macOS 12 Monterey.

Update NaNoWriMo Word Count

  • A new “Update NaNoWriMo Word Count” feature has been added to the Project menu for those taking part in National Novel Writing Month. This feature is available when using the special NaNoWriMo project template available from our site, or for any project with a target of 50,000 words and a deadline of 30th November. The feature can be added to any project with any target or deadline using these instructions.

UI Tweaks

  • When the system tint is set to grey, the focus indicators in Scrivener’s header bars are now blue, rather than using the system tint colour, which, when grey, is too easily confused with the regular header background colour and locked-in-place.
  • “Insert MathType Equation” is now hidden on 64-bit machines (and if MathType is not installed).
  • The “selection affects other editor” button now has its background highlighted when on, to make its state clearer.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Fixed .docx import bug whereby lists based on styles could throw an exception and would not import properly.
  • Fixed bug whereby toolbar search field didn’t update to reflect search collection settings.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnote markers may use bold or italics in Word export if the footnote itself started with bold or italics.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Section headers use binder indenting levels” Fountain option in Compile did nothing.
  • Fixed an issue whereby part titles may not appear correctly in Vellum when using the Vellum .docx Compile format.
  • Fixed bug whereby controls were squashed in Page Layout.
  • Fixed position of styles and font buttons in the format bar for compact layout.
  • Fixed bug whereby Preferences toolbar was too short.
  • Preferences for disabling insertion point blinking are no longer available on macOS 11 and above. macOS 11 and above do not allow insertion point blinking to be disabled.

Scrivener 3.2.2 15th December 2020


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash or hang when typing at certain text scales.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Search in Project” would not work on Big Sur if the search field was in the toolbar.
  • Fixed bug whereby links in comments would result in an invalid .docx file.
  • Worked around a nasty Apple bug that can cause crashes when deleting or moving text in page view in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug whereby headers and footers could come out upside down for PDF and print-outs on systems earlier than 10.13.
  • Fixed bug whereby bulleted lists that skipped levels could result in an invalid .docx file.
  • Worked around an Apple bug whereby an exception would be thrown if you clicked one of the “Line height” options in the spacing panel (e.g. “At least” or “At most”).
  • Improved the speed of exporting RTF for text containing images.
  • Fixed bug whereby adjacent comments could create problems when exporting to RTF.
  • Fixed a bug whereby line breaks (as opposed to paragraph breaks) could result in invalid HTML in epub files.
  • Fixed bug whereby styles weren’t maintained when importing RTF files, even when the project had styles with matching names.

Scrivener 3.2.1 20th November 2020

Bug Fixes

This contains a few important bug fixes for the recently released 3.2 version, and it is recommended for all users to upgrade as soon as possible.

  • Fixed bug that could cause Compile to throw an exception and so not appear.
  • Fixed spacing issues in Preferences lists.
  • Fixed bug whereby toolbar search field did not show options menu.
  • Fixed minor UI issue in Styles pane of Compile format editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby Scrivener could crash at any point after a project was closed in which dragging had occurred.
  • Added a (hopefully) better workaround for an old bug in TextKit whereby the edited line can get scrolled to the centre at certain text scales.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the “Check for Updates” preference options were missing.
  • Fixed bug whereby tables cells in .docx export could be duplicated if the text inside them used varied paragraph formatting.
  • Fixed bug in .docx export whereby the first paragraph after a page break would lose association with its assigned style.
  • Fixed bug whereby styles may be lost in RTF export.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the divider above the “Binder” tab in collections wouldn’t be drawn if the binder was set to use a dark background on macOS 10.15 and below.

Scrivener 3.2.0 16th November 2020

Scrivener 3.2 provides compatibility for both macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon, along with more than a hundred bug fixes and tweaks.

Refinements and Changes

Big Sur Refinements
  • UI and icons updated to match the new look of macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Scrivener’s default Preferences have been updated so that the colours work well on Big Sur. (If you’re using custom colours, you will need to reset the Preferences to the Defaults to see the updated Big Sur theme.)
Apple Silicon Support
  • Scrivener is now a Universal app, running natively on both Silicon and Intel machines.
Compile - Ebooks
  • Scrivener’s Compile sheet no longer recommends installing kindlegen for generating mobi files, but Kindle Previewer instead.
  • You can now enable a “Version” popover for epub files by setting “SCRShowAppleBooksVersionOption” to “true” in the defaults via the Terminal. This is an advanced option only for use by those trying to update books that already have version numbers associated with them. It is hidden by default because it should not normally be used. (To enable, quit Scrivener. Then, in, type “defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3 SCRShowAppleBooksVersionOption -bool YES” and hit return. Then restart Scrivener.)
  • Ebook export no longer unnecessarily includes elements where the formatting is already determined by the para+char style (previously extra span formatting was unnecessarily output for para+char styles).
Compile - Pandoc
  • Pandoc > .docx now supports table of contents options in Compile.
  • Pandoc export now includes the -s flag to create standalone files rather than fragments.
  • Pandoc export now uses “shift-header-level-by” instead of the deprecated “base-header-level”.
  • When working with newer versions of Pandoc, Scrivener now correctly exports to ePub 2 format when the option is selected.
  • “-f markdown+smart” is no longer passed in as an argument for Pandoc formats, since smart typography is now used in Pandoc by default.
Compile - Other
  • Removed “Use default script elements” from FDX Compile options, as it was of limited use.
  • Links are now removed from <$linkID> replacements.
DOCX Converter and Deprecated Native ODT and DOC Support
  • Scrivener is no longer bundled with a built-in Java Runtime Environment, which was previously used for improved conversion when importing and exporting .docx, .doc and .odt formats. Scrivener now has its own native .docx importer/exporter, so there is no need to include Java (which added 100MB to Scrivener’s file size). This does mean, however, that the default .odt and .doc converters are now of a lower quality. Users who rely on these formats and cannot use .docx as an alternative can install Java themselves; if Java is installed, Scrivener will use the same converters it used previously for these formats. (You can also set .docx to use the Java converters via the Preferences should you ever need to.) Allowing users to install Java themselves also improves security.
  • Updated Fountain import/export to modern Fountain syntax - two spaces at the end of a line no longer forces an Action element (Action elements are forced only by prefixing a line with an exclamation mark).
  • Added a new drag format that other developers can use to drag and drop items between Scrivener and other apps. (We haven’t documented this yet, so please get in touch if you’re a developer interested in using it.)
  • Placeholder synopses are no longer included in drags to Scapple.
  • Added option to Import preferences to have “text” from OPML imported as the main text.
  • To avoid data loss, Scrivener now forbids the overwriting of open projects when using Export > as Scrivener 2 Project.
  • MultiMarkdown updated to 6.5.3.
Contacts Dependency Removed
  • Scrivener no longer uses Contacts or AddressBook to fill out address information in manuscripts - this information can now be added to “Author Information” in the General pane of the Preferences, or can be entered into the manuscript manually.
  • The scratch pad no longer actively monitors the external scratch pad folder for changes, which was resulting in esoteric crashes for some users (possibly related to storing Scratchpad content in iCloud). Instead, the scratch pad now refreshes its content whenever the window is brought to the front, and you can force it to refresh its content using a new “reload” button.
  • Header bars now use the system tint colour to indicate focussed status, and turn dark grey (instead of pink) to indicate locked status (a lock icon is also displayed).
  • Added an option on Big Sur to use a monochrome toolbar (in Appearance preferences; also available by Ctrl-clicking on the toolbar.)
  • Binder Selection > Affects Both will now scroll to item selected on left in scrivenings on right when “Open Non-Group Items on Right” is selected, matching the behaviour for other Binder Selection > Affects options.
  • Reveal in Other Editor in the header contextual menu now operates on the currently selected item in the editor, not necessarily the container document.
  • Moved “Show elements list on double return in script mode” preference from Corrections to Behaviors > Return Key.
  • Changed default composition mode selection colour to that set in the system preferences.
  • Added links to our Instagram page to the Keep Up to Date and NaNo trial panels.
  • Multiline titles now show a pilcrow to represent newlines in the Quick Search toolbar area.
  • External bookmarks can now be opened in copyholders via the contextual menu.
  • External bookmarks loaded into copyholders are now restored on project open.
  • Clicks in the margins of the main editor now move the caret even when not centring the text area.
  • Improved Apple’s “Select Word” action so that it no longer selects spaces when invoking it after navigating through the text using Option+arrows.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed bug whereby a file path link in the editor could throw an exception if you tried to edit if the file linked to did not exist.
  • Fixed bug whereby an exception could get thrown in some circumstances when adding a new document and a collection was open in an editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby certain replacements could throw an exception.
  • Fixed bug whereby creating a new scratch pad note while another note title was being edited would throw an exception.
Minor (Usability)
  • Fixed bug whereby deleting a comment and then returning immediately to the editor could cause new typing to take on a link.
  • Worked around an issue that could cause internal tags (<Scr_H::..>) to appear when heading levels were applied in the iOS version and synced to macOS.
  • Disabled non-image file drags in the Scratch Pad (other file types cause problems).
  • Fixed bug whereby “Italicize after delimiter” in the scriptwriting settings did not work on macOS 10.15.
  • Fixed bug whereby paragraph style information could be lost when exporting to RTF for paragraphs following a paragraph whose direct formatting had been changed.
  • Fixed a bug whereby PDF files with an uppercase file extension would be imported as images rather than PDFs when using “Import Research Files as Aliases”.
  • Fixed a bug whereby, when trying to open a project already open somewhere else, “Make a Copy” would not work in the sandbox version if the necessary permissions were not already set up in Authorize Folder Access. “Make a Copy” now asks the user to choose a location to save the copy.
  • Worked around a bug whereby deleting a newline between two paragraphs and then undoing would leave the second paragraph still using the formatting of the first.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Capitalize ‘I’” preference didn’t depend on the “Fix capitalisation” preference, when in fact it should only be available when the latter is turned on as it is not designed to work independently.
  • Fixed bug whereby FDX import would use a standard red for revisions instead of the revision colours set in Preferences.
  • Fixed bug whereby selecting “No Style” at the start of a new, empty paragraph would do nothing.
  • Paste Plain Text as Screenplay now tries to determine whether the pasted text should use Fountain conversion or not, and chooses between converting using Fountain syntax or trying to work out script element based on spaces.
  • Worked around an Apple bug whereby dragging a tab out of the ruler could cause the text to scroll.
  • Increase/decrease indents now works properly with lists, adjust the lists rather than just the indents.
  • Fixed Console warning that could occur on Big Sur while saving Quick Look preview.
  • The scratch pad folder is no longer used if it has been moved to the Trash.
  • Fixed bug whereby linked footnotes could mess up tables in Copy as Markdown.
  • Fixed issue where dragging comments to another place in the text could in some rare circumstances result in a duplicated comment (instead of moving it).
  • Fixed bug whereby annotations could end up with different colours for newlines when syncing with an external folder using plain text.
  • Fixed minor issue whereby styles imported using the “enhanced” converters could lose some capitalisation.
  • Fixed bug whereby character styles were not exported correctly to .docx format when using Scrivener’s own (non-”enhanced”) converters.
  • Fixed issue whereby overriding the Compile font would also override custom separator fonts.
  • Fixed bug whereby automatically-generated CSS names could start with a numeral.
  • PDF and print header and footer drawing updated to avoid using -lockFocus (a method deprecated on macOS).
  • Fixed bug whereby certain footnote options (such as “split across pages”) would not save their changes in Compile formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby invalid comment links were being included in PDFs.
  • Fixed bug whereby comment text could be counted twice when adding statistics during Compile (e.g. with the <$wc> tag).
  • Fixed bug whereby a paragraph using the “first-letter” class in ebook export could take on the paragraph style of the previous paragraph.
  • Fixed bug whereby invalid HTML could be generated for ebooks with sections that started using bold and italic with no title.
  • Fixed bug whereby monospace at the start of a paragraph could cause monospace to be used throughout the paragraph in epub export.
  • Fixed bug whereby page breaks between tables could be swallowed during Compile so that tables ended up on the same page.
  • “Stitch together adjacent tables” no longer stitches together tables across page breaks.
  • Fixed bug whereby if a cover page was added to a PDF in Compile, then endnote links would not work.
  • Fixed a bug whereby mailto: links could be obfuscated in ebook export (this required providing an amended build of MultiMarkdown 5, which is used for ebook export).
  • For clarity, updated “Footnotes become endnotes” message in Compile when “flatten” is turned on for RTF compatibility.
  • Improved ebook export to avoid exporting duplicate images more than once.
  • Improved plain text transformations in Compile so that lines did not get truncated early because the algorithm was not ignoring spaces.
  • Fixed bug whereby text colours would not be added during Fountain import.
  • Fixed bug whereby pasting a ToC using page width could still result in the ToC not fitting on the page when exported.
  • Fixed a bug whereby invalid HTML could be generated in ebook export when ampersands were used and followed soon after by a semicolon (e.g. “A&E;”).
  • Fixed bug whereby raw markup paragraph blocks in HTML export could still have <p> tags placed around them.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom contents in ebooks would lose all their links if “Remove all hyperlinks” was selected.
  • Fixed APA Compile format so that the level 3, 4 and 5 sections no longer use Keep with Next in the headers, which can cause unexpected breaks across pages given that these are run-on headers.
  • Fixed bug where by an <$hn> document link could break hierarchical numbering if it was the first <$hn> occurrence in the document.
  • Hierarchical number links using <$hn> are now replaced with the full hierarchical number during Compile rather than by only their last component.
  • Metadata keys added in Compile are now forced to lowercase during export for Pandoc formats, as required by Pandoc.
  • Fixed bug whereby Pandoc reference links weren’t always created properly, incorrectly always using the [...](#...) format even when it should have been using [...][...].
  • Fixed bug whereby setting an uppercase title in ebook export could result in uppercase HTML for the separator after it, which would be rejected by some ebook validators.
  • Fixed bug whereby turning on printer marks for Print or PDF in Compile would cause footnote separators to be drawn in the wrong place.
  • Fixed bug whereby converting MMD to rich text during Compile might not convert the last paragraph correctly.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the binder could be the wrong size in the Japanese UI.
  • Clarified labels for inline annotations and footnotes in the toolbar customisation palette.
  • Fixed inconsistency: when bookmarks are set to open in the current editor, they do not exit scrivenings unless necessary. (This was already the behaviour for opening in the other editor.)
  • Fixed bug whereby Ctrl-Opt-click on binder would open the selection in the other editor as well as bring up the icons menu.
  • Fixed a bug whereby page layout could end up showing only the first page when not using the “Centre Pages” preference.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Layout Orientation” incorrectly appeared in the contextual menu for the corkboard editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby text could be narrow when switching from page view to regular view, especially in Quick Reference when page view was using facing pages.
  • Fixed bug whereby dark mode theme preferences such as text colour and saturation type were included in Preference themes even if the “Main colour and theme settings” option was not ticked.
  • Fixed bug whereby turning off “Open comments in inspector if possible” had no effect on creating new comments in all areas except the main window editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby text and arrows in the outliner could be drawn the wrong colour (usually when the window was in the background).
  • Fixed bug whereby the focus would be lost when opening or closing a copyholder.
  • Worked around an Apple bug whereby double-clicking in the project bookmarks popover or floating panel to open a document in a Quick Reference window could result in the double-clicked text remaining white.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom metadata fields could be repeated more than once in the Compile filter menu.
  • The corkboard “Arrange by Label” footer button’s tooltip now updates with the project’s custom label name.
  • Worked around an Apple bug which caused the dictionary popover in comments and corkboard index cards to disappear as soon as it was invoked.
  • Fixed bug whereby showing and hiding the line numbering ruler did not update the text width properly.
  • Fixed bug whereby target overruns were not shown in the “Target Progress” column of the outliner.
  • Fixed bug whereby menu bar would not show after leaving composition mode when the main window was full screen.
  • Hopefully worked around a bug whereby the main window layout could get messed up, with the tops of views being chopped off, when using a full screen split with another app and then being moved to an external monitor.
  • Fixed bug whereby Quick Search bar could disappear from the toolbar when the customisation palette was shown.
  • Fixed bug whereby the resizing tool for images in text did not work properly because the height text field had a low maximum threshold, resulting in images getting resized randomly small.
  • Fixed bug in MAS version whereby the scratch pad would not open after setting a scratch pad folder, until the software was relaunched.
  • Fixed bug whereby project bookmarks could appear broken if shown in the inspector on project load.

Scrivener 3.1.5 12th December 2019


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed localisation issue whereby the bold and italic shortcuts may not work as expected on 10.15.
  • Fixed a bug in the MAS version whereby the built-in (non-enhanced) .docx converter would not work correctly under sandboxing.
  • Worked around a Catalina issue whereby using the navigation options to scroll to the top of documents in scrivenings mode would not take into account ruler visibility.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Compiled character count would be zero if the option to exclude whitespace from the count was ticked.
  • Improved the position of headers and footers in the page layout preview in Compile.
  • Fixed an edge-case situation whereby overtyping text that has just had a comment removed could restore the comment.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Project Settings backup folder would not be used in the Mac App Store version.
  • Fixed a bug whereby it was not possible to toggle character styles.
  • Updated the built-in Courier Prime font to a version that supports Cyrillic variants.
  • Fixed bugs in the “Ebook” Compile format.
  • Fixed a bug whereby adding a new style in Compile while the title of a newly-added style was still being edited could cause the wrong style to be selected.

Scrivener 3.1.4 11th October 2019


  • Updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility. All users who intend to upgrade their OS are strongly encouraged to apply this upgrade.


  • Clicking the “X” button on a comment to remove it now scrolls to the location in the text where the comment was located.
  • “Update Document Links to Use Target Titles” in Edit > Text Tidying now removes links to documents that no longer exist.
  • Find by Formatting can now search in the URLs of links.
  • Removed script summary and note font options from Compile for FDX since Final Draft now ignores these settings.
  • Updated the abbreviated title placeholder in Compile metadata to show “Use Title”, as a more accurate indicator if the field’s function.
  • When “Base page view size on” is set to “Compile settings”, the page size now ignores the Compile settings and uses the File > Page Setup settings for Compile formats that do not support page settings.
  • Updated a number of Compile formats.
  • Page break characters are now stripped out of the text when compiling to ebook or HTML formats, to avoid HTML errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with PDF cover images that could cause them to be cropped incorrectly.
  • Worked around an Apple issue whereby file links dragged in would use an arcane private Apple ID scheme rather than the file path.
  • Fixed bug whereby pressing up/down buttons on corkboard arranged by label when there was no selection would throw an exception.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash with unfound bookmarks.
  • Fixed bug whereby shadow artefacts could be left in page layout view until resized when switching the “Base page view size on” preference.
  • Fixed bug whereby Opt-clicking on the “open collection” arrow in the collections header, which loads all documents set to “Include in Compile” into the editor, would erroneously include a representation of the collection itself in the corkboard or outliner.
  • Fixed a bug whereby certain toolbar items could have text drawn over them on Catalina.
  • Worked around an OS bug whereby the bold and italic menu items would not work on Catalina.
  • Worked around an OS bug whereby the UI elements of the main window may not resize correctly on Catalina.
  • Fixed an issue whereby epubcheck would report a warning for sections with no explicit title in Scrivener.
  • Fixed a bug whereby an exception could be thrown when entering composition mode, causing buttons in the control strip to go missing, if the screen size had changed since first launching composition mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby newly-created styles would include Inspector comments until the project was closed and reopened.

Scrivener 3.1.3 26th June 2019

Refinements and Changes

Licensing and Activation
  • Scrivener’s licensing and activation system has been updated to work with our new e-commerce provider, Paddle.
Matching Texts Feature
  • Added a new “Matching Texts” feature to the Bookmarks area of the Inspector in the main window. This lists all documents that share a paragraph or sentence with the current document. Double-clicking a result selects matching text in the main editor.
Corkboard Threaded View
  • Added a new corkboard preference, “Compress threads when arranged by label”. This is turned on by default, and interleaves cards on the board so that they take up less space when “Arrange by Label” is turned on.
  • The native .docx importer now correctly reads text inserted in Word during Track Changes.
  • The native .docx importer now decreases the font size of superscript text.
  • Made improvements to the way styles are removed. Character styles can now be removed more easily when a paragraph style is present, and direct character formatting is no longer removed when resetting to “No Style”.
  • Quick Search now treats curly and straight apostrophes and quotes as though they are the same.
  • Asterisks are no longer highlighted in the editor when using an asterisk project search to find any match.
  • Optimised and increased speed of “Find Duplicates”.
  • When finding duplicates, the alternating row colours used in the search colours alternate between duplicate blocks rather than between each row.
  • Copy as Markdown now converts footnotes and removes comments.
  • Other minor improvements to Copy as Markdown.
  • Enclosing annotation markers are now escaped when exporting MMD files.
  • “Save source files” for the MultiMarkdown format in Compile is now dependent on the “Post-process” setting rather than the “Use Pandoc syntax” setting.
  • Improvements made to “Fix script elements that flow across page breaks”.
  • If Kindle Previewer is installed, Scrivener now uses kindlegen from inside that to generate Kindle files, rather than requiring a separate kindlegen installation. (Kindle Previewer contains a newer, 64-bit version of kindlegen which is not currently available on Amazon’s website as a separate download.)
  • Removed the “At <!–ENDNOTES–> marker” option from plain text and RTFD Compile options, since it does nothing - the marker always overrides the options selected there if it exists.
  • Improved the dual dialogue option for print and PDF to work with formats other than only Screenplay, such as US Stage Play format.
  • The total word count is now given in parentheses after the selection word count in the footer bar (as long as only one count type is shown and not both words and characters).
  • The text fields in the image resizing panel now have a hard minimum of 25 points (previously the minimum may be higher, and different from what could be achieved with the sliders).
  • It is now possible to copy and paste label, status and auto-complete items between the Project Settings of different projects.
  • Added extra code to ensure the session count resets when a project is opened if the reset time passed while the project was closed.
  • Added “Back Up All Projects Now” as an alternate to “Back Up Now” in the “Back Up” menu (hold down Option to turn “Back Up Now” into “Back Up All Projects Now”.
  • Opt-dragging into collections now acts consistently, always including subdocuments of folders, even when dragging into the cork board or outliner (which previously worked differently).

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed bug whereby Scrivener could crash if a Revision Mode was invoked while Linguistic Focus was open.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash or hang when importing certain .docx files using either the Aspose or native importers.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an exception to be thrown by Compile when styles were set both to delete text and add prefixes or suffixes.
  • Fixed bug whereby keywords could lose their assignments or disappear if moved around in the Keywords panel using the Move commands or keyboard shortcuts.
Minor (Usability)
  • Worked around bug in macOS 10.14.4 that causes web archives not to load.
  • Fixed bug whereby typing attributes could be reset after the auto-title of a document updated when typing in scrivenings mode with only a single document loaded.
  • Worked around an issue whereby custom metadata dates could appear incorrect if edited in a third-party app that did not write the microseconds into the file format as expected.
  • Fixed a bug in the native .docx importer whereby it could omit whitespace.
  • Fixed bug whereby copying keyword titles from Inspector did not work when pasting them into a text editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby taking group snapshots would play the shutter sound even when the option was turned off in the Preferences.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom .docx converter would create invalid documents if they contained images with any spaces inside their file names.
  • Fixed a bug whereby spelling suggestions may not be shown for very long texts.
  • Fixed a bug whereby moving a folder and a subdocument in a collection on the corkboard or outliner would only move the folder around, not its subdocument.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Compile replacements could affect comments in the project when compiling for print or PDF.
  • Fixed bug whereby superscript or subscript combined with italics or bold could result in errors in ePub output.
  • Fixed bug whereby rich text to MMD conversion would not place an empty line above a bulleted list if there was only a single non-bulleted line separating two lists.
  • Fixed bug whereby MultiMarkdown headings could come out wrong for adjacent paragraphs using the same header level.
  • Fixed bug whereby scripts without parenthetical elements defined could have “CONT’D” character names inserted unnecessarily when compiling for PDF or print.
  • Fixed bug whereby the first line indent of the second paragraph could be removed during Compile when set to remove first line indents if the first paragraph used a style.
  • Fixed bug whereby adding a multi-line title to Compile metadata could cause other text fields in the metadata interface to be clipped.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Lowercase” option in Compile Title Options had no effect.
  • Fixed bug whereby updates to label colours may not be reflected in the search results or collections when showing label colours.
  • Fixed bug whereby the rubber band area in the binder would be grey (again).
  • Fixed bugs in the editor footer statistics popover pane pertaining to sentence and character counts.
  • Fixed bug whereby the focus mode menu options in the toolbar would be disabled in full screen mode.
  • Fixed the “Inside” and “Outside” labels for facing pages in Compile, which were previously inverted.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Keywords” was wrongly disabled for non-text documents in Navigate > Inspect.

Scrivener 3.1.2 19th February 2019

Refinements and Changes

  • Ebook tables are now more flexible, allowing for multi-line cells and different alignments within cells and between rows.

  • Removed limitation whereby previously the header and footer fonts chosen for RTF and Office formats needed to be used in the main text as well.

  • “Remove all hyperlinks” in Compile now removes page number and footnote links in PDF files too.

  • When compiling to PDF format, there is now a new “Reduce file size” option along with “Compression Settings” which allow you to determine how images should be compressed or resampled. Using these options can significantly reduce the file size of PDF files which contain a lot of images.

  • When using the Compile option to resize images to the page width for RTF and Word files, you can now determine the DPI. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files.

  • When using the Compile option to resample images in ebooks, you can now determine the DPI and maximum size of the images. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files.

  • It is now possible to add trim and bleed marks to PDF files via “Page Settings” in the Compile format editor, which can then be turned on or off via a new “Add printer marks” option in the main Compile window.

  • Removed “Copyright” from Office Compile metadata options since it had no effect.

  • During Compile, Scrivener now strips any list formatting from paragraphs that do not contain a tab and are thus not valid lists. This avoids unexpected numbering being added to paragraphs that have stray list formatting left in them.

  • Improved support for a mix of links and code spans when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown.

  • Exclamation marks preceding MultiMarkdown footnotes are now escaped during Compile.

  • MultiMarkdown export now uses the extension“.md” by default instead of “.mmd.”

Converting to Office Formats
  • Scrivener now contains a brand new, native, in-house converter for Word .docx files (affecting import, export and Compile). Because this converter has not yet been tested widely enough, it is turned off by default - by default Scrivener still uses the mature Java-based converters from third-party company Aspose, as it has been doing for several years now. If you would like to test the new converters, open Preferences and then, under Sharing > Conversion, turn off “Use enhanced converters for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents”. This will turn off the Aspose Java converters, causing Scrivener to use the new in-house .docx converter instead. (Note that this will also result in poor OpenOffice conversions, however.)
  • When the Java-based Aspose converters for creating Word and Office files fail, Scrivener now shows a message to warn the user that Apple’s more basic converters will be used instead.
  • When the Aspose converters fail, Scrivener now falls back on the in-house converter rather than the low-fidelity Apple converter.
Keep with Next
  • You can now assign Keep with Next to Section Layout prefixes and suffixes.
  • Keep with Next now works over a maximum of a five successive paragraphs (previously it worked across only two).
  • Keep with Next now works with empty paragraphs.
  • Copy to Project
  • Added “Copy to Project” to the “Documents” menu as well as to the binder, corkboard and outliner contextual menus. This makes it easier to copy documents to another project without having to drag and drop.
  • “Copy to ‘project.scriv’ Again” also appears in these menus if you have copied any documents to another project during the session, and uses the keyboard shortcut Shift-Opt-Cmd-C. (Note that this shortcut was previously used by “Copy without Comments and Footnotes”. Those who relied on the previous use of the shortcut can restore it by customising keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences.)
Find Duplicates
  • A new “Find Duplicates” option has been added to Project Search. When ticked, the search results will show only documents whose text (or whichever part of the content is marked for search) appears more than once in the project.
  • Minor amendments to how the “Default” theme works.
  • Made improvements to the way absolute dates work with custom metadata.
  • Added an option to disable live row height resizing in the outliner to the “Behaviours” preferences, so that users of composite character scripts (e.g. Korean) can work around an issue with the way live row resizing breaks composite characters.
  • Further improved the workaround for Apple’s grammar/spell-checking mess in Mojave.
  • Tabbed windows are no longer hidden in composition mode, to avoid them breaking away from the tabs.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out now works with regular corkboard mode for resizing cards.
  • Minor changes to the “Set Style Defaults…” options in the Preferences to reduce confusion.
  • When setting the character style to “None”, formatting not normally affected by styles (such as inline footnotes) is no longer removed from the typing attributes.
  • UI settings are now saved when saving manually (previously they were only ever saved upon closing the project).
  • You can now open linked documents in a copyholder when Ctrl-clicking on links and choose copyholders as a default location for links in the Behaviors Preferences.
  • When exporting documents, file names are now limited to 250 characters long, since files with names longer than 255 (including the extension) are not allowed and so will fail to export.
  • Added “Reveal in Finder” to the binder contextual menu for aliases.
  • When editing or replacing project templates and choosing “Keep Both”, the new template will now be given a unique name.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resetting the preferences to the defaults after closing a project.
  • Fixed one instance in which an error can appear when closing a project saying that -setHasChanges: has been called after the final save (triggered when composition mode was open).
  • Fixed bug whereby filtering the outline or corkboard could crash if set to use RegEx and the search text was empty.
  • Fixed bug whereby adding a keyword to the Inspector could cause a crash if there was already a blank keyword being edited
Minor (Usability)
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the preference to use the system version of Java for file conversion would not take effect until you restarted Scrivener.
  • Worked around an arcane and bizarre Apple bug on 10.14 which caused the MMD and Fountain metadata areas of Compile not to be editable unless you Ctrl-clicked into them.
  • Fixed bug whereby “General Text” and “General Text (Centered)” did nothing in the script mode Touch Bar.
  • Fixed bug whereby if the full screen window was open in its own space and the main window got the focus (if not hidden), full screen would close.
  • Fixed a bug whereby, if the focus was in the title of the header bar in scrivenings mode, switching to a different view mode could cause the enclosing folder to be renamed with the title of the scrivening that was previously being viewed.
  • Hopefully worked around a bug whereby marked text (used for writing in certain languages such as Simplified Chinese) could mess up scriptwriting formatting.
  • Fixed a bug whereby, if the outliner was sorted and set to affect the other editor, what was shown in the other editor could change unexpectedly during autosave in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Inspector uses dark appearance” Composition Mode preference was not saved between sessions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when exporting to ebook format.
  • Fixed bug whereby widow and orphan control could result in the top margins being wrong when compiling for print or PDF.
  • Fixed bug whereby single-row tables would not export correctly to ebook formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby PDF outlines were not getting included.
  • Fixed bugs whereby headers and footers in exported RTF and Word files could take on some of the formatting of the section’s title.
  • Fixed bug whereby the closing HTML paragraph tag could be placed in the wrong place in certain situations for ebook export.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Compile could hang when producing script documents with scene numbering and widow and orphan control turned on.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby the regular header and footer might not show up when exporting to RTF or Word if both “different new pages” and “different first pages” was set and no front matter was set.
  • Fixed bug whereby <$sectiontitle> may incorrectly show the project title in headers for scripts set to fix script elements that fall across pages.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems with certain encodings in headers and footers for RTF-based formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby the text focus mode toolbar item would not work in full screen mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby rubber band area of binder used the wrong colour.
  • Fixed bug with rubber band scroll area drawing in page view.
  • Fixed bug whereby document icons may not appear in the Scratch Pad “Send to Project” menus.
  • Fixed the freeform drag indicator so that it no longer wrongly indicates a copy for a regular move.
  • Fixed minor glitch whereby “x” and “points” text in the image editor box were black in dark mode instead of white.
  • Fixed minor issue whereby the “Underline” tick state was inverted in the editor’s contextual menu.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom metadata dates in the outliner may use the wrong time zone when contracted.
  • Fixed bug whereby the selected character count in the footer popover statistics would be one over.

Scrivener 3.1.1 8th November 2018

Hotfix 3.1.1: fixed bug causing a crash when loading Scrivener with certain older appearance preferences.

Refinements and Changes

Dark Mode Support on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Full support for dark mode on macOS 10.14.
  • Scrivener now maintains two sets of UI preferences, one for dark mode and one for light mode. When you switch to dark mode and open the Preferences, you will see—and can alter—the dark mode colours.
  • A new “Appearance” option in the “Scrivener” menu on 10.14 allows you to override the current appearance for the app, turning on Dark Mode even if the rest of the system is using Light Mode, and vice versa.
  • When first switching to dark mode, Scrivener will ask you whether you would like to keep the main editor light. This option can be changed at any time either via the “Appearance” menu or via the Preferences.
  • Support for “MORE” and “CONT’D” for Print and PDF: New settings in the “Text Layout” area of the Compile format editor add “MORE” and “CONT’D” support for various types of script (“Fix script elements that flow across pages” and the settings available in the “Options” popover).
  • Added a new option to “Text Layout” in Compile, “Avoid splitting sentences across pages” (available when “Fix script elements that flow across pages” is ticked). When turned on, paragraphs in a script that are split across pages will be split at sentence boundaries.
  • Added a “<$char_name>” placeholder that can be used in the new “(MORE)” field to include the current character name in the “MORE” text. This is used in the BBC Radio Scene Style format, which requires "(CHARACTER NAME/CONT’D OVER) to be inserted at the bottom of a page when dialogue is split across pages.
  • Screenwriting, BBC Radio Scene Style, BBC Taped Drama, UK Stage Play and US Stage Play project templates and Compile formats have all been updated with the necessary settings so that dialogue and other elements are split across pages properly.
  • Dual dialogue support for PDF/print: the new “Convert Preserve Formatting to dual dialogue tables” option allows for basic dual dialogue in script output.
  • Added “Minimum number of tabs” to Scriptwriting paragraph settings. This is now used in the UK Stage Play and BBC Radio Scene Style formats to ensure that long character names do not push dialogue to the next line.
  • Updated the “Parenthetical” element first line indent in the default “Screenplay” script format.
  • Added a new option to the “Styles” area of Compile to have script elements included as styles in exported Word and RTF documents.
  • Fountain import now inserts a line break rather than a paragraph break for lines in an action element that are not separated by an empty line.
  • Added an option to the “Corrections” Preferences to turn off the elements list that appears on double return in scriptwriting mode.
  • Scrivenings will now use scriptwriting mode if any documents in the session are script documents (previously it would only use script mode if the session contained more script documents than text documents).
  • You can now choose to include a cover image when compiling to PDF format.
  • Improved “Keep with Next” when the next paragraph is an image.
  • Made improvements to the layout of footnotes in PDF and print-outs.
  • Added “Convert to generic PDF/X-3 document” option to the “PDF Settings” of the Compile Format editor. The PDF/X format is sometimes required by self-publishing platforms. The “Paperback” Compile formats have this turned on by default.
  • Added “Optimize for print-on-demand services” option to the PDF Settings in Compile. When ticked, all PDF annotations will be removed, no hyperlinks will be embedded, no navigation outline will be included, and the PDF will be generated using the PDF/X format. These settings are necessary for print-on-demand services such as Amazon’s KDP.
  • Epub 3 and Kindle KF8 formats now allow for direct formatting, making them much more like the other Compile formats and less reliant on styles (although styles will still produce the best results for these formats).
  • With these changes to the ePub 3 and Kindle KF8 formats, the older ePub 2 and Kindle Mobi formats are now deprecated. The older file types are no longer available for creating new Compile Formats, and will only appear as an option in Compile for pre-existing user-made Compile formats that use them.
  • Ebooks now support italics within paragraphs using para+char styles.
  • (previously MathML equations were always placed on a separate line).
  • New ebook CSS option: “Create styles for paragraphs using direct formatting”. If ticked, the formatting for paragraphs in the text that do not use styles will be converted into CSS styles. If un-ticked, the formatting will be set per-paragraph in the HTML.
  • “Include font family” is now hidden in the styles area of Compile for ebooks, since it has no effect.
  • Improved superscript and subscript support in ebook formats.
  • If a speech mark begins a section, the “first-letter” span will be added to the speech mark and the first letter (if the “first-letter span style” option is ticked in Section Layouts).
  • Added “From first regular paragraph in each chapter” as an option for flattening indents in the ebook “Text Layout” settings of Compile.
Compile—Section Types and Section Layouts
  • When hovering over a section layout in the main Compile window (or in Assign Section Layouts), a pencil icon now appears. Clicking this icon, or double-clicking the layout, allows you to switch to the format editor with the clicked section layout ready for editing. This makes it much easier to find and edit the section layouts used by your project.
  • Unused section types are now hidden by default in Compile’s “Assign Section Types”, and a new button allows you to show them.
  • Section Layouts in the Compile format editor are now displayed in bold if they are used in the project, to make it easier to pick out the layouts you may be most interested in.
  • After duplicating a format in Compile, if you cancel the Compile window, the duplicated Section Layout assignments for the new format are now remembered rather than lost.
  • Style prefixes and suffixes are now shown in the section layouts preview in Compile.
  • Ebook section layout previews in Compile now use a uniform serif font to give a better indication of how text will actually look on an e-reader.
  • You can now double-click built-in formats in Compile to trigger a duplicate and edit (you will be asked if you want to duplicate the format to edit it).
  • Made some minor amendments to the short story template Compile formats and fixed the issue of page numbering starting from the second page.
Compile—Converting Rich Text to Markdown
  • Added an option not to escape special characters when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown during Compile.
  • Added an option to convert links to MultiMarkdown during Compile if “Convert rich text” is turned off.
  • Hash characters are now always escaped when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown to avoid them breaking links (also affects ebook export).
Compile—Footnote Improvements
  • PDF/Print footnotes have been greatly improved, with many bug fixes and enhances to their layout, including a “Footnotes avoid widows and orphans” option that can be turned on separately from “Avoid widows and orphans” for the main text. (Although note that if “Avoid widows and orphans” is turned on for the main text, widow and orphan control will be used for footnotes even if “Footnotes avoid widows and orphans” is turned off—the latter option is purely for controlling widows and orphans only in footnotes and nowhere else, which is sometimes desirable.)
  • “Keep footnotes at bottom of page” option added to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF (on by default). If turned off, footnotes will be placed directly below the text rather than at the bottom of the page.
  • “Center single-line footnotes” option added to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF. When turned on, end-of-page footnotes which contain only one single-line footnote will use centre alignment.
  • “Footnotes can split across pages” option added to the footnotes Compile format settings for Print/PDF (on by default). The standard behaviour is (and has always been) to split long footnotes across pages when necessary to avoid lots of empty space, but this can now be turned off.
  • Added new Compile styles option: “Match right indent to left”. When ticked, the right indent of the styled text will be set to match the left indent in the exported or printed document. This is useful for creating neat block quotes, for instance.
  • If a Section Layout’s title contains nothing but images and whitespace, the name of the first image will be used as the linked title if “Document Title Links” are set to override link titles.
  • Added a Compile option to restart footnote numbering with each section for Word and RTF export.
  • Compiling to Word and RTF now maintains the next style setting for styles.
  • Diacritics such as umlauts and accents are now supported in style names exported to RTF and Word.
  • Writing direction is no longer overridden by Compile’s text override settings.
  • Improved font fidelity with auto-number replacement tags in compiled titles for fonts with no support for symbols.
  • Compile will now show an error when trying to overwrite locked .docx and OpenOffice files.
  • Scrivener now outputs the full font name of fonts in the RTF font table using the \falt tag, in addition to the PostScript names already included.
  • For clarity, “Left”/“Right” labels in the margin settings for Compile now switch to “Outer”/“Inner” if facing pages is turned on.
  • The internal JRE used for creating Word and OpenOffices files has been updated to version 10 and now uses the OpenJDK version of Java. (Because of security requirement changes recently made by Apple, we may no longer be able to bundle Java in future versions, in which case the user will need to install Java manually.)
Widow and Orphan Control and Keep with Next
  • Widow and orphan control is now supported in Scrivener’s editor and when compiling to PDF or for printing.
  • Widow and orphan control for Scrivener’s page view is off by default but can be turned on via the “Editing” Preferences.
  • Added “Avoid widows and orphans” option to the “Text Layout” area of the Compile format editor for PDF and Print. (It was already available for several other formats.)
  • “Keep with Next” has a new option: “Can Split Across Pages”. As a result, the “Keep with Next” options are now in a submenu of the Format > Paragraph menu. When “Can Split Across Pages” is turned on, Keep-with-Next paragraphs will have some lines pushed to the next page when necessary rather than being pushed down in their entirety. When not turned on, Keep-with-Next paragraphs will always be pushed down in their entirety to stay with the next paragraph. (This was the only previous behaviour and is still the default, although before, there were occasions where the paragraph might be split. Now users have full control.)
  • “Keep with Next” support has been improved so that it no longer pushes multi-line paragraphs down to the next page to keep with the next paragraph, but only the last line.
  • When exporting to RTF (and Word), paragraphs set to “Keep with Next” without “Can Split Across Pages” also have the “Keep lines together” RTF/Word paragraph setting applied.
Focus Mode

Scrivener now has a “focus mode” (available via View > Text Editing > Focus). This allows you to fade out everything except the current line, sentence or paragraph as you write. The mode can be set independently for the main window and Compose.

  • Improved table insertion so that text is no longer indented in tables by default, and the correct formatting is used even when inserting tables into an empty editor.
  • When pasting a table of contents (having used Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC), a sheet now appears allowing you to customise the indent widths and right margin.
  • Import Styles now offers to update styles with the same name and formatting but which just have different settings.
Themes and Preferences
  • A new “Themes” menu appears in the “Scrivener” menu, showing themes that have been created using the Preferences. You can also import themes from here and switch back to the default theme preferences. Four themes are provided with Scrivener.
  • Removed separate preference for setting Quick Reference selection colour (this now uses the main editor selection colour).
  • Removed the “Attach format bar to toolbar in full screen mode” Full Screen Preference to avoid bugs in macOS 10.14.
  • Added “Image cards use index card proportions” to the corkboard Preferences. When turned off, images no longer appear as squares on the corkboard but use the same size as other cards.
  • Snapshot comparison text colours are now updated as soon as the Preference is changed, without needing to reload the snapshot.
  • Quick Search in the toolbar now remains centred by default (Mojave only). If you do not wish to have it centred, Ctrl-click on the toolbar and deselect “Center ‘Quick Search’”.
  • The scratch pad now supports text zooming.
  • Added “Close Copyholder” to the View > Editor Layout menu.
  • Added “Go to Previous Page” and “Go to Next Page” to the “Other Editor” navigation menu.
  • Project Targets no longer show a Twitter option in 10.14, because Apple has removed its social media sharing services.
  • “Reset Search Settings” now switches to the main search results when a saved search collection is visible, so that it does not reset the collection’s settings.
  • When defining a style, the shortcuts menu now shows which styles are already using shortcut keys.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now shown in the styles panel.
  • Added an option to the editor contextual menu to open the document associated with unlinked <$img:> and <$include:> tags.
  • The sort order for search results/collections is now saved between sessions.
  • o The keyboard shortcut Cmd-K is now used for “Add/Edit Link” in keeping with many other apps. “Split at Selection” now uses Opt-Cmd-K and “Split with Selection as Title” uses Shift-Opt-Cmd-K.
  • A number of the sorting routines throughout Scrivener have been updated to use Finder-like sorting, which handles text with numerical suffixes better.
  • Changing between words and characters in the writing history no longer resets the selection.
  • The binder contextual menu now responds to the VoiceOver keyboard shortcut.
  • The corkboard image cache is now updated after using “Replace Media File…”, so that an older version of the image is no longer shown.
  • The secondary binder highlight now draws a stroke for items with full-width labels, to appear clearer against a wider range of colours.
  • If a project is opened and closed without any changes being made, the modification date in the Finder should no longer be updated to today’s date.
  • The Help menu and the templates panel contextual menu now contain an option to reset the tutorial. This deletes the tutorial on disk so that a fresh version can be created.
  • When importing Word and RTF files, the size of superscript text is now reduced.
  • The session word count (in Project Targets) is now reset (if a reset time is set) even if there is no target specified.
  • In custom metadata, when working with partial date formats (e.g. a format that does not include the year), when editing a date, the invisible parts of the date are now maintained (previously they reverted to a system default, e.g. the year would revert to 2000 if it was not included as part of the format).
  • When notifications are turned on for taking snapshots and manual save is set up to take snapshots, the notification now shows how many snapshots were taken.
  • When editing “Default Types by Structure” in the Project Settings, full width labels are now hidden in the binder so that the yellow highlights indicating which documents are affected by the Section Type settings can be more easily seen.
  • MathType data created in the Windows version is now retained when editing documents in the macOS version (and is used to generate MathML equations when compiling to ePub).
  • If an alias file in the binder cannot be found, Scrivener now looks for the file in the same folder as the current project (using the binder document title as the file name). For aliases imported in 3.1 and above, Scrivener stores their paths internally and, if the alias cannot be resolved, tries to find the alias file by searching for a common ancestor of the alias and project files.
  • If a linked image in the editor is missing, Scrivener now runs some quick and limited searches for the image before falling back on the “MISSING_IMAGE” text.
  • Text images linked to files in the binder should now continue to work even if the original image has been swapped using Documents > Replace Media File… for an image with a different extension, provided the extension is .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff or .gif.
  • It is now possible to change the created date for a document using the contextual menu in the created date text field of the Inspector.
  • The freeform corkboard now supports file dragging from the Finder to import files.
  • Added Edit > Sort > Collection into Binder Order. This sorts arbitrary collections into binder order.
  • Writing History now records the total Draft word and character count for any given writing day.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed bug that could cause an exception to be thrown when loading a scrivenings session with no document history.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an infinite loop in the URL field in the footer when showing web pages.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a hang when applying a bullet style at the end of the text.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if you tried to convert inline footnotes or annotations to Inspector footnotes or comments and the selection was entirely inside an inline note.
  • Fixed bug whereby trying to drag an image alias whose underlying file no longer exists could throw an error.
  • Fixed by whereby the “+” button in the snapshots inspector would take a snapshot of the document in the main editor rather than of the one in the copyholder if the copyholder had the focus (or could crash).
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener could crash on Mojave when opening projects containing a locked inspector.
Minor (Usability)
  • Made further fixes to work around the bug Apple introduced in 10.13.4 that causes images generated from PNG data to become faded. The new fix should address the issue at the root.
  • Fixed bug whereby text created by drags to the binder would not contain the styles of the original.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby changing the title for the last item in a scrivenings session and then hitting tab to return to the editor would cause the typing attributes to use the title formatting if the item text was empty.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom metadata dates set to ignore time zone changes would still update based on the current time zone.
  • Fixed bug whereby exporting multiple Word files would not result in files that looked the same as exporting a single Word file (for instance, superscript text would be too small).
  • Fixed bug whereby opening a project would change the default spell-checking setting for new projects.
  • Fixed bug whereby character names may not get capitalised in scripts when auto-completing if they were set to have a colon after them (e.g. in the BBC Taped Drama template).
  • Made changes to project close code to try to avoid an occasional error reported about trying to save after the final save has been performed.
  • Fixed bug whereby, when creating a project from a template, the street address on the title page would have a “>” after it if it was drawn from Scrivener’s Preferences rather than Contacts.
  • Fixed bug whereby the right margin in the styles list exported to Word or RTF might differ from the right margin actually used in the text.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Section Types” menu in the outliner did not work properly, with “Edit…” not working.
  • Fixed but that could throw an error when importing an RTF or Word file that had a comment attached to text associated with a footnote.
  • Fixed bug whereby moving cards down on a corkboard representing a collection would result in the cards ending up one place to the left of what was expected.
  • Fixed bug in project Quick Look preview whereby document titles or synopses containing HTML entities would not work in the preview.
  • Worked around a bug in Mojave whereby spell-checking is red-underlining words it considers (usually wrongly) to be grammatical errors, even when grammar-checking is turned off.
  • Fixed bug whereby text associated with comments would have an invalid link associated with it when exported to RTF for Word formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby blank line separators did not work in ePub 3 and Mobi formats and came out as raw HTML.
  • Fixed bug in “Test HTML” for ebooks in Compile whereby the exported HTML would not use the correct Section Layout settings until the Compile format had been saved.
  • Fixed minor bug that could throw a harmless error when opening Compile if a new format had been created and then new Section Types added to the project.
  • Fixed bug that could cause RTF or Word documents to have erroneous tables or lists in them if Keep with Next was used in a paragraph immediately following a table or list.
  • Hopefully worked around a bug that could cause layout issues when applying internal links to PDF files during compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby internal links could be misplaced in PDF files on alternate pages when using mirror margins.
  • Fixed bug whereby using a combination of "Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown with “Treat as raw markup” in Compile for a style used inside an inline footnote would end up splitting the footnote in two.
  • Fixed bug whereby inline footnotes and annotations did not have style options applied to them during Compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby not all <$include> tags would be replaced in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that could break images with captions in ebook export if the caption contained a text colour.
  • Added “text-align: center” to the “Ebook” Compile format for “figure” in the CSS to ensure that images in figures get centred on the Kindle.
  • Fixed bug whereby <$img:> tags with only the height set would end up outputting the images the wrong size.
  • Fixed bug whereby the plain text document prefix would not be added during Compile if the first document was completely blank and ignored.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “stitch together adjacent tables” feature would not work well with lots of single-row tables.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “insert blank row” and “restrict width” table Compile options were switched, so that ticking one would turn on the other.
  • Fixed issue whereby if you added a table to section layout prefixes or suffixes, typing in another section layout prefix or suffix could cause a table to appear.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to “Keep with Next”.
  • Fixed bug whereby if the last page was blank for print or PDF, its header and footer would be printed even if it was set not to be, and <$BLANK_PAGE> had no effect and would be printed out.
  • Fixed bug that could cause bullets appearing directly after a paragraph style to take on that paragraph style when exported to RTF or Word.
  • Fixed bug whereby adjacent inspector footnotes would not all be included in PDF or print.
  • Fixed bug whereby multiple extensions could be added to files when Compiling and switching between formats with different custom plain text extensions.
  • Fixed bug whereby Compile’s blank line separator option could cause problems in text with comments when exported to RTF or Word if the comments contained empty lines.
  • Fixed bug whereby Compile overrides could cause superscript text to get bigger.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom replacements set up in Compile (such as certain RegEx ones) could break internal tags used during the Compile process, which could then end up in the output.
  • Fixed bug whereby character styles could not be applied to Section Layouts in ebook Compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby excluding front and back matter from the compiled word or character count would not work if “Include all text” was selected.
  • Fixed a bug whereby text included in front and back matter using the <$include> tag would be counted in the statistics even when front and back matter were set to be excluded from the count.
  • Fixed a bug whereby links containing underscores would come out wrong in ebook export and also when rich text was converted to MultiMarkdown.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “first-letter” span style for ebooks could be added to the wrong section if any sections began with punctuation such as speech marks.
  • Fixed bug whereby ePubs would fail validation with an “Undeclared prefix: ‘ibooks’” error.
  • Fixed a bug whereby ebook block quotes may swallow the next line or element.
  • Fixed drawing bug that could occur in the border around multiline comments and footnotes.
  • Fixed bug where the state of the tick next to “None” in the “Underline” menu was inverted, appearing only when the selected text was underlined.
  • Fixed bug whereby adding a new style to a Compile Format sometimes wouldn’t put the focus in the style title.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnote numbering might not be updated for documents that had not been opened during the session.
  • Fixed bug whereby search in DuckDuckGo would not work if that was set as the default search engine in Safari.
  • Worked around a macOS drawing bug whereby the background of a page view could be black after loading a Quick Look preview in the editor.
  • Fixed minor issue whereby comments and footnotes would scroll up when clicking into them, causing the cursor to be put in the wrong place.
  • Fixed bug whereby dragging a folder into another in a locked editor showing multiple folders on the outliner could result in showing two copies of the dragged folder.
  • Fixed bug whereby choosing a system font in the Preferences for the binder could result in larger line spacing than expected.
  • Fixed bug in project Quick Look preview whereby document titles or synopses containing HTML entities would not work in the preview.
  • Fixed bug whereby Page Up and Page Down would not navigate beyond the current page when viewing PDF documents in single page view.
  • Fixed bug whereby opening a link in a Copyholder would not update the Copyholder header bar or Inspector with the opened document.
  • Fixed bug whereby Import and Split options would be smooshed the second time Import and Split was invoked on Mojave.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Replace” in the Find panel could be wrongly disabled when speech marks or apostrophes were involved in the search.
  • Fixed bug whereby last digit of time remaining in media player control bar could be dropped.
  • Fixed bug whereby the statistics popover in the composition mode control bar could disappear immediately if full keyboard access was turned on in the System Preferences.

Scrivener 3.0.3 21st June 2018

Refinements and Changes

Compile - General
  • Added a “Vellum Export” Compile format for use with .docx. This makes it easy to export a Word document that is formatted ready for import into Vellum, the self-publishing app for macOS.
  • Added options for controlling the header and footer margins for print and PDF.
  • When compiling a subgroup, if “Treat compile group as complete manuscript” is ticked, Scrivener now looks inside the front and back matter folders for a subfolder that matches the compile group name, and if one is found, uses that for the front or back matter instead of the entire folder. This makes it much easier for users writing multiple books inside a single project to switch between different books when compiling.
  • Added a “Superscript ordinals in titles, synopses and metadata” option to the “Transformations” Compile format settings.
  • Added a new option for the blank line separator, to ignore blank lines containing styles.
  • Added the option to place markers (e.g. parentheses) around the title suffix in updated document links.
  • For projects created from templates, when Scrivener cannot find settings for a built-in Compile format, it now looks for settings in the template from which the project was created. This means that when Compile formats are added to Scrivener (such as the new “Vellum Export” template), Scrivener can show sensible settings for them even for projects created in earlier versions.
  • It is now possible to choose not to force underline and blue text formatting for links in compiled Word documents.
  • Replacements can now be coped into a plain text editor as XML and pasted back again.
  • You can now import Compile formats (.scrformat files) by dragging them from the Finder into the Formats list in the Compile window. You can also drag project Formats between projects.
Compile - Ebooks
  • ePub 3 export now supports the “Book begins after front matter” option (although may not be supported by all e-readers).
  • ePub 3 and KF8 files now include a hidden “landmarks”
  • Added <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> to the start of ePub 3 and KF8 XHTML files, to work around a bug in Kindle Previewer and Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature that could cause certain characters to be scrambled.
  • “Center body text of HTML table of contents” in ebook Compile options now affects custom tables of contents as well as auto-generated ones.
  • Added figure { page-break-inside: avoid; } to the CSS of the “Ebook” Compile format, to try to keep figures and captions together.
  • Added an ePub 3 option to “Optimize for Kindle conversion”. When ticked, the exported ePub will use HTML and CSS that works well when the file is converted via third-party tools to Kindle format. This HTML and CSS isn’t as tidy, but works around limitations in what is supported by the Kindle format. It is best to turn this option off if you don’t intend to convert he ePub to a Kindle file. (Also, if you intend to use an ebook with Amazon devices, is it is better to export to KF8/Mobi directly. This option is there for those working with independent publishing sites that require an ePub file.)
Compile - MultiMarkdown and Pandoc
  • New Compile formats added and project templates updated to provide more MultiMarkdown and LaTeX templates.
  • The built-in version of MultiMarkdown has been updated to MMD6, and minor changes have been made to the Compile UI to accommodate this.
  • Added table of contents support for Pandoc ePub export.
  • MultiMarkdown post-processing now supports including an embedded script in the Compile format rather than providing an external path.
  • For MultiMarkdown export, custom metadata files now support document-specific placeholders.
  • Minor changes to the way RegEx replacements work in Compile to allow for more flexibility when running forward and backward searches across separators.
  • The <$include> placeholder tag now works in title prefixes and suffixes and section layout prefixes and suffixes.
  • Added placeholders for document and project targets.
  • The <$date>, <$createdDate> and <$modifiedDate> placeholders now allow for custom date formats (e.g. by using <$date:HH:ss:mm>).
  • You can now insert media time stamps into the Inspector and Copyholders as well as the main editor, and you can insert media time stamps based on media in Copyholders.
  • Improved “Select Similar Formatting” so that if the current text has a style associated with it, it will only select all text of that style (provided the text uses the standard formatting for that style). Otherwise it will look for formatting that matches exactly, regardless of assigned style.
  • Removed the option to use a paragraph style as part of the default text formatting. This is antithetical to how styles in Scrivener work; in Scrivener, styles are intended to be used only for sections of text that differ from the bulk of the body text.
  • Improved styles previews in the styles panel and menus.
  • You can now choose to override style names in Compile, so that, for instance, “Block Quote” in Scrivener can become “Quotation” in the exported document. This can be useful for meeting specific formatting requirements.
  • Improved dotted underline drawing in the editor and for printing and PDF export.
  • If an external image linked in the editor is moved or deleted, the internal codes used to store the image in Scrivener are no longer shown. Instead, the image path is displayed highlighted in pink.
  • The size of comment popovers now takes into consideration the text scale.
  • Invisibles now show ideographic spaces.
  • It is now possible to disable smart quotes separately from hyphens and ellipses for script mode in the “Corrections” Preferences. (Smart quotes are no longer disabled by default in script mode.)
  • Scrivener’s main text editor now uses TextKit’s built-in auto-capitalisation methods instead of its own if they are turned on via the System Preferences and auto-correction and spell-checking are also turned on.
PDF Files
  • Updated code to use newer AppKit methods for creating highlights and strikethroughs in imported PDF files, and for creating links in compiled PDF files.
  • When creating the “Save PDF to Scrivener” alias, Scrivener now checks to see if an older, 2.x alias is present, and if so renames it if Scrivener 2 is still installed before creating the alias for Scrivener 3.
  • Worked around an Apple bug whereby using “Look Up in Dictionary” in a PDF file’s contextual menu would throw an error.
  • Fixed bug whereby, if you added highlights or overstrike to a PDF document and then switched to another document and back to the PDF file again without Scrivener saving, the PDF would be loaded from the out-of-date on-disk version and so not show the edits.
  • Fixed bug whereby applying highlights and strike-through to multiple lines in PDF files with narrow line spacing could give unexpected results, with only some of the selected lines highlighted.
  • Worked around an Apple bug on macOS 10.12 whereby highlights or strike-throughs added to PDF files would get added to the bottom of the page.
Moving and Sorting
  • “Move to ‘Folder Name’ Again” is no longer updated when dragging in the binder, and is now only affected by using the “Move to” menu explicitly.
  • “Sort” options moved from Edit > Move to a dedicated Edit > Sort menu.
  • Sorting is now supported in bookmarks.
  • You can now copy the link in the footer below an imported web page using the contextual menu.
  • “Remove Link” is now available when all text is selected even if comments are included in the selection (previously comments in the selection prevented this command from being available).
  • Added auto-link detection for OPML import (dependent on the “Automatically detect web addresses” preference).
  • Added “Apply Keywords to Selected Documents” and “Remove Keywords from Selected Documents” to the Keywords panel contextual menu, making it easier to add and remove keywords to and from multiple documents.
  • Toolbar project bookmarks menu now supports subdocument menus, the same as the Inspector and Quick Reference bookmarks.
  • External bookmarks are now restored in Quick Reference panels when a project is reopened if the option to restore Quick Reference panels on open is set in the Preferences.
  • Custom metadata dates now support up to five decimal places for seconds.
  • “Duplicate” and “Move to Trash” are now disabled for items in the editor that are already in the Trash.
  • The “Selected Documents” document count in the project Statistics panel now includes subdocuments if “Include subdocuments” is ticked in Options.
  • Font choosers (e.g. for Preferences and Compile headers and footers) now support small caps and number case for fonts that support these features.
  • Scrivener now shows an informative message in the editor when a web page imported using the Windows version cannot be displayed.
  • When trying to open a project from a .scrivx file rather than a .scriv package, if the enclosing folder does not have the “.scriv” extension, Scrivener now performs extra checks to ensure that other expected project files are present before offering to add the required extension. (This ensures user folders do not get turned into .scriv files in rare circumstances.)
  • Added support for distributed notifications that can be used by other developers to open, close or reload projects in Scrivener.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a hang when importing Word or RTF files containing footnotes that used a lot of square brackets.
  • Fixed bug whereby mailto: links and certain other links in text could cause Scrivener’s comment-loading code to hang.
  • Fixed a bug whereby double-clicking on the corkboard background to create a new index card could throw an error in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrivener would crash when a project was closed from full screen if the outliner was visible and the “Section Type” column displayed.
  • Made changes to Scratchpad code that will hopefully alleviate crashing problems that a handful of users have reported.
  • Worked around a bug in HP printers whereby they crash when trying to print text containing the font Courier Oblique. When printing to an HP device, Scrivener now switches Courier Oblique for faked italics.
Minor (Usability)
  • Worked around a new High Sierra bug in 10.13.4 that can cause PNG images to fade after being saved or resized.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause image files imported into text to inflate in file size upon project reopen.
  • Fixed bug whereby the synopsis text in the Inspector could turn white against a white background (and thus invisible) if you switched to Composition mode and Composition mode used a dark background in the Inspector.
  • Fixed bug in Tabs and Idents panel whereby centre- and right-aligned tabs were mixed up.
  • Fixed bug whereby average and minimum word count statistics gave garbage values if the counted text was all empty.
  • Fixed bug whereby using the next and previous style buttons could switch from cycling through a paragraph style to a character style if a paragraph using the searched-for style had a character style at its beginning.
  • Fixed bug whereby a character style at the start a paragraph could prevent the paragraph style from being included correctly in Word and RTF export.
  • Fixed bug whereby the user forename would not be read from Contacts (if access granted).
  • Fixed bug whereby Scrivener 1.x projects would fail to update in Scrivener 3.
  • Fixed bug whereby typing at the start of a comment could take on the comment formatting.
  • Fixed bug whereby right-to-left writing Preference did not work in the Inspector.
  • Fixed bug whereby, if right-to-left writing was set in the Preferences, it would not work correctly in the editor if the Preferences were also set to use left-aligned text.
  • Fixed minor issue whereby “Ignore Spelling” would not remove underlines from other occurrences of the spelling in the text.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby document and comment links could be dragged from the editor to the binder and result in error messages.
  • Fixed bug whereby typing a URL into the bookmark editor would not cause the URL to be correctly percent-escaped.
  • Fixed bug whereby text inputs that need marked text (such as Hiragana) might not work properly in certain circumstances, especially on 10.12.
  • Fixed bug whereby Project Replace would use uppercase replacements when replacing text containing no letters.
  • Fixed bug whereby exporting outliner contents to CSV with all columns included would offset custom metadata columns so that they did not appear under the correct column heading.
  • Fixed bug whereby external folder sync would not successfully check for changes on opening a project in the Mac App Store version.
  • Fixed minor issues with the “Open” contextual menu in the binder when Binder Affects > Other or None was set.
  • Made a minor adjustment to the removal of revision colours that should better make allowances for minor discrepancies in colours created by saving and loading or colour profile changes.
  • Fixed bug whereby no warning was given if you tried to convert a linked image to an embedded image and the original file for the image was no longer available, resulting in a conversion failure.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Automatically show ‘Synced Documents’ collection after sync” preference had no effect.
  • Worked around an issue whereby Facebook “pixel events” (used by some websites for tracking usage) would cause Scrivener’s web view to load a blank page in Safari.
  • Made some changes that should hopefully address sporadic issues with accents that some users have been experiencing.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby setting an italicised script element on a script element that already used italics would turn the italics off.
  • Hopefully fixed bug whereby trying to open a project from the “Favorite Projects” menu may result in an error in the Mac App Store version.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text imports to fail.
  • Optimised the Quick Search field so that it is less likely to lag with large paragraphs and projects.
  • Fixed bug affecting “Replace All” in scrivenings mode.
  • Fixed bug whereby projects updated from Scrivener 2 that had originally been created from a template would not include the project Compile formats from the updated version of the template.
  • Fixed bug whereby the bookmarks sidebar was not restored when Quick Reference panels were reopened.
  • When pasting a plain-text URL over an existing hyperlink, with "Automatically detect web addresses" enabled, the existing link will be replaced, to avoid cases where pasting a URL does not update the underlying URL in the hyperlink.
  • Fixed bug whereby reference tags in auto-numbering may not be replaced properly or could cause a hang when using several auto-numbering tags and streams.
  • Fixed bug whereby multi-line footnotes could end up with garbage text (“irnatural”) in them when exported.
  • Fixed bug whereby there could be an HTML error in ebook files if there was text that had list formatting associated with it but no list marker at the start of the line.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnotes in ebooks could end up using the alignment of the paragraphs to which they referred.
  • Fixed bug whereby ticking “Add ‘first-letter’ span style to first letter” for Section Layouts in Compile would cause the “first-letter” span style to be added to the start of all sections of that layout, not only the ones that came after a page break.
  • Hopefully fixed minor issue whereby exported Word documents open in “Compatibility Mode” in Word. (Also fixed for “Export Files”.)
  • Fixed bug whereby <p> tags could be applied wrong when exporting to ebooks.
  • Fixed bug whereby <$img...> tags inserted into areas that were set as “raw markup” during Compile would result in image files that could be duplicated during Compile if the same image was inserted more than once.
  • Fixed bug whereby Pandoc to ePub export would result in multiple titles in the metadata (and files that could not be converted in Kindle Previewer).
  • Fixed bug whereby the Pandoc to ePub table of contents options did nothing (added a new table of contents options pane for Pandoc to address this).
  • Fixed a bug affecting auto-numbering tags.
  • Forward-reference number placeholders no longer appear in raw form in the Compile preview.
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt Cyrillic text when compiling to RTF, Word and OpenOffice formats.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the table of contents to come out as invalid if it didn’t have a title.
  • Fixed a bug whereby footnotes and annotations could wrongly take on the style of their surrounding text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby ebook=% placeholders wouldn’t work in separators.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Use Pandoc syntax” option was not available in Compile in the App Store version.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Move to Trash” and “Delete” availability was based on the binder selection even when a collection was shown.
  • Fixed bug whereby if you moved a document displayed in a search collection to the Trash, its icon would not update in the search list.
  • Synopsis text area no longer responds to Writing Direction commands in the “Format” menu (which have no effect anyway as they only affect formatted text).
  • Fixed bug whereby sort indicators in the outliner might not appear when only a single column was visible and scrollers were hidden (e.g. when using a trackpad).
  • Fixed minor issue whereby custom colour swatches were not shown on macOS 10.12.
  • Fixed bug whereby Navigate > Inspect may enable or disable the wrong options for certain document types.
  • Fixed bug whereby binder titles could draw black even against a dark background when the project window or binder did not have the focus.
  • Fixed a minor bug whereby the prefix and suffix fields in the “Styles” area of Compile could grow and obscure fields below them depending on their content.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the scrivenings title font size in Preferences would have no effect on an open scrivenings session until it was reloaded.

Scrivener 3.0.2 6th March 2018

Refinements and Changes

  • In Compile, it is now possible to turn off the preservation of centred text when formatting is overridden on a section-by-section basis. It is also possible to tell Scrivener to preserve tabs and indents in a Section Layout that otherwise overrides the text formatting. Both of these options are available via the new paintbrush icon at the bottom of the Section Layouts pane.
  • Removed “Hide section in ebook” Section Layout Compile option for Kindle format, because the Kindle currently ignores this ebook option.
  • Added <$sectionParentTitle> placeholder for headers and footers. This is the same as <$sectiontitle> but outputs the title of the parent document for the page group.
  • Compile will now flag up when formats have the same internal ID (which can cause issues). This could be caused by a Time Machine restore or by copying formats manually in the Application Support folder, and is not likely to occur often. A warning icon is shown for problematic formats and a “Fix Duplicate IDs” option appears in the contextual and gear menus when this condition exists.
  • Text completions and emojis can now be added to Scrivener’s main editor Touch Bar.
  • “Heading” and “Title” paragraph styles now use Keep-with-Next by default in new projects.
  • The Format Bar can now show fractions in font sizes.
  • Added a “Reload from Original Image” option to the contextual menu of linked images in text.
  • Collapsed footnotes and comments in the Inspector now use an icon rather than text to indicate their type, allowing more room for the comment text preview.
Media Files and Web Pages
  • When viewing audio files, the playback controls no longer fade out but remain visible.
  • Added ability to insert the current media’s file stamp in the focussed editor (Insert > Media Time Stamp). To do so, you need the editor to be split and for it to be showing a sound or video file in one editor with the focus in the text in the other.
  • Added “Allow limited navigation in web pages” option to Navigation Preferences. When ticked, you can navigate around imported web pages to some degree, and the contextual menu allows you to navigate back and forward. Note that Scrivener is not a dedicated web browser, however.
  • You can also now hold down Option when clicking a link in a web page to open it inside Scrivener’s browser.
  • When Scrivener resolves an alias file, if that file is on a volume that is not mounted, Scrivener no longer tries to mount the volume, which could lead to long lock-ups as macOS tried to access the volume.
Script Writing
  • Added “Paste Plain Text as Screenplay” to the “Edit” menu (only available when a script document has the focus in the editor). This attempts to convert any plain text on the pasteboard to screenplay format, allowing for easier pastes from Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter.
  • In Scriptwriting mode, the “General Text (Centered)” pop-up menu shortcut is now “E” rather than “C”, which clashed with the shortcut for “Character”.
  • It is now possible to set script mode to insert text at the start of a line when hitting tab (under the Tab/Return area of Script Settings).
  • Added 1.2 line spacing as an option to Script Settings.
  • Added a new <$mediaPlaybackTime> placeholder that can only be used inside the tab “Insert” fields of Script Settings. This can be used to automatically insert the current playback time of a video or sound file in the other editor by simply hitting tab.
  • Added a new “Transcript” script format that takes advantage of the new time stamp placeholder, intended for use while working with a video or sound file in the other editor.
  • Project Statistics now show the average, longest and shortest document lengths.
  • Added “Show allowance in progress bar” option to document target settings. When ticked, the overflow allowance is shown in the right side of the bar.
Other Changes
  • Added an option to the “Behaviors” Preferences to turn off 3.0’s new behaviour of deleting text dragged out of the editor to other areas of the project.
  • Added an option to exclude the screenshot when tweeting Project Targets (“Include screenshot when using Twitter service in Project Targets”, available in the General > Services area of Preferences).
  • In the binder contextual menu, “Move to Trash” is now replaced with “Delete” for items contained inside the Trash folder.
  • It’s now possible to permanently delete a trashed document from a collection or search.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Fixed bug that could cause hang in referenced auto-numbers.
  • Fixed bug whereby an exception could be thrown if using macOS full screen with Composition mode and trying to close the project using the close button in the main window.
  • Fixed bug whereby if formatting was applied to multiple sections in Scrivenings mode, if any sections were identical, the formatting would only be saved for the first of the identical sections.
  • Hopefully fixed crash relating to displaying unknown file types.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the “Author” attribute in the Scrivener project’s XML could include invalid XML characters, causing the iOS version not to be able to read the project.
  • Fixed error that could be thrown on restoring Quick Reference panel tabs when launching Scrivener.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a hang when exporting to Word.
  • Fixed bug whereby an edited custom metadata value could be lost on autosave.
  • Fixed bug whereby turning off “24-Hour Time” in “Language & Region” System Preferences could cause problems with snapshots.
  • Fixed bug whereby dragging comments or footnotes while editing them could cause the note text to be replaced with that of another comment or footnote.
Minor (Usability)
  • When opening Scrivener directly from the install DMG, Scrivener once more asks if you want to move Scrivener to the Applications directory. (This had been broken by recent quarantining behaviour on macOS for downloaded files.)
  • Fixed bug whereby Select Similar Formatting did not work consistently with text just typed compared to text saved and reloaded.
  • Fixed bug whereby typewriter scrolling could kick in too early when “Typewriter scrolling always jumps to scroll line” enabled.
  • Fixed bug whereby exporting to Scrivener 2 format would fail if there was a project of the same name at the export location.
  • Fixed bug whereby custom meta-data lists containing an old value could display with the menu divider selected.
  • Auto-Generate Synopsis now works as expected in Quick Reference panels.
  • Fixed bug whereby filtering the outliner when showing the contents of a collection could include subdocument results unexpectedly.
  • Fixed bug whereby if Scrivener was assigned to a different desktop via Mission Controls, Quick Reference panels could migrate to the active desktop.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Address” information from the Preferences wouldn’t be used in templates if Contacts access was turned off.
  • Fixed bug whereby inserting and deleting elements in Script Settings could throw off the next elements set in Tab/Return.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby the minimum width for images in the editor was larger than it should be.
  • Fixed “Take Snapshot” in the editor header bar contextual menu to take snapshots only of the main editor document and not the one in the Copyholder.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Export Comments and Annotations” failed to export comments.
  • Fixed bug whereby automatically-generated tables of content for ebooks were creating an invalid nav element (because the title was not being turned into a header correctly).
  • Fixed bug whereby the the first words of subsequent lines in multi-line footnotes would use superscript in exported Word documents.
  • Fixed bug whereby a title prefix that would be removed (such as ) could wipe the style applied to a title during Compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby a coloured bulleted line could result in an HTML error in ebook formats.
  • Pandoc reference links now use the correct format.
  • Fixed bug whereby page numbering may not restart after front matter when exporting to Word and RTF formats.
  • Fixed bug affecting conversion of footnotes containing links to MMD.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Add prefix when compiling” in Script Settings would only affect the first paragraph in a sequence.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Convert MultiMarkdown to rich text in notes and text” would cause a space to be inserted at the start and end of the notes or text.
  • When exporting to ebook format, images are now always assigned unique IDs to avoid ePub validation checks.
  • Fixed bug whereby headers and footers may not appear correctly in exported RTF and Word files when the exported file did not contain different sections.
  • Fixed bug whereby plain text export would use the .mmd extension instead of .txt.
  • Fixed bug whereby tables converted to images during Compile could contain unresolved placeholders.
  • Fixed bug whereby underscores and asterisks in links would be escaped when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown in Compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby footnotes could appear in the wrong place in an ebook when using the endnotes placeholder.
  • Fixed bug whereby lists could appear with two bullets or numbers when compiled to Word if there was a paragraph style in the document.
  • Fixed bug whereby the second footnote on a line may get missed out when compiling for print or PDF.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that could result in the “Treat as raw markup” Compile option not working as expected.
  • Fixed bug whereby ticking “Treat as raw markup” in the Styles pane of Compile and then un-ticking again would change the formatting of the style.
  • Fixed bug whereby ebook tables of content may not work correctly unless “Convert document links to HTML links” was ticked.
  • Fixed bug whereby if a custom table of contents was used for ebooks without a header, indents may not come out as expected.
  • To avoid bad HTML caused by multiple instances of the same ID value, text inserted using the <$insert> placeholder no longer has the document ID inserted as an anchor in the HTML upon Compile.
  • Hopefully fixed drawing bug whereby the current line highlight would leave artefacts in the margins if the border was turned off.
  • The style name in the Format bar now updates immediately when a style is renamed via Redefine Style.

Scrivener 3.0.1 20th December 2017

Refinements and Changes

  • When Compile is set to convert plain text spacing, the conversion now applies to the Compile formatting rather than the original editor formatting.
  • Compile’s convert MMD to rich text option now works for items outside the Draft folder included using the <$include> tag.
  • Compile now retains typographical small caps.
  • Added a “Table of Contents” Section Layout to the Ebook Compile format.
  • Rich text to MultiMarkdown now converts paragraphs with an HTML header level set to a Markdown header.
  • Section Layout previews now show images inserted using the <$img> tag.
  • Titles updated in links during Compile now have Markdown converted if the option to convert Markdown in titles is ticked.
  • Improved image identifiers in ebook HTML and made it easier to override styles in CSS using auto-generated class names (Scrivener no longer avoids assigning CSS names that clash with those in the custom CSS).
  • If “Add ‘first-letter’ span style to first letter” is ticked for any Section Layouts, if there is a “First Letter” character style defined, it is now included in ebook CSS even if it is not used anywhere else in the text.
  • ePub 3 and KF8 now support underlines without needing to use styles.
  • ePub 3 and KF8 now support the “Transformations” options pane for converting italics to underlines (and vice versa) and converting smart punctuation to dumb punctuation.
  • <$pageGroupTitle> replaces <$sectiontitle> to avoid terminological confusion with Section Types and Section Layouts (<$sectiontitle> will continue to work too, though).
  • “Convert titles to rich text in titles and synopses” now works properly when <$sectiontitle> / <$pageGroupTitle> is used with titles containing synopses for RTF, .docs and other rich text formats, including PDF and print.
  • When using the <$img> plageholder tag, you can now set percentage widths for ePub 3 and KF8 ebooks, using a new “ebook” setting. If present, this will override the “w” and “h” tags for ebooks. E.g. <$img:Img Doc;w=400;ebook=50%> - this sets the width to 50% for ePub 3 and Kindle KF8, and to 400pt for all other formats.
  • Added Transformations > Remove Small Caps.
  • Tabbed windows are now restored when Scrivener is re-launched (and Quick Reference panels remember their tabbed states per-project).
  • “Open Document Link in” now appears at the top of the editor contextual menu when Ctrl-clicking on a document link.
  • When loading a Copyholder by Option-dropping, if you hold down Option at the start of the drag in the binder, the Copyholder will now get the focus. (Only hold down Option on drop to leave the focus as it was.)
  • Format > Paragraph > Increase/Decrease Indents now shows the keyboard shortcuts for Increase Indents and Decrease Indents (these previously did not show up because they are identical to the ones for Edit > Move > Move Left and Move Right).
  • Either Option or Command can now be used to open comments in a popover instead of the Inspector, since Option-clicks do not work on all systems (e.g. 10.12).
  • “Capitalize words automatically” in the macOS System Preferences (under Keyboard > Text) no longer has any effect on Scrivener’s main editor. (Previously, turning this option on would cause Scrivener to auto-capitalise sentences even if the auto-caps options were turned off in Scrivener’s Preferences.)
  • Straighten smart quotes will now work on English quotes even if the System Preferences are set to use straight quotes instead of smart quotes.
  • Auto-capitalisation is no longer triggered after “i.e.” Or “e.g.”.
  • Styles with colours now work better with Revision Mode.
  • Applying a style with a colour to a paragraph containing any colours now applies the style’s colour to uncoloured text.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby a legitimate open quotation mark after a hyphen or dash could become a close quote.
  • Added option to turn off border to current line highlight.
  • Lists menu and format bar popup now indicate which list type is currently selected (if any).
  • The first, left tab is no longer added when using Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC, thus avoiding problems whereby the page number may not be positioned correctly after short titles.
  • Improved Accessibility support in the main editor, which should now work fine with VoiceOver’s Ctrl-Opt-J shortcut in fixed width and page view modes.
  • If any Preferences Themes are saved, a “Themes” submenu now appears in the “Scrivener” menu, allowing you to switch between themes more easily.
  • There are now more options available when saving a Preferences theme. It is now possible, for instance, to save a theme that only affects Composition mode colours, or a theme that affects everything else except Composition mode colours.
  • Updated “Manage…” menu of Preferences so that it is now possible to delete themes and presets from the menu.
  • An icon is now associated with the .scrformat (Compile Format) file type.
  • When importing e.g. via “Save PDF to Scrivener”, the imported document is now displayed in the editor.
  • Full width labels in the binder no longer span the entire width of the binder but are indented and more like the Scrivener 2 labels.
  • When Ctrl-clicking on the Trash folder in the binder, a minimal menu is now shown that includes “Empty Trash…”.
  • You can no longer change Section Types for the Draft, Research and Trash folders (which had no effect anyway - you can still change the subdocument types, though).
  • When opening the tutorial project, Scrivener will now prompt you to update it if there is a newer version of the tutorial available. (This will take effect for future tutorial updates.)
  • Added a “Convert Markdown” option to Import & Split, which converts all Markdown to rich text for the imported documents.
  • When a group higher up the hierarchy determines the “Structure-Based” Section Type via its “Default Subdocument Type” setting, this is now indicated in brackets after “Structure-Based” in the menu.
  • Double-clicking the divider beneath the index card in the Inspector now changes the ratio of the card to 6x4 rather than 5x3, 6x4 being the new default ratio for cards in Scrivener 3.
  • It is now possible to make the main window narrower when there is not a vertical split.
  • Added a progress spinner to “Save As Template” sheet.
  • Linguistic focus now supports Spanish-style dialogue. (Spanish-style dialogue is assumed by default on Spanish systems, but the behaviour can be turned on or off via the General > Language area of Preferences.)
  • Hitting return in the search field now re-runs the search without needing to re-type anything.
  • Added instructions to the Novel, Novel (with Parts) and General Non-Fiction templates for adding a custom table of contents to ebooks.
  • Added “Always set title of new items” Preference to “Behaviors”. If turned on, this restores the 2.x behaviour of having the focus moved to the binder to name an item whenever a new item is created.
  • On macOS 10.13, Scrivener now uses the Contacts framework instead of the AddressBook framework for populating title pages.
  • Updated the “Float Quick Reference Panels” keyboard shortcut so that it no longer conflicts with High Sierra’s lock screen shortcut.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)
  • Hopefully fixed a bug whereby Scrivener would crash with a code-signing error for some users.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug whereby Scrivener would crash trying to open some projects on 10.13.
  • Fixed bug whereby linguistic focus would crash if the editor used a texture background.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Save As Template” UI could get stuck and require a Force Quit.
Minor (Usability)
  • Fixed bug whereby changing binder font in Preferences (and certain other fonts) would result in a Helvetica font regardless when selecting certain fonts.
  • Fixed bug whereby word frequency for multiple documents would conflate the last word of one document and the first word of the next.
  • Fixed bug whereby formatting changes could cause typewriter scrolling.
  • Hopefully fixed some 10.13-related errors that could be triggered when opening the main window or the snapshots manager.
  • Fixed bug whereby typing attributes could be wrong after images.
  • Fixed bug whereby Quick Reference panels were using a fixed width editor.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Make Link” would not work for links containing umlauts and other special characters.
  • Fixed bug in Find whereby a term would not be found if it was part selected.
  • Fixed slowdown issues caused by the “Share” submenu of the editor’s contextual menu.
  • Fixed bug in ePub 2 paragraph appearance when a paragraph contained more than one font size.
  • Fixed a bug that in forward references for auto-number placeholders.
  • Fixed a bug whereby styles with the same paragraph formatting would come out as the same style on export to RTF or Word.
  • Fixed bug whereby <$img> tags would not work to insert images for separators in ePub 3 and KF8 formats.
  • Fixed bug whereby <$toc> would have no effect for epub 3 and KF8 ebooks.
  • Fixed two bugs that could result in invalid HTML in ePub 3 and KF8 ebooks when using footnotes with lists.
  • Fixed bug whereby centred text in ePub 3 and KF8 ebooks would be off slightly if the default text had an indent (centred text now has the indent removed).
  • Fixed bug whereby asterisks and underscores were escaped in code blocks in ePub 3 and KF8 ebooks and when converting rich text to MMD.
  • Fixed a bug whereby “Add ‘first-letter’ span style” would end up wrapping first letters with the HTML span style for formats where the option is not available or applicable.
  • Fixed bug whereby the option to convert Markdown in titles and synopses during Compile could result in unintended run-in heads or synopses running into the text that followed it.
  • Fixed bug whereby a custom table of contents in ePub 3 and KF8 could come out as a single line when using a custom Section Layout instead of as-is.
  • Fixed bug whereby internal anchor tag code could be output in rare cases for ePub 2/Mobi formats.
  • Fixed minor issue in MLA template whereby .docx export was not set up to look the same as the PDF export. Also fixed endnotes so that they are indented as per MLA requirements.
  • Fixed bug whereby linked <$hn> tags would not work if at the end of a document.
  • Compile to FDX now correctly supports font override.
  • Fixed bug whereby paragraph styles in lists could cause HTML errors in ebook exports.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Bold top level items” would have an effect even when “Use flat table of contents” was ticked for ebook export.
  • Fixed bug whereby the automatically-generated table of contents for ebooks could have HTML errors when not using a flat ToC.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby clicking “Open an Existing File…” in the templates panel would cause the Open panel to appear behind the templates panel.
  • Fixed bug whereby dictation suggestions were not shown in contextual menu.
  • Fixed bug whereby binder text could be dark against a dark label when using full width labels and the window was put to the background.
  • Fixed bug with text not appearing white over dark labels when full-width labels used.
  • Fixed bug with numbers in the line numbering ruler drawing over each other when counting lines in tables.
  • Fixed bug whereby Layouts would hide line numbering ruler.
  • Fixed minor bug with the index card in the Inspector appearing the wrong default height in new projects.
  • Fixed bug whereby script mode could reset as you started typing if script mode was enabled by selecting a script type from the lower part of the Scriptwriting menu rather than by selecting “Script Mode”.

Scrivener 2.9 20th November 2017


The last version of Scrivener 2, capable of being run on Intel hardware from Mac OS X 10.9 to macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”. If you purchased from Apple’s Mac App Store, you will need to use their App Store software to download Scrivener, by clicking on the Purchases tab and finding Scrivener in the list.

View change logs for the 2.x line.

Scrivener 2.5 22nd October 2013


If you are running an older operating system than 10.9 (we support back to 10.4 “Tiger”), or are using a PowerPC Mac, you will need to download this version of Scrivener. Some on 10.6 may also find Scrivener 2.9 acceptable, but if you use PDF in the editors or wish to make use of Fountain you should use this version instead.

View change logs for the 2.x line, starting from 2.5.

Scrivener 1.54 22nd March 2010


This version of Scrivener runs on PowerPC or Intel hardware, for Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” to 10.6 “Snow Leopard”.

View change logs for the 1.x line.