Release Notes

A list of all the changes, bug fixes and improvements that have been made in previous versions of Scrivener.

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Scrivener 1.1.5 7th December 2017

  • Fixed serious bug in Dropbox sync that was causing crashes for many users.
  • Web page import now checks to avoid hangs caused by invalid URLs.
  • On iOS 11, long-pressing a document link now opens it.
  • Added support for .heic and .heif image files, the format now used by the iOS camera on 11.2 and above.
  • Fixed bug whereby compiling to plain text with both “Titles Use Markdown Levels” and “Convert to Basic Markdown” checked would cause hashes in Markdown headings to be escaped.

Scrivener 1.1.4 20th November 2017

  • Fixes several iOS 11-related bugs.
  • Updated app icon to fit with Scrivener 3 on macOS.

Scrivener 1.1.3 23rd September 2017

  • Updated for iOS 11 support.
  • Use Files app to import files into projects.
  • Use Files app to import projects from elsewhere or to open projects stored in Scrivener’s container.
  • Export and compile files to Files app.
  • Drag and drop text in Scrivener’s editor.
  • Quick Reference can now be used in horizontal mode on the iPhone +. 1.1.3 patch:
  • Fixes a bug that can cause new or imported projects not to upload to Dropbox properly.
  • Improves the workaround for an iOS 11 typing bug.

Scrivener 1.1 14th June 2017

Additions and Refinements

Dark Mode
  • “Dark Mode” is now available via Settings app or the gear button menu inside Scrivener projects.
  • New custom icons have been added.
  • Create your own custom icons using Emoji and other characters.
  • Dropbox syncing has been rewritten to be compatible with Dropbox’s API 2.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Ready for iOS 11.

Scrivener 1.0.1 14th December 2016

Additions and Refinements

Document Templates
  • Document templates are now supported, allowing for the creation of character and location sheets, for example (see new section in tutorial).
  • Web pages can now be imported from the “import” button.
Text Editing
  • Superscript and subscript support added.
  • A line break button is now available for the extended keyboard row.
  • Cmd-L in the editor will now create a line break.
  • Project search now includes label and status names.
  • “Replace” now jumps to the next match after a replacement.
  • Rich text lists are now converted to Markdown when “Convert to Basic Markdown” is ticked in Compile.
  • Applying “Preserve Formatting” (available from extended keyboard row options) to text now excludes that text from having special characters escaped when using “Convert to Basic Markdown”.
  • Compiling to PDF and printing now uses the full resolution of embedded images.

Bugs Fixed

  • Auto-Lock is now disabled while Dropbox is syncing, to prevent timeouts. Added an option to Settings app to disable Auto-Lock. You can now remove Quick References from the history by swiping on the Quick Reference list in the history popover. You can now determine the sort order of the main projects list by entering “Edit” mode and pulling down to reveal sort options. Improved iOS 10 support. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Scrivener 1.0 13th July 2016

Initial release.