Release Notes

A list of all the changes, bug fixes and improvements that have been made in previous versions of Scrivener.

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Scrivener 1.2.2 15th June 2022

The minimum supported operating system is now iOS 11.0.0.


  • Massively improved Dropbox syncing times - the “Downloading file list” stage should now only take a couple of seconds even when checking thousands of files, whereas previously it could take a couple of minutes.

  • App icon tweaked to match macOS app.

  • Scrivener now supports fonts installed on iOS from font provider apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Font Diner. (The font chooser UI has been updated to use Apple’s standard font picker to allow for this.)

    It is now not possible to remove individual fonts, but all custom fonts can be removed from the system Settings app, under Scrivener > Reset Scrivener.

  • The search bar in the projects list and binder is now part of the nav bar as per modern conventions, which fixes a number of issues with extra spacing appearing above the search bar or the search bar disappearing on rotating the device.

  • PDF research files are now shown using Apple’s dedicated PDF view rather than a web view, improving the viewing experience.

  • Updated outline keyboard shortcuts so that left/right arrow keys now expand folders and groups rather than drill down into them. To drill down, now use Cmd-right or hit return; to go back, hit Cmd-left.

  • Improved styles so that typographic settings such as small caps, medium, semibold and other features added to styles created on macOS or Windows now work in the iOS version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes on trying to access project screen help and the Bookmarks and Recents list in some circumstances.

  • Fixed bug whereby typed text would disappear beneath the visible area on some iPhones.

  • Fixed bug whereby drafts navigator was blank.

  • Fixed bugs with some controls appearing light in dark mode.

  • Fixed issue with scriptwriting mode in non-English languages.

  • Fixed several keyboard positioning issues.

  • Fixed issue whereby exporting PDF files using hyphenation could result in truncated files.

  • Dozens of other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Fixed a bug whereby the app could crash on the iPhone if you tapped “Scrivener” to return to the project screen while a search was active.

  • Fixed bug whereby the wrong nav bar buttons could be displayed in the projects list on the iPhone.

  • Fixed bug whereby superscript/subscript buttons didn’t work.

  • Fixed bug whereby index card images were not copied when duplicating documents.

  • Fixed bug whereby scriptwriting text written in dark mode could end up permanently white, making it invisible in light mode.

  • Fixed bug whereby font preview in formatting palette would be unreadable in light mode if selected text was white.

  • Fixed bug whereby app could crash or throw error when tapping the help button in the projects screen.

  • Fixed bug whereby deleting a word using Opt-delete would leave the cursor in an unexpected position.

  • Fixed bug whereby media files could be moved into the Draft folder via the Move To feature if draft folders were contained in the Recents or Bookmarks lists.

  • Fixed bug whereby footnote text could be saved as white in dark mode, thus making footnotes impossible to read in exported files.

    This fix will only impact footnotes created after updating, with older footnotes needing to have their text colour fixed.

  • New footnotes and comments now use default text formatting.

  • Fixed bug whereby rows in the search results could be too tall when scrolled into view.

  • Fixed bug whereby formatting popover nav bar was white in dark mode.

  • Fixed bug whereby duplicating research documents would result in a sync conflict error upon reopening a project.

  • Fixed bug whereby scriptwriting wouldn’t work well in languages other than English, with return and tab not automatically switching between elements.

  • Fixed bug whereby floating keyboard would cause some floating sheets to disappear off the top of the screen (such as the label colours screen in the floating inspector).

  • “Unstyled Paste” is no longer available in the synopsis area where it has no effect.

  • Fixed bug whereby synopsis would scroll to the bottom or jerkily scroll up and down while typing in the inspector.

  • Confusing “level” information removed from VoiceOver text for the binder.

  • Fixed issue whereby on iOS 15 the multitasking dots at the top of the screen would interfere with the word count/targets control in the nav bar when in full screen mode.

  • Minor updates to tutorial project.

  • Fixed bug where nav bar wasn’t hidden when searching, meaning that the “Edit” button was available when it shouldn’t have been.

  • PDF documents and Compile preview now use iOS’s dedicated PDF viewer rather than a web view. This also fixes an issue whereby the last-viewed page and zoom were not restored when opening a PDF document.

  • Fixed bug whereby scriptwriting auto-complete list would be shown even if auto-complete was turned off in the settings.

  • Worked around an iOS bug whereby if you set Scrivener to run in dark mode while the system was using light mode, there would be a gap below the navigation bar.

  • Slightly increased padding at top and bottom of text on the iPhone.

  • Disabled scrollilng animation while typing. Hopefully this should improve problems some users have encountered whereby text can disappear beneath the keyboard while typing on an iPhone.

  • Fixed bug whereby selected rows in the Compile appearance editor would be white in dark mode.

Scrivener 1.2.1 14th December 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug whereby the Compile Appearance editor background was black, rendering text unreadable, on platforms older than 10.13.
  • Fixed bug whereby the projects screen on the iPhone could incorrectly show the iPad projects screen when using a different appearance from the system.
  • Fixed a bug whereby images inserted from the camera roll may not use the expected orientation.
  • Fixed bug whereby web links added to text would be inserted after the selection.
  • Fixed bug whereby typing at the end of a long synopsis could cause the text to scroll to the top so that you could not see what you were typing.
  • Updated to the latest Dropbox framework.

Scrivener 1.2.0 19th September 2019

Additions and Refinements

  • IOS 13-compatible.
  • Updated to support iOS 13’s dark mode.
  • Scrivener now uses Apple’s smart quotes and dashes (as introduced in iOS 11) rather than its own smart punctuation system.
  • Updated to support all modern screen sizes.
  • Better support for Dynamic Type in the projects list, binder and outliner.
  • The Dropbox sync progress screen now uses dark mode even in pre-iOS 13 Dark Mode.
  • More punctuation marks common to non-English languages are now avaible to the custom keyboard row.
  • Added support for Chinese punctuation in extended keyboard row and smart quotes.
  • Quick Reference can now be used in horizontal mode on the iPhone Plus.
  • The original URL is now recorded when importing web pages.
  • Scrivener now shows an informative message in the editor when a web page imported using the Windows version cannot be displayed.
  • Updated the “Parenthetical” element first line indent in the default “Screenplay” script format.
  • Updated scriptwriting formats to be compatible with changes made in the macOS version of Scrivener.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for typewriter scrolling.
  • Added a Settings option to hide the live word and character counts while editing.
  • Long-pressing anywhere in the main navigation bar now switches between dark and light mode.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug workaround necessary for a formatting bug in iOS 11 is no longer used in iOS 12+.
  • Fixed bug whereby there was white padding on the side of cells in the binder.
  • Fixed bug whereby certain internal tags used in the macOS version would show up in the iOS version’s text.
  • Worked around a bug in iOS 12 whereby the script completions menu would not close automatically.
  • Fixed bug whereby search bar could disppear when scrolling.
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to scriptwriting.
  • Fixed bug whereby there could be a gap between the keyboard and the text on iPhone X models.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “Dumb punctuation” .scomp option would convert em-dashes into single hyphens rather than double hyphens.
  • Fixed bug whereby the paragraph style may not be reset correctly upon hitting enter after a style such as a heading.
  • Fixed bug whereby styles were not being exported correctly to .docx, so that they would appear in the styles list but not be recognised in the text.
  • Worked around a bug in iOS 13 that could cause Settings app to crash when navigating between some of Scrivener’s settings.
  • Fixed bug whereby the corkboard selection would be lost when switching apps.
  • Fixed bug whereby the Inspector would not show information for newly-created documents.
  • Fixed bug whereby the plain text preview for Compile was editable.
  • Fixed bug whereby linked images created in the Mac version could be lost when edited in the iOS version.

Scrivener 1.1.5 7th December 2017

  • Fixed serious bug in Dropbox sync that was causing crashes for many users.
  • Web page import now checks to avoid hangs caused by invalid URLs.
  • On iOS 11, long-pressing a document link now opens it.
  • Added support for .heic and .heif image files, the format now used by the iOS camera on 11.2 and above.
  • Fixed bug whereby compiling to plain text with both “Titles Use Markdown Levels” and “Convert to Basic Markdown” checked would cause hashes in Markdown headings to be escaped.

Scrivener 1.1.4 20th November 2017

  • Fixes several iOS 11-related bugs.
  • Updated app icon to fit with Scrivener 3 on macOS.

Scrivener 1.1.3 23rd September 2017

  • Updated for iOS 11 support.
  • Use Files app to import files into projects.
  • Use Files app to import projects from elsewhere or to open projects stored in Scrivener’s container.
  • Export and compile files to Files app.
  • Drag and drop text in Scrivener’s editor.
  • Quick Reference can now be used in horizontal mode on the iPhone +. 1.1.3 patch:
  • Fixes a bug that can cause new or imported projects not to upload to Dropbox properly.
  • Improves the workaround for an iOS 11 typing bug.

Scrivener 1.1 14th June 2017

Additions and Refinements

Dark Mode
  • “Dark Mode” is now available via Settings app or the gear button menu inside Scrivener projects.
  • New custom icons have been added.
  • Create your own custom icons using Emoji and other characters.
  • Dropbox syncing has been rewritten to be compatible with Dropbox’s API 2.


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Ready for iOS 11.

Scrivener 1.0.1 14th December 2016

Additions and Refinements

Document Templates
  • Document templates are now supported, allowing for the creation of character and location sheets, for example (see new section in tutorial).
  • Web pages can now be imported from the “import” button.
Text Editing
  • Superscript and subscript support added.
  • A line break button is now available for the extended keyboard row.
  • Cmd-L in the editor will now create a line break.
  • Project search now includes label and status names.
  • “Replace” now jumps to the next match after a replacement.
  • Rich text lists are now converted to Markdown when “Convert to Basic Markdown” is ticked in Compile.
  • Applying “Preserve Formatting” (available from extended keyboard row options) to text now excludes that text from having special characters escaped when using “Convert to Basic Markdown”.
  • Compiling to PDF and printing now uses the full resolution of embedded images.

Bugs Fixed

  • Auto-Lock is now disabled while Dropbox is syncing, to prevent timeouts. Added an option to Settings app to disable Auto-Lock. You can now remove Quick References from the history by swiping on the Quick Reference list in the history popover. You can now determine the sort order of the main projects list by entering “Edit” mode and pulling down to reveal sort options. Improved iOS 10 support. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Scrivener 1.0 13th July 2016

Initial release.