Book a Scrivener or Scapple Webinar

If  you feel your writers' group, university or department would benefit from learning more about Scrivener, Scapple or both, it's now possible to book a FREE 'how to' webinar with our Outreach Specialist Oliver Evensen.

Whether you're academics looking to improve your research management or a writing group needing help with editing and self-publishing, we'll show you how to get the most from Scrivener and Scapple's features and achieve your goals.

We also offer monthly 'how to' webinars - details of coming topics will be announced below and @ScrivenerApp on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Recordings of recent events can be viewed at: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/library


July 2022


Join us for July's free webinar series. Each will be hosted on Zoom and will be an hour long, with an additional half an hour for questions after. Please register using the links below.

Monday July 25th, 2022:

5 First-Class Tips for Writing Science Fiction In Scrivener - 11:00am Central Time / 5:00pm UK:

7 Techniques for Writing Tactical Military Sci-Fi in Scrivener - 01:30pm Central Time / 7:30pm UK:

Wednesday July 27th, 2022:

A Complete Guide to Writing a Legendary Space Opera with Scrivener - 11:00 am Central Time  / 5:00pm UK:

Friday July 29th, 2022:

9 Core Ideas for Crafting a Devastatingly Awesome Dystopian Novel in Scrivener - 11:00am Central Time / 5:00pm UK:

A 10-Step Blueprint for Writing an Adventurous Steampunk Novel - 1:30pm Central Time / 7:30pm UK:




Our presentations are ideal for groups of 15+ people.

To book, email:


Let us know whether you'd like a general overview of the app(s) or whether you have a particular focus in mind and we'll tailor the presentation and the tools we demonstrate to your needs.

Please provide some options for dates and times, including the event's time zone.

About Oliver

Formerly a member of Scrivener's support team, Oliver has been a Scrivener user for over 10 years. 

Utilizing each and every spare minute he can find throughout the day, Oliver enjoys writing the quintessential great American novel that refuses to end. When he’s not writing or working, he enjoys spending his time reading an adventurous fantasy novel, playing Mario Kart and Pokémon Go with his family, and visualizing his own intrepid adventures brought to life on the page.