Lost Licence Recovery

If you have bought software from us but have lost your licence, you can have it sent to you by entering your email address into one of the forms below. Because we switched e-commerce platforms on the 26th June 2019, the form you need to use will differ depending on whether you purchased from us before or after that date. (We use a third-party e-commerce platform to provide our web store and licence codes. Prior to June 2019, we used eSellerate; we now use Paddle.) If you are not sure when you purchased, simply fill in and submit both forms.

Please note that when submitting the form, you must use the email address with which you purchased your licence. If your email address has since changed, please email us at sales@literatureandlatte.com.

If you bought from the Mac App Store, you don't need to use this page, because you don't need a licence code. Instead, re-download your software from the "Purchases" area of the Mac App Store.

Orders Placed on or After 26th June 2019

Orders Placed Before 26th June 2019