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Updated Mac App Store Release Schedule Policy

KB / 10 NOV 2018

From now on, we'll be releasing Mac App Store versions of our software shortly after the versions we sell on our site. Here's why.

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Get Set...Get Ready...It's NaNoWriMo Time!

RS / 15 OCT 2018

Rebeca provides users with a tour of the NaNoWriMo template.

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Laying It All Out

RS / 15 OCT 2018

How to change the default layout to suit your writing style.

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macOS 10.14 Mojave and Scrivener

KB / 24 SEP 2018

Mojave is out today, and Scrivener 3.1 won't be too far behind.

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Accessing Your Research With One Click

RS / 30 JUL 2018

Scrivener 3's Bookmarks Helps Organize Your Research

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Say Cheese! Or Not Ready for Instagram

OE / 17 JUL 2018

Snapshots on macOS can act as internal backup mechanisms, protecting writers from losing work after any revision or edit.

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The Low Down on Backing Up

RS / 15 JUN 2018

Rebeca writes of the day when she accidentally wiped out her operating system and lost all her work.

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Scrivener, Scapple

macOS 10.14 Mojave, Dark Mode, iOS 12, Scrivener and Scapple

KB / 5 JUN 2018

The future is dark... Depending on your preferences.



Developing Your Structure With Scrivener

RS / 29 MAY 2018

Our new blog contributor, Rebeca Schiller of, discusses how Scrivener changed her writing process and helped her find her novel’s structure using the Sokoloff Method.

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Scrivener 3 on the Mac App Store and a Guide for Scrivener 2 Users

KB / 29 NOV 2017

Scrivener 3 is now available on the Mac App Store, and we have a Scrivener 3 migration guide available for users of Scrivener 2.

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