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Scrivener for iOS Release Date

Apple has approved Scrivener for sale on the iOS App Store, so we can now give an official release date: 20th July. To recap the details:

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release date: 20th July
  • Requirements: any device running iOS 9.0 or above (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store. (Note that 1.0's UI is English-only, but we will be adding other languages in a free update.)

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. A huge thank you to the 600+ beta-testers who have helped us squash bugs and (I hope!) provide a stable release version. Thanks to the L&L team, who always push me to make things better and make sure I have the time and space to do so. But most of all, thanks to the gazillion of you have stuck with us and waited so long, through all the problems we had getting our iOS version together. All those of you who love Scrivener nearly as much as we do, and who have been so eager to use it on all your devices. This time next week, you'll be able to carry your Scrivener projects around in your pocket. I hope you like it.



Ronbo  /  13 JULY 2016

Thank you, too, for not giving up.


Patrice Couronne  /  14 JULY 2016

Thank you for this good news. Is there a french version ?


KB  /  14 JULY 2016

Thanks Ronbo and Patrice!

Patrice - 1.0 is English-only, but we intend to get it translated, starting with French and German, in a free 1.x update. We already have a translation company lined up.


Dab  /  14 JULY 2016

I have put the champagne on ice already... :)

Congrats to Keith and all the hard working people at L&L! It has been a long way and I can only imagine how happy you all must be now to finally have made it to this release.

Thanks for putting so much effort into this, having read the last blog posts and seen the screenshots, I'm sure this will be an immediate success!


zielperson  /  14 JULY 2016

Will this be available everywhere (especially App store Switzerland) or US only?


KB  /  14 JULY 2016

Thanks Dab, much appreciated!

zielperson: It will be available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store - Switzerland included. The only countries it won't be available are those for which Apple does not deal with sales tax (being a small company, we cannot afford to have accountants in every territory, so have to rely on our resellers handling sales tax, and Apple doesn't do that everywhere).


theoriginalbudman  /  14 JULY 2016

Fantastic news! It's been a long, hard slog for y'all and we appreciate it. I'm really looking forward to this one.


Kris  /  14 JULY 2016

Just in time for my long plane trip across the country on the 23rd! Not sure if this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but is there any chance that projects in progress on the desktop version (I'm running Scrivener on Windows) will be compatible with the iOS version?


Iain M Norman  /  15 JULY 2016

Awesome news! Hopefully it's not too late and some of us might return from the realms of Ulysses and the like.


KB  /  15 JULY 2016

I'm sure people will use whichever tool suits them best, be that Scrivener or Ulysses, rather than worrying about which one came first or last, Iain. My concern is only building the best writing software I can - writing software I want to use myself. Ulysses is a great app, so as long as I've built the best writing software based on my own concept of what that means, whether writers choose us or Ulysses or something else doesn't really concern me. (Well, it might, if our sales had dipped, but they've done the opposite. :) )

Thanks for the kind words all!


Lew  /  15 JULY 2016

I am utterly elated to learn that it will work on iPhone, not only iPad. I do most of my writing on the iPhone and was using Dropbox/Daedalus and External Sync option for years with variable results. Can't wait till Wednesday!


Chuck  /  15 JULY 2016

I can't wait to load it up on my iPad Pro. I carry it with me throughout out the day, much more than my Mac. This will open up my writing to more places and times.


Lew  /  16 JULY 2016

So... App Store does not give me an option to update my desktop version to 2.8 (which is required to work with iOS version) from 2.7.1, which I currently have. All it says is Open/Share. What am I missing?


Christoph Monsch  /  16 JULY 2016

I look forward to getting Scrivener for iPad! Thank you so much for your great work!! - I would like to get the German version. Will I have to wait until it is available or can I download the English version and once the German version is here switch the language?


pieemme  /  16 JULY 2016

Walking impatiently waiting for it


KB  /  16 JULY 2016

Lew - Open the App Store app on your Mac and click on the "Updates" button at the top. Scrivener should be listed with an "Update" button next to it, so just click on that to update.

Christoph - just download the English version. There's not a different version for each language; there's just one version available everywhere. It's just that at the moment, that one version only has the English language in it. In a free update we'll be adding German and other languages. So what will happen is that the UI will be in English, and then at some point, once we have got it translated, you'll notice that the UI changes to German after an update.


Lew  /  16 JULY 2016

Repaired permissions, restarted, got the App Store update working, have 2.8, counting days!


Dave  /  16 JULY 2016

This is great news! I tried other iOS software while writing my last novel, but in the end I gave up the iPad and went back to Scrivener on the laptop. Scrivener is simply the best tool for organizing and editing larger works. I can't wait to try the iOS version!


Martie  /  17 JULY 2016

This is beyond fantastic. I've been using Scrivener and comparing to other software and apps since 2007. It's the very best because of your continued attention to what works and providing a stable flexible product. Now I can ditch all the apps that didn't work and next time I take a trip I'll take a new IPAD with me with Scrivener on it. THANK YOU, all, but especially Keith for your committment. I was actually surprised when I saw the '3 days' image on my screen. YAY!! Wish I could preorder.

Carol M

Carol M  /  18 JULY 2016

I second Kris's question. Will it be compatible with the Windows Scrivener?


PaulLjucovic  /  18 JULY 2016

Two more sleeps! Can't wait to take it for a test run, thank you for persevering!

It'll be great to be on a business trip and not have to bring my laptop to write while I'm on the plane.


zielperson  /  19 JULY 2016

I third the question:
Will it be compatible with the windows app?


zielperson  /  20 JULY 2016

6am, 7am, 8am, 9am ...

Not yet on appStore Switzerland.

Naaah, I am not anxious or anything.


liedlein  /  20 JULY 2016

This is my first time ever that an app causes something like christmas euphoria. 9:53. Clicked on the link, and it appears: AppStore's spinning wheel on the empty screen. Loads and loads .... 9.54. ... loads ... hm. 9.55 ... loads ...9:56 ... ... 9.58 ... loads. Hm.


liedlein  /  20 JULY 2016

10 o'clock: it's here! (Germany)


zielperson  /  20 JULY 2016

11am .. still a no go in Switzerland


zielperson  /  20 JULY 2016

11:30 - it is here.

Just in time before my vacation, too! YES!

Carol M

Carol M  /  20 JULY 2016

According to the Facebook page it is compatible with Windows. Scroll to a post from yesterday or the day before.


Nessa  /  20 DECEMBER 2022

Does anyone know if there are any work arounds for this app to be available to iOS users internationally? I have the platform on my PC, but it crashed recently. I have an iPad that I could continue working on, but the app isn’t available in the App Store in my region.


Dome Lara  /  09 JANUARY 2023

Will it ever be available in international app store? I was really considering buying it for my mac and ios devices only to find it wasn't available. I don't think it's worth buying if I can't have it on my ipad or iphone. Will probably stick to the one I am currently using.


Dome Lara  /  09 JANUARY 2023

Will definitely switch if it ever becomes available. I am currently using the free trial on my mac and it's very good.

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