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Scrivener 3 for Windows Development Update

Overdue update regarding the timeframe for release of Scrivener 3 on Windows.

Having skimmed our previous blog posts related to the launch of Scrivener 3 on Windows, there’s little to add apart from informing those users waiting on release that we’re going to be into 2020 before we launch. We’re trying to be balanced, and not overly particular as we want to get the application out as swiftly as possible, but it’s difficult for us to unveil our long-awaited release on Windows without it being as good as we can make it. For those occasional cries we hear stating that we do not care about our Windows users, reality couldn’t be further from the truth. We want to be proud of every application we release on any platform, which is why we’re taking so much time. We care equally no matter whether your device is macOS, iOS or Windows. Current users obviously have a version of Scrivener they can utilise on Windows, and anyone that purchased licensing on or after 20th November 2017 will still be receiving a free upgrade to Scrivener 3 for Windows on launch. 

Current users of Scrivener 1 on Windows will probably be aware there have been activation issues since our transition to Paddle, that we’re hopefully getting to the bottom of. It would naturally be absurd to release Scrivener 3 on Windows with an activation issue. We’ll keep this update brief so we can get back to concentrating on the coding and preparing materials for the release. Users can download and use our Scrivener 3 beta any time they wish from this forum webpage. 

Sorry that our news isn’t stating an imminent release date, but our next related blog post will be providing such details. Wishing those partaking a happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year thereafter. We’ll keep on coding. 

All the best, L&L.


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