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Scrivener 2 No Longer Available on the Mac App Store

Scrivener 2 has been removed from the Mac App Store to make way for Scrivener 3...

In case you're looking for it and wondering where it went: we have now removed Scrivener 2 from sale on the Mac App Store ahead of Scrivener 3's release tomorrow. Scrivener 3 will be available on the Mac App Store at some point in the future, but will initially only be available on our own store. (We had planned to release Scrivener 3 on the App Store at the same time, but it has been stuck in review longer than we had hoped.)

If you bought Scrivener 2 from the Mac App Store, don't worry: you can still download and install it whenever you want. Simply visit the "Purchased" tab in the Mac App Store—Scrivener 2 will still be there.


Dim NC

Dim NC  /  19 NOVEMBER 2017

Scrivener is dead, long live Scrivener!


Adamant0  /  20 NOVEMBER 2017

Awesome! Uh. wait, I didn't get my copy through the App Store. When can I get it as a d/l from L&L?


JH  /  21 NOVEMBER 2017

@Ademant0 - There's a link from our Downloads page to a list of legacy Mac versions for download.


cjhawk93  /  21 NOVEMBER 2017

When I downloaded Scrivener 2 from the Australian App store, I think came through as a free update through the App. I bought it when it was Scrivener 1. The The price was $69.99 for it in the Australian App Store. When you do bring out Scrivener 3 to the App Store, is there any way to bring the price down in the Australian store?


Ednardo  /  21 NOVEMBER 2017

I did not find the audio note function that was in the project tab, This function was important.
Não encontro a função nota de áudio que ficava na aba project, Essa função era importante para o meu uso.


joGAry  /  23 NOVEMBER 2017

is v3 available on App Store?


IaP  /  06 DECEMBER 2017

@cjhawk93: not through Apple's web store, no. You must be thinking of something else as it isn't possible to offer discounts or free versions through it. If you want to upgrade at a discount, you would need to switch to using out direct-sale version. Send in your Apple proof of purchase for Scrivener 2 through our contact form.

@joGary: Yes, it is available through Apple's store at this point in time.


century21  /  08 DECEMBER 2017

I am unable to re download my scrivener 2.I am not interested in the new one at this time. I purchased a new computer and would like access to the app. Please let me know how I can get it back.


AK  /  08 JANUARY 2019

I was trying to re download my scrivener 2 from the App Store but couldn't find it from my purchased list. Please advise me how to find it again.


david B.  /  20 APRIL 2019

Same question as AK, I have purchased Scrivener (or Scivener 2) for Mac in past, not sure which version. I have now reformatted by laptop. How do I access my Scrivener to redownload. It is not appearing in the App Store.

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