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Scrivener 2.0 for Mac and Scrivener beta for Windows Intro Videos

Here is an introductory video that shows you how to get up and running with Scrivener. There are two versions, one showing Scrivener 2.0 for Mac and the other showing the Scrivener beta for Windows (Mac users will relish how much more polished the Mac version is, but Windows users can take solace from the fact that the Windows version still has a way to go before it is released early next year, so does indeed have a lot of rough edges at this stage).

If you're already a Scrivener user, you won't see much new here, but you will see Scrivener's 2.0 interface in action. I'm hoping to put together a short video going through new features soon-ish.

Here's the Mac video:



And the Windows video:



You can also view them both on YouTube here:



I hope the video helps new users see that the basics of Scrivener shouldn't be too difficult to pick up.

Credits: Although I created the Mac video (and program the Mac version) and did the voiceover for both (which sounds a bit like a recorded message thanks to my poor editing in a couple of places), a big thank you to David - who makes most of our screencasts - for creating the Windows version of the video, and of course to Lee, who is the Windows developer.

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