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On Separating Rants From a "Professional" Blog

Since a couple of readers have taken umbrage at my using this blog to express my opinion on a beloved television show, I have removed the previous blog post on Battlestar Galactica. I guess the misunderstanding arose because some (possibly new) users expect this to be a development blog whereas I, being a one-man development team, have always seen it as a developer's blog. As I wrote in the first post on this blog four years ago:

It's been about a year since I decided to learn how to program in Cocoa so that I could design and build my own application for writing in. I've been meaning to write down my thoughts on this process and on the reasons I decided to embark on this project for some time, so thought I'd start this 'blog as a place for those, and other, more general, blatherings.

Obviously, were it understood to be a developer's blog I doubt anyone would be surprised at a geeky coder expressing a passionate opinion on a science fiction show!

However, these users have a valid point; four years ago no one had heard about Scrivener so I was free to ramble on here as much as I wanted. I have always said that Literature & Latte was a one man company (although now, since David joined, it is of course a two man company) and to take it for what it is, but times change and as an application becomes more popular, users' expectations change, too.

So from now on this blog will remain an impersonal development blog with its remit being limited to Literature & Latte news and information about the ongoing development of Scrivener and other L&L products (by "products" I mean "stuff that I code"). As always it will only be updated intermittently; inactivity here is never a sign of stalling development. The user forums are a much better indicator of our activity.

Of course, Literature & Latte itself remains just two guys working on a program they love.

In the next few days I'll create a personal blog as an offshoot for the rare madman who can bare to read my off-topic ramblings, and I'll try to move all of the older off-topic stuff (discussion about books, films and so forth) over to that.

EDITED TO ADD: I've now moved all of the non-Lit'n'Lat posts over to my new personal blog at

Apologies to those who came here expecting a development blog rather than the misanthropic mumblings of a developer.

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