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Becoming a Sales Affiliate for Scrivener

Update: We switched from eSellerate to Paddle during the latter part of June 2019, so please find details regarding Paddle's sales affiliate program here

Every now and again over the last few years, Keith and I have been fortunate enough to receive contact from enthusiastic users of Scrivener that want to help spread word of the application far and wide. Keith duly wrote some HTML code that provided blog and website buttons linking to our site. The buttons ranged from the hilarity of “Write here, write now” to The Hudsucker Proxy-inspired “Y’know - for writers”. These buttons can still be found on our Literature & Latte website here

In August 2009 we added the facility for our users to actually become sales affiliates for Scrivener. Revealing the business savvy, world domination creatures that we are at heart, we’re now finally getting around to advertising this fact on our blog! You can actually earn money when mentioning Scrivener on your website by signing up to eSellerate’s affiliate program eSellerate, a leading software commerce provider, manage the whole sales process and forward any due commission to the affiliate on a monthly basis. This link is to the eSellerate sign up page. We do not get a mention unless you use the 'View Products' facility and search for 'Scrivener'. If you do, you will be able to see that the commission rate provided for a Scrivener licence sale that comes to fruition from your website will be 20%.

I went through the affiliate sign up process a while back to check it out. It is fairly thorough, and depending on circumstances, there will be some forms to sign, but eSellerate are a fairly thorough bunch of people! I see this as a blessing because Keith and I can then sleep easily at night knowing that VAT returns, sales taxes and the like are being managed correctly by eSellerate. I obviously do not want the affiliate program to be prohibitively difficult to join, but there might be a few legal requirements eSellerate enforce where other offered programs might not. The initial headache pays off with a slick operation thereafter.

If you do experience any issues when trying to become a sales affiliate for Scrivener, you can always contact me at salesATliteratureandlatteDOTcom, and I will liaise with eSellerate to hopefully find a solution.

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