Camp NaNo 2017 Special Trial Edition

“The biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.”
- Michael Marshall Smith

Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.

Your Complete Writing Studio
Writing a novel, research paper, script or any long-form text involves more than hammering away at the keys until you reach the end. Collecting research, ordering fragmented ideas, shuffling index cards in search of that elusive structure - most writing software is fired up only after much of the hard work is done. Enter Scrivener: a word processor and project management tool that stays with you from that first, unformed idea all the way through to the final draft. Outline and structure your ideas, take notes, view research alongside your writing and compose the constituent pieces of your text in isolation or in context. Scrivener won't tell you how to write - it just makes all the tools you have scattered around your desk available in one application, leaving you free to focus on the words.

For more information about Scrivener, see the main product page.

*Although a NaNo demo cannot be provided for iOS, both platform's demo versions are ready to sync with it, should you choose to add a tablet or phone into the mix. Read more about the iOS version.

Camp NaNo 2017 Trial - for macOS and Windows
Scrivener's first users were Wrimos - I posted an early beta of Scrivener for the Mac on the NaNo Technology forums over a decade ago, back in 2005, and those initial users kindly spread the word about Scrivener and provided feedback that has helped shape and improve the program. It has therefore been our great pleasure to give something back by sponsoring NaNoWriMo for the past few years, and so here we are sponsoring Camp NaNo 2017, with some great offers for those taking part. We're also offering a special trial version that will last you all the way throughout July, even if you've tried Scrivener before - read on for details.

Special Trial Version
Scrivener's trial normally runs for thirty days of use, but so that you can start using Scrivener before Camp NaNo begins without worrying about the trial expiring part-way through July, the special NaNo trial available on this page will run from the moment you start using it all the way up until August 7th. So you can download it, get used to its features, use it for your writing throughout July, and if you like it you can buy Scrivener at a discounted price using one of the special offers below.

50% Discount for All Camp NaNo 2017 Winners
If you achieve your personal target to become a Camp NaNo 2017 Winner, you will be eligible for a 50% discount off the regular licence of Scrivener (which is normally $45 for the Mac version and $40 for the Windows version). Details will appear on the Winner Goodies page under the Camper Profile menu at the start of August.

20% Discount for Everyone Else
Even if you don't reach your target this year, you can still get 20% off the regular price of Scrivener by entering the discount code HAPPYCAMPER into the coupon code text field of our online web store.

Getting Started

Windows users: Click on "Download Scrivener NaNo ’17 Trial for Windows" below, then choose to download the .exe file. Once downloaded, run the .exe file to install Scrivener. (Note: if you have tested Scrivener for Windows in the past, we recommend that you uninstall any existing version of Scrivener on your machine first.)

Mac users: Click on the "Download Scrivener NaNo ’17 Trial for Mac" link below. Scrivener will download as a disk image (.dmg) file. Once it has downloaded, double-click on the downloaded file (ScrivenerNaNo.dmg) in the Finder. This will open a window showing the Scrivener icon and a shortcut to the Applications folder. Drag the Scrivener icon to the Applications folder icon to install. (You can then eject the disk image in the Finder sidebar.)

Scrivener NaNo ’17 Trial
for Windows

(Windows 10 Compatible.)

Scrivener NaNo ’17 Trial
for Mac OS X 10.9+

(macOS 10.12 “Sierra” Compatible.)

Getting Up and Running
To get up and running quickly, I recommend you take a look at the ten-minute introductory video, which shows how to use all the basic features of Scrivener. After that, to really get up to speed, you can go through the interactive tutorial in the program itself by choosing "Interactive Tutorial" from the Help menu (or from the "Getting Started" section of the project template chooser). It's rather thorough, and will take you a couple of hours to complete, but once you've finished it you will have a very good understanding of what Scrivener can do.

View the Introductory Video for the Windows Version
[Smaller version available here]

View the Introductory Video for the macOS Version
[Smaller version available here]

More videos are available on our videos page (macOS only).

The NaNoWriMo Novel Template
When you launch the NaNo 2017 edition of Scrivener and choose File > New Project, you will find a special NaNoWriMo novel template available in the "Fiction" section of the project templates chooser. We've put this template together especially for Wrimos - it's based on the regular "Novel" template but it will create a project with the 50,000 word target set up for you and includes several other extras to help with NaNoWriMo. Regular users of Scrivener who aren't using the special NaNo trial version can download these templates below (you don't need to download these files if you are using the special NaNo trial version, because the NaNoWriMo version comes with these templates already built-in).

Download the NaNoWriMo project template and Compile Settings for Windows

Download the NaNoWriMo project template for Mac

Windows users: Choose to save the "" file when prompted during the download process, then open the zip folder and drag out the "NaNo2017WinTemplate" folder to your Desktop. This contains two files, "Novel (Camp NaNoWriMo).scrivtemplate" and "NaNoWriMo (Obfuscated)". The .scrivtemplate file is the template project, which can be imported by selecting "Options" from the bottom of the New Project template chooser and selecting "Import Templates...". This will make it available in the "Fiction" section of the template chooser. To install the special NaNo Compile preset, go to File > Compile... and click the blue arrow button if necessary to expand the window, then click the "Load Preset..." button, choose "Import..." and select the "NaNoWriMo (Obfuscated)" file. It will then be available from the "Format As" menu.

Mac users: The Mac template can be imported by selecting "Options" from the bottom of the New Project template chooser and using "Import Templates...". This will make it available in the "Fiction" section of the template chooser.

Good luck reaching your goal this year!
(Scrivener Master-Chief-Person.)

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