Scrivener for iOS: It’s Time to Talk

This month is something of an anniversary for us: it was ten years ago that we launched the Literature & Latte website and forums, after a few months of beta-testing on a temporary Proboard forum. I say “we” – back then it was just me. I was beavering away on Scrivener for Mac, wondering if anyone else would find the writing tool I’d always wanted useful. I never for a moment expected so many would.

Ten years on and I’m making the final bug fixes to Scrivener for iOS. I’m still the sole Mac (and now) iOS coder, but there are now a dozen of us: these days, L&L has a Windows team and a support team that do an amazing job and who make it possible for me to go on spending every day coding Scrivener for Mac and iOS. Everyone here came to be on the team through a love of writing and Scrivener, and we are incredibly excited about what we have in store over the next few months, which will be some of the biggest for Scrivener since its inception over a decade ago.

We have some fantastic things in store for our Mac and Windows users (which we’ll start talking about soon), but first up–at long last!–is our iOS version. Yes: it’s nearly here.

Next month, we will be submitting Scrivener for iOS to the App Store for release. In the run up, we’re going to post a series of short pieces on the blog telling you all about it, so that by the time it hits the store, you will be able to dive right in. In this first post in the series, before we go into more detail in later posts, I had intended to list some of the features you can expect. But then I thought: nah. Show, don’t tell. So here’s a video we made instead.

We’ve been blown away by the response of our beta-testers so far. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

I spent the first hour looking at the app with my jaw on the floor… It is amazing.
Scrivener for iOS is, for me, the deal-maker for iOS.
iOS Scriv exceeds my highest hopes. By far the best iOS app I have ever used.

Scrivener will work on any device running iOS 9.0 or above. You could tap out a whole novel on your iPhone, or spread out on an iPad Pro. It will cost $19.99, and will be coming to an iPad or iPhone near you in late July (App Store review times depending).

18 thoughts on “Scrivener for iOS: It’s Time to Talk”

  1. Yeah! Can’t wait!

    Been holding out for the iOS version vs. a certain competing product :-)

    (One little item… you mention being “blown away” – maybe it was just me, but the volume on your video about blew me away. Might check that :-))

    Thanks! Bruce

  2. Any thoughts about if sharing between Windows and IOS will work (like via drop box for example) or does the folder need to be in one place or another?

  3. Very excited about the IOS version, but the video wasn’t much help. REALLY LOUD and distracting music that didn’t explain the product at all. Just do a regular old voice over video and tell us what we are seeing and dump the music.

  4. James, the video is for the App Store preview area. Apple allow only 30-second previews, and recommends against doing voiceovers, thus most previews are in-app shots with music over the top. Not much you can do to explain such a fully-featured app in 30 seconds…

    Tony – iOS syncs with Dropbox and has been tested with Windows.

  5. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it… As for comments on video. People. Chill out. Lots of gratitude for going iOS as a developer I know what its like to have a project you want stuck in developmental hell. This has to be a momentous relief to get it out there finally. Looking forward to it!

  6. Can’t wait! Thanks for all the hard work, it’s looking real good to me. This is going to make my iPad indispensable.

  7. As everybody else has said, can’t wait – exceptional app, love it and now on iOS – just awesome.

  8. Congrats on the progress: Looks really great and somhow familiar. I have to agree with the other comments on the music and pace of the video, but of course an appstore promo video is a teaser, not a walk-thru.

    But to be honest, I’m a bit concerned on neither seeing epub nor mobi in the list of file formats at the end of the video. Lack of epub support would be a dealbreaker for me. Will the iOS version compile to epub?

  9. Markus – the iOS version doe snot compile to epub, no. That may come in a post-1.0 version although there are no definite plans at the moment. epub is much more difficult to provide for a rich text app on iOS. The Mac and Windows versions have you covered there, though.

  10. Looks like a KILLER app – for sure.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for a platform agnostic writing tool that’s not MS Word. When I’m in the Mac/iOS world, I use Ulysses. When I’m in the Mac/Windows world, I use Ulysses.

    Now, maybe at last I’ll have a great editor that I can use no matter where I’m at and what platform I’m on – as long as it’s not Android.

  11. Something told me to check this blog today. I’m so happy I did! I am straddling the iOS and Windows line. I own an iPad, but currently have a PC. Will I still be able to use the iOS app successfully?

  12. Deb – Yes, Scrivener on iOS syncs with Windows just as with the Mac, so you’ll be good to go. :)

  13. by any chance does CTRL-K still work?

    i’m asking for insider information so i totally expect to be rebuffed.

    but you can’t blame a guy for trying….


  14. I’m very excited to see it in action in that video! It looks slick. Would I be able to work on a file on my iPhone then pick up on the Mac and vice versa?

  15. Hi! I’m excited already! I have two questions, though.

    1. Will this version be released roundabout the same time for European users? Dutch user here.

    2. Will this version (or future versions) have a split-screen function, like in Scrivener for WIN/MAC, if you know what I mean? I thought I saw it in the preview video, but I wasn’t sure. That split-screen really helps me to rewrite chapters and stuff, when having that older draft in front of me, in a seperate screen, whether vertical or horizontal.



  16. Deb – yes, syncing is via Dropbox so works with Windows and Mac.

    jinchoung – it’s Cmd-K on the Mac and iOS, but yes Split at Selection is in there.

    Alan – you’ll need to hit “Sync” occasionally, but yes.

    Dreamsofwords – there will be no difference in release times between stores.

    We’re going to be blogging about the features over the next couple of weeks, so please watch this space… :)

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