Scrivener for Windows: Release Pushed Back One Week; Available for Pre-Order Today

One of my favourite Douglas Adams quotes is this:

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Well, we’re hearing a bit of a whooshing sound ourselves today. We have been telling people that today, 31st October, would be the official release date of Scrivener for Windows, but – at the last minute – we have made the painful decision to postpone for just one more week, moving the release date back to 7th November. However, as a thank-you to beta-testers, and to make up for this slight delay, we are today making Scrivener for Windows available as a pre-order, with a 10% discount which will be available until the full release on 7th November. So, for the next week, you can buy a licence for $36 instead of $40 (or $31.50 instead of $35 if you are buying the educational licence). Any other discounts floating around (cough NaNoWriMo cough) can be applied on top of the 10% discount for the regular licence, too.

The Scrivener for Windows pre-order page is now up here:

Thus, you can buy today at a slight discount and enter your serial number next week when Scrivener 1.0 for Windows is released (you will receive your serial number immediately after pre-ordering). Or, if you don’t like pre-orders, you can wait the extra week. And for those beta-testers worried about the expiry date of the current beta, remember that we have a special trial version available for NaNoWriMo that lasts all the way up to 7th December:

So, why the delay? Lee, the Windows developer, has been working around the clock to meet this deadline, which we decided on a couple of months ago based on the state of the Windows version at that time. He has been killing himself trying to fix the bugs reported by our excellent beta-testers, and in his attempts to meet the exacting standards we set for ourselves. But as of last night, there were still a few issues that we felt needed addressing before we could truly call this a 1.0 release; things we weren’t comfortable leaving for a 1.0.1 update. We know that pushing the release date back – again – risks annoying some potential users who have been eagerly waiting for the release (which we appreciate, and we hope the discounted pre-order helps), but we’d rather get shouted at for being late than for releasing software with minor glitches we could have ironed out had we taken a few extra days.

Scrivener 1.0 for Windows is nearly ready, then – but that “0” signifies only that we’re at the end of the beginning; it’s just the proverbial line in the sand. 1.0 will – we hope! – be awesome, but following 1.0, there will be a 1.0.1, a 1.0.2, a 1.0.3 and so on, as we continue to address any minor issues left over, and then a 1.1 and a 1.2 and onwards as we continue to refine Scrivener for Windows and make it into the best program for writers – and for ourselves – that we can.

Please let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our beta-testers, everyone who has blogged about Scrivener for Windows, and all those who have been eagerly awaiting its release. We hope you’ll enjoy using Scrivener on both platforms – hopefully see you back here next week. Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Scrivener for Windows: Release Pushed Back One Week; Available for Pre-Order Today”

  1. This is certainly disappointing news, however as a (once and future) software developer myself I completely understand that sometimes things like this happen, despite everyone’s best efforts. I used the beta last year to take me to my first ever NaNoWriMo win, and while I was looking forward to a second win now using 1.0, I’ll have to settle for a second win using the NaNoWriMo trial instead.

    Oh! woe is me! ;-)

    The beta last year was bar none the best writing software I’d ever used, and I look forward to taking advantage of all the shiny new features and bug fixes that have made it into the pre-release trial version since then. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Ian, the coupon codes offered for NaNoWriMo participants are applicable on top of the current 10% pre-release special and will continue through the rest of November and into December when 1.0 is out and at its standard price. As the NaNoWriMo community has been so encouraging and supportive of Scrivener since its initial stages as a Mac beta, we’ve been happy to be a sponsor of NaNoWriMo for the past few years and offer this special discount to participants.

    Travis, it was a hard decision for all of us, too, but I think everyone will be happier for it in the end–users will get a more refined product, and as you say, the NaNoWriMo trial will carry you through the whole month if you don’t want to worry about upgrading mid-November. (You certainly can, however–it might be an excellent procrastination method, come to think of it…:)) Thank you for your kind words and support!

  3. Thank you for the explanation of the delay, and thank you for letting me play around with the beta versions. It’s been fascinating, as a non-programmer, to watch Scrivener get better and better and better.

  4. Thanks Jennifer. Just to be clear, on the page I referred to there are two discounts. One to people who participate in NaNoWriMo (50%) and those who don’t (20%). Do I understand you right in saying those who don’t participate may purchase Scrivener with a total of 30% discount?

  5. Ian – Both codes are for participants–the 50% is for those who hit the 50K word goal and become winners; that coupon will be dealt out by the efficient Office of Letters & Lights team in the beginning of December after all winners have been confirmed. The 20% code is for participants who either don’t want to wait on the purchase or who end up not hitting the goal (we figure they still deserve a break for trying!).

    Since the 2012 50% codes aren’t out yet, naturally, those won’t end up applying to the current pre-release price, which is only going to last for this week before 1.0 is available, but there are users with winners codes from last year which are applicable on top of the pre-release price.

  6. Actually, anyone using the NaNoWriMo 20% coupon would get a total of a 28% discount, not 30%, because the 20% would be applied to the 90% (20% of 90% = 18% + the original 10% = 28%).

  7. A wise managing editor once told me, “If they want it really bad (sic), that’s how it’s going to come out.” Thank you for overruling those of us who want 1.0 really bad, so you can make it really good.

  8. I’m a nanowrimo 2010 winner, so if I can unearth my winner’s code from last year & preorder, does that give me 60% discount?

    Yours hopefully …

  9. wry chuckle Since I posted at length on the Nano forum, I won’t here, but just to be devil’s advocate, I’ll disagree with Ninthwraith to some extent. I can’t switch midstream, so although I’ll likely use the discount plus 2011 code (it’d be foolish not to; ScivWin’s the program I want after all), I can’t use the program til Dec/ Jan. So I can’t pretend the latest delay is anything other than extremely disappointing for me. I daresay Nano won’t be any worse this year (I’m at 2K now; hopefully that continues), but I’ve been psyched for it to be better this year since I first saw Scrivener last December. Not meant to be I guess.

  10. Rian – we’ve had a special NaNoWriMo trial available since the middle of October that lasts all the way to 7th December, so there has never been any need for you to wait for the actual release date to start using Scrivener for NaNo.

    Clare – no, because you’ll get a 50% discount on the discounted price, the discounts won’t be added together. So you’ll get 50% of the price that has already had a 10% discount applied – 50% of 90% = 45% + the 10% already applied = 55%. So if you use your NaNo coupon during the preorder period, you effectively get a 55% discount.


  11. Just to make sure: is it intentional that the education discount and the NaNoWriMo discounts can’t be combined? I’m a university student who’s also a NaNoWriMo participant; trying to preorder the Windows version, the 20% NANOWRIMO code works on the regular license, but not on the license for education. If it’s your policy that those two discounts can’t be combined, I completely understand — it’s very generous of you to offer the discounts at all! I just wanted to make sure it’s intentional that we can’t combine those two discounts before I place my preorder.

  12. Hi Paul – Yes, the NaNoWriMo discounts (both the 20% and the 50%) are only applicable to the standard version. Thank you for pre-ordering, and good luck with NaNo!

  13. I completed NaNo last year, but so far as I know I don’t have a code of any kind. How do I a) prove that I did complete NaNo, and b) get my discounted copy of Scrivener for Windows?

  14. KB,

    I love reading your blog, especially when you write those 5000+ word entries proving that you’re dog-fooding your product.

    I’d like to know if, in all your spare time, you could cobble together a few words about the problems iCloud poses for Scrivener as well as give us a few more wordy posts to sink our teeth into.

    Cheers, PT

  15. Put me down for a Pre-Order hopefully as a Nanowrimo Winner I am using proper version to do Nano novel. I could not bring myself to use Nano version as it feels abnormal for anything but novellas which are not standard novel formats. I hope provided I win I will still qualify for the 50% discount. Thus far an amazing piece of software but a few quibbles.

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