[BUG] bullet styles - similar bug to the one I posted about with the beta, but in production release

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Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:08 am Post

Something I noticed a while ago, but which I forgot about, is that bullet styles can link in weird ways.

For example:
  • I start a bullet list
  • I indent a sub-list, and change the style from bullet to capital letters ( for the sub-list only
  • I start a new paragraph in the default paragraph style following the list
  • I start a new list following that paragraph ( in my usual list style )
  • I indent a sub-list after one bullet point, which I keep as a bullet list style
  • I create another top level bullet point after that sub-list bullet
  • I create another sub-list after that bullet, but this time, it refuses to keep the bullet style, and instead switches to the capital letters
  • If I manually change it to a bullet, then it does obey BUT it also changes the capital letter sub-lists from the previous list that has nothing to do with it, preceding the previous paragraph
  • If I change that other sub-list back to capital letters, they force this new one to go back to capitals, even though the sub-list in between is unaffected and remains only as a bullet point in between

SO it looks like this:
  • top level bullet point
    • A - capital letter bullet point ( indented )
    • B - another capital letter bullet point ( same indent )
Back to regular paragraph
  • New top level bullet point list
    • new sub-list using bullet style ( indented - unaffected style )
  • Next top level bullet point in this new list
    • A - linked sub-list, which will match the style of the capital sub-list, or force that list to change to whatever style this is ( same indent, but different style, linked to prior sub-list )

... this seems like a bizarre issue, but for some reason it has picked out the second sub-list, and linked it to the sub-list of the previous list prior to the intervening paragraph.