Easy way to go back to last edit position

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I notice there is a function to move to "Previous document " and "Next document", which follows the order in the binder, but in the editing, I always jump between documents. I really needs a function to go back to the last edit positions, go forward and back. That will increase the productivity very much.

Thanks a lot if you guys can consider it.

Users, if you have same request with me, let's vote on that.


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On the left side of that same toolbar where you found the “up” and “down” buttons, you’ll find some “left” and “right” buttons. Those work much like a browser in that you can jump back and forth through your navigation history, as well as being able to right-click (or click and hold) on the button to pull up a history menu. These also have keyboard shortcuts, Cmd-[ and ].
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:arrow: I do use the editors’ history (and back again) navigation many times a day, from one document to another (or to an outline even): Making it operative for my mouse’s back/forward buttons would make it even more effective. (I know: I'm asking for mouse functionality -- again!)

I suspect that there is mouse driver software ‘out there’ that would enable this (per app), but it would be nice were Scrivener self-aware ... as is Chrome browser.