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Scrivener for iPad and iPhone in Development

We've been dropping hints for a while, but can finally make an official announcement: Scrivener for iOS is now in development.

I've said all along that I wouldn't develop an iOS version myself, any more than I would have tried to code the Windows version myself - with such a small team, I think it's in the customers' interests to have a dedicated developer for each platform to ensure that each version is always kept up-to-date, and my hands are full with the Mac version. To that end, I'm very pleased to announce that we have just signed contracts with a developer, Jen Yates, to develop the iOS versions for us. Jen has been beavering away in secret for two or three months now, putting together some proof-of-concepts:

Scrivener for iPad's corkboard

I have to say that moving index cards around on a touch screen is a lot of fun, and the corkboard implementation she has come up with is, I think, one of the nicest I've seen on a touch screen device in terms of selection and dragging.

It's still early days, though - we are about to embark on the design process proper, and all we can say in terms of a release date is that our iPad and iPhone versions will be out some time in 2012. If you would like to share your own ideas about what you see as essential in an iPad or iPhone version, please feel free to drop by our special sub-forum for iOS suggestions here:

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us to show their enthusiasm for an iOS version of some kind - we hope you'll like what we come up with - and welcome to Team L&L, Jen!

EDIT 17/12/11: Thanks for all the enthusiastic responses to this post, much appreciated. To those asking about an Android version, this is on our radar too, don't worry. We have to take it one step at a time, though. Our design process for iOS will take Android into consideration (although our iOS version will be Cocoa and native), and we hope to investigate Android in more detail later in 2012.



KB  /  17 DECEMBER 2011

Hi Rich - yes, absolutely, we're not that generous. :) Jen is joining the team and we'll share the profits, just as we do with Lee and the Windows version. That way we're all well-motivated!


KB  /  17 DECEMBER 2011

Hi Scott, the reason that there is no password-protection in Scrivener is that it would be pointless because of Scrivener's file format. .scriv files are essentially folders (they are file "packages" on OS X, but they only appear as a single file on Mac machines with Scrivener installed - if you open a .scriv file on Windows, or on a Mac without Scrivener installed, they just look like regular folders). This means that it would be really easy to access your files anyway. The best thing to do on a Mac is to use a password-protected disk image created by Disk Utility if you need password protection. We may look at this again in the future, though.


KB  /  17 DECEMBER 2011

It's already being discussed, don't worry! It's just that we have to take it one step at a time, and we get far more requests for an iOS version at the moment. The UI design work we do for iOS should translate over to Android, though - we'll be bearing that in mind throughout - and then we hope to start looking at what's involved in Android later next year. We can't say anything for sure on that score, of course, but it is most definitely on the radar.


KB  /  17 DECEMBER 2011

I wouldn't say it would be a "breeze" since the iOS version will be written in Cocoa and be native, but any design work we do on iOS will translate over - and Android is on the radar for the future.


theoriginalbudman  /  04 APRIL 2012

Are we making any progress on the iPad app? Will you be in need of beta testers at some point?

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