Cannot "select all"

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I have a 106,000 word document in about 40 chapters, plus title page, table of contents, index, quotes, references. When I "select all" it only selects one chapter.

I would like to quickly change formatting and font for the entire document without having to click chapter > document > convert > formatting to default style > ok ... then multiplied by almost 50, one for each chapter. And all over again if I want to see it in a different font or paragraph setting.

This is 250 mouse clicks to make 1 change.

How do you do this the easy (right) way?

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Hello Uzer,
I just set the font I want in the options and then using shift and left mouse to select, I can select everything from chapter one through to end chapter in the binder. This selects the lot ( should be highlighted). Then use the Covert formatting to default.