Am I a Writer?

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Hi everybody

I'm really shining new here or everywhere. I stumbled in here when I was looking for a good writing program. Have been testing scrivener now couple days.
I just finished my "book".. well, a sea adventure story 390 pages on paper back form. It still needs going thru's so I don't think you can call it a book just yet.
I have written earlier one poem book and self published it. Just a small batch of books. So can I call myself a writer?
I have never wrote anything this long that I 'm now working. So I hope scrivener will be a big help for me now.

Carly Swinson
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Hi NsKu, good to see you here. i am new here too. Hopefully i will learn some good tips about professional writing here because i am a novice and still trying to finish my first novel which i started some years back. Its a fantasy/adventure novel . The main inspiration for me to start writing was J.K.Rowling J.R.R.Tolkien.