EPUB 3 compile never completes

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I just updated from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3, and I imported all my compile presets.

For my EPUB preset, I am still able to compile EPUB 2, but when I try to compile EPUB 3, the compile never completes.

The progress bar fills up with blue, but then nothing happens. The compile panel never goes away, and the EPUB file is never created. The "Compile" button does remain active, and if I click it again, Scrivener tries again to compile, but again nothing happens once the progress bar fills up with blue.
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Compile panel
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As a test, will the same project compile to the standard Scrivener-supplied ebook format? That will help to identify if the project, the compiler, or the user's project format is causing the problem.

ePub 3 is a very different beast to ePub 2, so your old compile settings might not be able to output an ePub 3 file.

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I've seen this behaviour a couple of times. I seem to recall that it was caused by a <weird character> that I presume I had pasted in from somewhere else.

Anyway, the way I worked on the problem was to remove documents until the project compiled – in a kind of binary chop way – to isolate the problematic document. Then I used other tools to isolate the problematic character.