Name Generator like Windows please

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Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:59 pm Post

I know this is a small thing but....

The Mac 3.0.1 Name Generator is actually less handy than the Windows 1.9.7 one (yes, I know those aren't the latest and greatest versions, but they're what I'm running) in that in Windows you can move names onto My Shortlist. That means if you go through the first bunch of names pulled up and kind of like one or two but go on looking for more names in additional searches, there is no easy way to store those first ones while looking for more. Copying them somewhere hides the whole Name Generator window and means a lot of clicking back and forth.

Also, the tabs for First Name Meanings, Import, and Restore Defaults are missing. I never used those, but they are missing. :)

IMO this is a simplification that makes the Name Generator less, not better.

I have no history of this function on Mac since I only started using the Mac program when 3 came out, but IMO this is an area where the older Windows way is noticeably superior.

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Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:41 pm Post

I agree that the old generator had some advantages.

Here's a trick I learned by accident:

I was looking through the names and said one out loud to get a feel for it. The name appeared in the current document, as if by magic.

Turns out I had turned on dictation by accident (fn fn).

So, display your list of names, and then speak them followed by "new line."
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