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Curved lines/arrows

I do really need this feature ! And I l think all the features listed above are really useful ones.

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Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:53 pm Post

auxbuss wrote:
geekyMary wrote:1. Tabs. It would be so awesome to be able to keep several maps together in one file.

The Apple Merge All Windows works in Scapple now (as it does in S3). It's not multiple maps in one file, but easy tab-switching between separate maps.

Really? In El Capitan? Scapple 1.3? I'm not seeing it.

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geekyMary wrote:Really? In El Capitan? Scapple 1.3? I'm not seeing it.

I'm using High Sierra, but I suspect it works in Sierra. I believe the OS-level tabs stuff started with Sierra; can't remember.

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1) Fix upside down/inside out Scrivener display bug in MacOS version (workaround by importing as PNG is a PITA)
2) Allow drill-down into other Scapple files. Example: File one displays character relationships. Click/Double-Click on a character and see character arc flow in file two.
3) All user to edit file from within Scrivener pane