Journalist and author of Big Babies: Or, Why Can't We Just Grow Up? and Lost Worlds: What Have We Lost and Where Did It Go?

Thank you for the excellent and extraordinary work you’ve done on Scrivener; anyone can write a sodding book but it takes cojones to produce a writer’s toolbench like this. Having played with it for a couple of weeks, it's now up and running in anger. Score so far: 1 film outline, 1 chapter of the new book, 2 radio scripts, 1 piece for the Observer, 2 Independent on Sunday op-eds, 3 lectures, and on it goes... Scrivener fills the gap between wild promiscuous note-taking (DevonThink), mapping connections and lines of argument (Tinderbox) and producing the final draft (Mellel). My workflow is now complete. Scrivener has done something unforgiveable: removed my last excuse for idling.